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Fitting a windscreen to a motorcycle

Fitting a windscreen (Givi A660) to the VanVan (Ruby) and some advice on buying and setting up a screen. Skip to 11:47 for ride out and adjustment.

Hello again everybody so welcome back to my somewhat full garage my brothers staying with me for a little bit so i’m storing over stuff in here at the moment but anyway it’s still enough room to do my modifications and how-tos and today we are going to be installing so more accessories or one more accessory to ruby now in this box down here we have set accessory

And it is a universal windscreen from giving it’s the a 660 to be precise now when it comes to installing wind screens and bikes i know there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not you should you know some people hate it some people like it to be honest despite all the arguments it really does come down to personal preference i mean i like wind screens just because

I like the comfort of not having the wind blasting straight to my chest isn’t riding along but other people argue that they can’t get on with it because they can’t sort of get around the buffeting issues and things like that now in my personal experience this particular screen is very good on this bike the van van i did have this on my previous van back and it was

Absolutely perfect it really does come down to choosing the right screen for a start you need to choose one that’s the right size so it doesn’t look ridiculous on your bike i mean you don’t want one that’s like twice as big as the bike you’re putting it on but at the same time you don’t want us to smokes it’s not really going to do anything so you do need to spend

A bit of time researching and working out which one is the best to go for and then the next thing is just the adjustments once you’ve fitted it it can be quite fiddly i mean fitting these things is especially the universal ones there’s a little bit fiddly anyway because just by nature of how they work which i’ll show you in a minute but once you’ve got them fitted

Getting them at the right height and angle and everything else it does take a little bit of time patience it really is sore trial and error so you fit the screen you know you’re taking her a ride make some adjustments taking for another ride you know it can take a bit of time to get it right but once you get these things right they make a hell of a difference in my

Opinion i mean as i say that’s just my opinion you know some of you guys might actually hate when screens and go no i’m never gonna have one in a million years but some yeah i’ll uh so let’s get on with fitting this now one thing i should point out if you do buy a universal windscreen particularly from givi they don’t supply the fitting kit with the screen they’re

Two separate part numbers that have to be ordered separately now if you order through a third-party shop like i have i think it was moto cards comm or something nine times out of ten they will say it as a kit so they’ll sell the screen and the fitting kit together but just be careful when you’re buying read the description and make sure that it does actually come

With fitted kit otherwise you do need to order it separately otherwise you’ll just get the screen like this and no way of actually fitting it to your bike which is not that useful so anyway grab the picnic out in a minute but basically that is gonna set up on there and hopefully if i remember rightly when i had this screen on my previous fan back if i get it just

Right i can get just the right amount of winter protection from my body and also and send the wind around my legs a little bit as well so anyway let’s put that over there a minute and get the fitted k out now depending on the size of screen you go for or some of them come with four mounting points and some of the smaller ones like this one come with just two now

Ones are just two or a little bit easier because you’ve only got two these adjustable rods to worry about but the ones with four they’re not too much worse to be fair they just take that little bit more time to sort out get into this that’s all the little this right skids that as well look at what’s on key we need cuz the whole thing is just done with an allen key

You don’t need any advanced tools or anything for this just a little bit of patience go find the right tool so that’s the downside to winter is it gets dark so quickly these days alright i think it’s gonna be that one nope too small might end up using that’s gonna be the right size isn’t it yes right so if i’m in brow this goes that’s that that’s that one and that

Bit there so goes that one of those on each side right so the best thing to do first is attach the mounting points to the shield put this here a minute so i need two of these rubber bits which go and there like that then that there sits mike it’s like this okay and then i’m gonna pop this down near it so i can see what they’re right is that i have a hole anywhere

In it dictate which way around it goes no it doesn’t so that just goes that’s all there this here just sits there’s a little hole with a bottom here so you can get these the right way around below don’t think it really matters a massive amount so then you need one of these slightly longer bolts hope this will what effect it sorry about the lighting guys it’s

Unfortunately very dark i’ve already got nowhere to put this light it’s gonna be there we go so then this screw goes through the air and then this here goes on it although i think actually one of those reaches no i think actually it’s gonna be one of the smaller screws isn’t it okay that’s better then that just sits in there now when you’re doing all these bits up

Just doing up loosely to begin with because obviously you’re gonna need them you’re gonna need to leave them loose so you can adjust the screen so i’ll do them up a little bit so they’re not flapping around too much but leave them relatively loose so you can move them around to get it just the position we want it so let’s go ahead and you know i forgot to put the

Robin out on that side see me one of those get it right that’s it that’s better yeah i must move to put those rubber bits on both side of the screen it stops it from being damaged right all right let’s get the other side on that goes like that on this side that’s the way i have misplaced oh my there is there it is right right let’s get this down here that’s better

There we go right there we go so that’s the bits actually on the screen let’s pop that down there with it because the next thing we’re gonna do is fit these bits to the actual bike now that is going to want okay right guys so i kind of figured it was probably getting a little bit boring watching you actually fit the thing so i have completed the installation

Hopefully you can just about see this now as i said when adjusting the screen it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to get it just right ideally you want it so that the top of the screen is in line with the bridge of your nose that’ll give you the maximum weather protection hopefully but as i say it’s very much case of trial and error so i’m gonna have to take this out

For a ride a few times now make minor adjustments to it but basically you need to go around and make sure that all the bolts are tight so you’ve got three points of movement you’ve got the ball joint here which is secured using the screw at the front you’ve got the pivot here which is filled by another screw and the pivot here as well so you’ve got a lot of movement

And you’ve also got the rods themselves the slide so there’s a lot of movement to play with and it’s fiddly adjusting it all but basically yeah you just have to trial and error take it out for a ride see how it goes and adjust as necessary but for now this is just right and yeah i’m gonna take it out make adjustments and get it just how i want it right then guys

So i have adjusted the windscreen to exactly where i want it it took me three attempts so when three rides adjust it here and there and got it just right as i said with these things it is very much trial and error because you know they’ve got well three main levels of adjustment and i mean i was quite lucky in a way because i’ve already had the exact same screen

On a previous van van and it did take me a few weeks back then to get it to work out where the best positioning of everything was but yeah i’ll say i’ve managed it in three this time around so that was quite good but basically yeah but what you’re looking for when adjusting the screen you’ve got a bear in mind the windscreen on the bike unless it’s on a cruiser

And it’s a massive great thing is not gonna protect you from 100% of the wind you’re gonna get wind coming around it it’s not meant to do that it’s just meant to keep the worst of the wind off of you and around you rather than into you now when it comes to the adjustments as i say the three main levels of adjustment are height now in this case when it comes to the

Height you want the top of the windscreen to be as close as possible to the brick aminos in height now mine isn’t mine’s actually slightly lower but it just so happens that that’s the position that works for me you might find that i mean that’s that’s the general rule of thumb that it should be that height but that doesn’t always work because the other thing you

Got to watch out for is if you have it too high winds can come up from underneath the shields and buffett you that way so you’ve got to kind of fiddle with the height to get it at just the right bit where you’re not getting too much wind buffeting around your head but at the same time the winds not coming underneath it and rendering it useless anyway so then the

Next level of adjustment is actually how how close so far is away from you because obviously being on sliding rods there you can have the screen closer now again in my case i can’t have it much closer than this anyway because of the speedo now obviously i can take the speedo off i could replace it with a more streamlined digital version and that would allow me to

Have the windscreen a bit closer but again it just so happens that this position is actually quite fine for me so then the third level of adjustment is going to be the tilt and again you just need to fiddle with this this is mostly the wind buffeting around your head just get it to the point where you’re happy because you know some people might prefer to have the

Winds going around their neck rather than over their head but still getting that protection on their chest some people might want it going over their head entirely it really is personal preference i’d say it’s quite funny though because the day i’ve decided to take this out it is a very very windy day i’m getting a lot of crosswind from the side again something that

We shouldn’t scream thank you from anyway yes there the levels of adjustment so you can see how you know it can take a bit of time because they it really can be fine adjustment sometimes and also you know depending on what your adjusting it you might need to move stuff around so if you want it a bit higher you might want to move these bits further at the bars you

Can turn these around so those knuckle bits are at the bottom rather than the top there’s all these different sort of things you can do to change the position of the shield and because it’s got so many points of adjustment it does take time but once you get it right it is absolutely brilliant no i’ve got no experience putting a windshield on a larger bike i mean

I know on some of the cruisers and the maxi scooters with the large wind screens obviously the wind protection is very very good whereas on a naked starr bike like this it’s it’s going to increase your wind protection absolutely and the whole reason i like having a windscreen is because especially on slightly longer journeys it’s not the wind going around my head

That i care about it’s the winds that watch you in the chest now i’ve got a very warm jacket so it’s not the cold or anything but i don’t know it’s just me or you guys get this as well but the wind’s constantly beating on your chest can be a bit tiring i find whereas well i’ve got a windscreen and the winds knowing in my chest i actually tend to find a little

Tired quite so quickly so that’s my main reason for it the other thing is and again i’ve got no experience of this one large bikes and more powerful bikes so i don’t know what it’s like i imagine once you start getting to a certain power and a certain speed the windscreen probably is more of a hindrance power wise than anything else but on the one two fives on the

Smaller bikes like the van bats and the honda cgs and all that kind of thing i honestly do think that wind screens do make a difference aerodynamically wise especially to the naked ones right you’re gonna wait there nope okay was my right away but there you go anyway yeah i find it makes a difference like the bike especially on the a roads and stuff is before it

Was maintaining about 50 55 oh i don’t know what rpm but that’s a happy end that didn’t sound like it was screaming its bollocks off whereas now at the same what sounds like the same rpm it’s kind of maintaining about 60 62 so i do think it makes a slight difference this bike at least its aerodynamics because you know it’s it might look like a slab of plastic but

It is obviously curved and everything and is more aerodynamic than my body so obviously yeah there you go i mean i’m actually quite happy with how this looks i really like it it kind of turns the van band into almost a mini adventure bike i mean don’t get me wrong it’s still not a proper adventure bike you know it’s not really got the power for going around the

World although as i say if you want to go around the world a very leisurely pace then you could quite easily but but so yeah no i uh i really like how i’ve got this now with me a windscreen the sat nav their usb at the front obviously i’ve got the usb in the top box as well although i’ve not actually got that on here today got the heated grips on as well because

It’s a little bit chilly absolutely love again so there you go guys anyway i’ll leave it there as always if you did like this video please do give it a like you can’t already please do subscribe to the channel if you do have any questions with regards to choosing and/or fitting a windscreen to your motorcycle do leave them in the comment section below or if you

Have any general comments again do the same and for now thank you so much for watching and i will catch you guys again soon you

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Fitting a windscreen to a motorcycle By A Very British Biker