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Fujifilm XT5 First Impressions

We finally have a brand new @Fujifilm USA camera with the amazing Fujifilm X-T5. I’m SUPER excited about this camera and can’t wait to use it at weddings. How are you feeling about it?

All my hopes and dreams have been answered with the brand new xt5 so if y’all weren’t hanging out with me on my live stream y’all might have missed the fact that fujifilm just announced the brand new xd5 honestly this is a return to form a true xt series like i’ve always wanted it and i’m definitely definitely upgrading this very moment now i don’t have an xc5

Myself i didn’t get one yet but i will be covering it once i get it in my hands but let’s talk about why i’m so excited about the xt5 now if you’ve been watching the channel for a hot minute you know i’m a wedding photographer and i’ve been shooting on the xt3 for the last what four years now at this point when the xt4 came out i never really upgraded to it and a

Lot of people would ask me why now i did make a video talking about why not to buy the xt4 i also made one about why to buy it but no one wants to watch that i can’t stand how everyone always loves negative news but anyway y’all can check that video out right up above but basically in that video i talk about the reasons why i don’t like the xt4 now i did own one

But i used it mainly as my main video camera now everything i didn’t like about the xt4 the xt5 has fixed and honestly like i don’t think i’ve ever been this excited about a new camera being released now first off the body is the main thing that has me the most excited you might think it’s the new 40 megapixels but honestly no it’s the body alone everything i’ve

Wanted since i’ve been shooting weddings on the xt3 the xt5 is basically the xt3 with all new guts and better features we got our tilt screen back this is the biggest biggest issue i had with the xt4 now again this is honestly a 50 50 split everyone feels their own way about it and you can argue about it in the comments below but the tilt screen in my opinion is

Much better for stills and the main reason especially as a wedding photographer being able to just tilt the screen real quick is a much quicker motion than it is to have to flip it out and turn it and it’s just and then it’s on the side so when you’re aiming it’s like kind of off i love it being centered still so you know exactly where you’re aiming so honestly

I don’t like the flip screen i never had now for video it’s great so i have the xh2s now as my main video camera that’s what i’m recording this on and the flip screen is awesome for that but i don’t want it on my stills cameras so they brought back the tilt screen which yes i am so excited about on top of that they have all the buttons that i’ve always loved the

D-pad is still there the little tilting stick or the joystick is still there all the buttons on the top look great on the front they have the little cms for your focusing like oh everything is there everything is there and the body is smaller it’s probably about the xd3 or smaller size and i cannot wait to get it in my hands and actually see how heavy it is and how

Small it is compared to some of the older xt series we still retain our dual sd card slot which is awesome for me upgrading to the xh2s was a little annoying because i had to go out and buy cf cards which i don’t have any but now having the sds i can still do my normal process like i was doing before and we get the new xt4 battery which those things last forever

They are the best batteries i’ve ever personally used i actually have been shooting weddings on the xx2s for a little bit i also have a video about that up above if you want to check it out but i was going through weddings using only three batteries and when i say three batteries i didn’t even run through the third one like i went through two batteries and maybe

Half of the third one just straight batteries alone like i’m so used to having to use like four to eight batteries on the xt3 so this is absolutely crazy and again like we all know the biggest thing that is so appealing about the xd5 is that new 40 megapixel sensor now i have not had a chance to really use it i’ve taken one or two shots on the xh2 but i haven’t

Really gotten to sit down with the new sensor but i can tell you even on the xh2s the new processor and the new sensors are there’s something there’s something about them and i cannot wait to start using the new 40 megapixel camera now i know there’s a couple of things that people aren’t really happy about when it comes to the xc5 but most of those things aren’t a

Huge huge problem for me the biggest one being the battery grip now i know everyone’s very bummed out that there’s not a battery grip but honestly like i was saying with the battery life that you’re getting out of those new batteries the grip itself is not a problem you don’t need those extra batteries however i know a lot of you are like well yeah but if you’re

Shooting vertical it gives you a grip so you’re not twisting your wrist which is true now i can tell you i have the battery grips for the xt3 and the main reason i used them was for the batteries i wasn’t really using them for the grip itself so for me it’s whatever i can deal with it but i fully understand how you would be very upset about the fact that there’s not

A battery grip but honestly that is not a deal breaker for me at all another thing that’s a small con for me but honestly it just comes along with the battery is that micro hdmi port i cannot stand that thing i i hate that port so much however the xt5 is mainly for stills again so that doesn’t really mean anything also i still have a bunch of those cables for when

I was using my xt3 is my main video camera sometimes as well so i mean it’s kind of whatever it’s it’s really not a con it’s just one of those things where it’s like also i got spoiled after using the xh2s and xh2 and that full-size hdmi like honestly ugh oh you don’t realize how much you missed the full size until you get it back and you’re like yeah so honestly

There’s not too many downsides to the xd5 in my opinion like really it is the perfect camera for someone who shoots stills like myself weddings or portraits or anything of that sort the price is great at what 1700 16.99 somewhere in that range it’s 40 megapixels and a lot of people oh it’s it doesn’t matter that it’s crop this thing is going to look amazing it’s

Always looked amazing my whole portfolio has been crop sensor for the last like five years and i’ve been very very happy with my photos so seeing that at 40 megapixels is just going to be so much more amazing and really honestly in my opinion this is kind of the perfect camera i love to see fujifilm coming back to form making the xt’s more for still again and then

Using the xh for their video so right now the fujifilm lineup is crazy y’all and i’ve had a chance to use them like i said i’m i own the xx2s now and like video wise it’s great i could record my youtube videos open gate 6k cropping a little bit i can use that to make vertical shorts if i want like it’s so good everything’s so good right now i got like the 4k 120

If i want it and then the xt5s on the other end handling the 40 megapixels with the new sensor and the new auto tracking and all the new lenses it’s just like i cannot take it everything is so good right now like if you’ve never used fujifilm you might want to get in there because right now they’re firing on all cylinders so let me know what you all think of the

Xd5 and if you’re gonna buy it let me know your pros and cons in the comments below and honestly make sure to subscribe because once i get my hands on them i’m gonna make sure to do a whole bunch of videos including some comparisons honestly like i’m just gonna be ridiculous let’s put the gfx 100s up against the 40 megapixels of the xt5 i mean no there’s no reason

Not to do it right i’m also going to try and do a full wedding day as well so you can really see the xd5 in action in a real sense because a lot of time a lot of these reviews are like oh yeah i took my camera out on some portrait like no i want to see that thing work you know what i’m saying like i want to see it work for real and get real opinions on it not i

Went out and shot a pretty model for 20 minutes and whatever and i’m gonna do those too no hate on anyone but on the same and i want to see it you know i want to see it work so if y’all want to see some of that as well make sure to subscribe hit that like and follow along for more xt5 information because i am too excited for this camera like i cannot explain it so

There will be content coming up and i will check you all next time

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Fujifilm XT5 First Impressions By John Branch IV Photography