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FZ07 FZ09 Handbrake Install | Stunt Handbrake Kit MT07

Thanks for tuning into another video and supporting the channel! In this video we install a Twinstunts handbrake bracket on our FZ07 / FZ09. This bracket allows you to run 2 or 3 brake calipers on your rear wheel to help bring your wheelie game to the next level! If you have any questions about installing your bracket please drop a comment.

Oh look at that beautiful 298 millimeter twin stunts calm you will have caliper spacers these long a blue these are 100 millimeter bolts and then these are for the brembo adapter if you chose to add that option it would go like so through there and then you were install your spacer and then brembo caliper bolts if i don’t run the brembo calipers so not gonna be

Showing you vit using that so that was just for a quick little demonstration in case anybody was wondering which way the bolts lint but we will be showing you how to install so right now we just got the wheel removed old road or removed bolted our new rotor on comes ready to go from twin stunts nothing needed just bolted up same rotor bolts as before put a little

Blue loctite always you can actually red loctite these bolts cuz these aren’t bolts that you’re gonna change very often caliper bolts i’d only recommend blue because you’re gonna be roasting tires off on this torquay 700 so you’re gonna be taking the tire on and off i would imagine so what do we got here get the axle sword an axle goes through is putting a 2×4 on

The meat and i actually roll the bike and set this up like so a little bit tricky sometimes but you just kind of walk it in and up and slide it forward and so now i’m close i’m not there but i’m close in my hands are free right so all right now we’re gonna pretty much it take the old bracket out put the new one in there and now everything’s the same just like if

You’re changing your tire or doing any other you know maintenance i’m just gonna line it up that 2×4 is kind of just to help get us close we’re gonna get everything there normally put a little loop on there but we just had this bike apart and we are take we’re gonna be taking this back off for some more eye maintenance we’re building some axle sliders we’re just

Doing this for all right so we’re almost the bracket on i’ll show you guys how to bolt the caliper with the rotor spacers just for good measure so for the big motor kit the stock rotor it’s just gonna bolt right on to this you’re not gonna need these fancy little guys this is for the big rotor kid only real break i’ll use real riders outfit everything’s machine

Nicely the you don’t have to grind these on the whole pins off these will stay on i’ve had caliper brackets in the past that they didn’t fit that you had to either pull the pins out or flatten them with a grinder so we machined everything nice that it all fits nice and snug i put a little blue octet on there those bolts down and that’s gonna be it so if you had

The brembo option you would have bolted this either right their stock rotor or same thing put the spacers about a bing bada boom what bolts go on there the plug pins go the button heads are for the obviously this is pretty self-explanatory guys this bolt doesn’t fit here you can’t can’t make this bolt go into here so that goes in there if you had the stock rotor be

Much shorter bolt same thing however it would bolt on like so and then you bolt your brembo on you’re gonna want to both this piece on first bolted on loose each side that way you know center is real nice and then snug it down yeah that’s all there is to it this is what the bracket looks like with two four piston r6 calipers on it the bottom ones for my foot brick

Top ones for my handbrake both of them are independent each of their own reservoir some people run their brakes tapped in through the foot brake like our teammate bill to where when you actually press the foot brake it’s pushing all of it so a little bit different setup for our bikes each one’s independent on its own you could run a brembo calipers if you wanted

Link these there’s so many different setups that you can do with our brakes that’s what’s really cool about our bracket it’s really versatile so i’ll show you guys show you guys a couple of photos of some customers brackets so you can see the different setups that you guys can run so i’m just gonna drop some pictures in the video now of some customer brackets that

Have been sent in to us showing you all the different options sizes stock rotor big rotor brembo no brembo i’ll show you it all right now quick depending which kit you bought if you didn’t get the big rotor option all you would simply be doing is bolting your calipers on and then you will have to put a 10 millimeter lock nut on the top of the bolt it is included

Because otherwise it will not tighten down properly and then the last real quick thing a lot of people are asking us what do you guys get for calipers what do they all come off find them on the r6 r 1f z o9 front calipers so it’s the oem yamaha caliper it’s a four piston radial so it comes stock on the front of the r6 r 1f z o9 front calipers may be on some other

Bikes yeah mommies i’m not sure but that’s right know you can find them 2006 and up generally try to keep with the newer years because you’re gonna have the newest pistons you know everything’s gonna be the cleanest and then look with my brake fluid with oem pads so look at my fluid oh ian pads yamaha om calipers and so that’s it guys you have any questions on

Installing your bracket just drop a comment below and we’ll make sure to answer any questions

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FZ07 FZ09 Handbrake Install | Stunt Handbrake Kit MT07 By Twinstunts