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FZ09 MT09 Tank Decal

Add a tank decal/sticker to the FZ09 for a more personalized look.

All right so one of the things i want to do is i kind of wanted to work on making the f09 just give it my own little personal touch of something different i mean everybody has that has the bike so always wants to do something that’s gonna maybe make it be for comfort for performance or just something to just maybe change the look of it a little bit so what i did

Was i went to f09 stickers dot-com which is a company out of canada that has a lot of stickers and decals for the fco nine so the one that i chose in particular is a tank sticker and that’s it there so what i’m gonna do is i’m not very good at filming and doing a in a tutorial exactly play-by-play of what i’m doing so i’m gonna kind of go over step by step and then

Do it and then come back to work the way i started was i kind of need to figure out exactly where it’s gonna go because if you think about it you get one shot with these stickers and that’s it i mean you put it on there if it’s crooked it’s gonna be noticeable you it’s not like you can peel back off and and redo it so i want to kind of make sure everything’s right

So what i’m using this using some 3m painters tape that way i can put it onto the tank and it’s not going to scratch or harm in any way but before that got ahead of myself make sure you clean it clean the tank real good make sure there’s no dirt dust debris anything on it let it dry so we cleaned it with that dries so i wanted to do is find my starting point so

What i did was i put i’d i want my sticker to start here and go down so essentially it’s gonna start here and then go down and then it’ll be covered underneath the seat and then that’s that’s basically all it is so i found my starting point made sure this is level crossed here and then put a line down where my center is then i kind of laid my sticker down went

Down to the bottom here and did the same thing i put just enough tape to where it’s gonna come up to where the bottom of the sticker meets the very top of the tape just like up here to top of the sticker meets the ball on the tape this here is two-and-a-half inches wide so what i did was you can see right there i put my market into the quarter that’s upside down

So i make sure i don’t want to put it that way in my mark i can’t see it barely into the corner and you could write on it you can just just with pencil and you can write on the outside of this because it’s not you’re gonna peel that off first you peel the back off stick it in place and then you peel the the top cover off and then we’ll figure out how to put the

X do nine sticker on it go kind of goes parallel to it so here’s my setup i my starting point centerline my bottom point centerline and then i put my two set of marks onto my sticker so i’m gonna go ahead and i’m going to not film this part because i want to make sure i do it right and let’s face it i already it’s tough enough as it is and as soon as i get it on

There see look how a piece of dirt already fell one in there so i’m gonna go ahead and get a ten quick wipe down one more time just in the area make sure it’s dry and then once i get it stuck on we’ll come back show you how it looks like an animal finish off the process alright so now we have it on the bottom down here and whenever it starts to curve down it really

Kind of becomes a pain kind of went back on so the good thing is the seats gonna come up to here so it’s gonna cover that little part up i already started peeling it back but i just want to show you kind of once you get it down you go want to smooth over make sure there’s no bubbles in it you want to get it down right the first time go over it i used to rag it just

Kind of rub it down put in place and then start at the very top in the corner start peeling the this film back at 45-degree angles what they say to do so we’re just gonna finish this process out pull this back hopefully everything works out stays in place the bottom part here’s what i’m worried about nice and slow there we go one little spot down here so there it

Is now yes i do want to see the very bottom here the second line kind of went in a little bit but the good thing is when you put this seat back on it covers that up perfectly so with the seat on here go ahead and just pull this off now so there it is that’s the tank decal sticker fco nine stickers i’ll go ahead and put that down in the description in case anybody

Wants to get it they’re a candidate company they do ship for free they’ve got all kinds of different options i think it looks really nice it’s really just you know it kind of just makes it your own changes up i’ll probably go ahead and put the fco nine sticker on just to say i did who knows on the picture they had on the side but maybe i’ll put it on top there kind

Of take up that space i don’t know that might just look it might look wrong put it there actually doesn’t look too bad but on on their website they had it off to the side like that i don’t know i might just center it up and put it right there put it right in the center in that gap so you guys have any questions let me know i’ll put down the description should be

The link to their site if you guys want to get something for yourself like i said they have all kinds of different colors different decals stickers things like that they ship it to you very well they make sure that they put it into a this is what it comes in here a little set of instructions but the instructions really just tell you clean it stick it on and peel

Back good to go but until next time don’t forget to subscribe guys catch you later peace

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FZ09 (MT09) Tank Decal By OP-4 MOTO