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Gadgets You Have Been Asking For – EP#4

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All right welcome welcome welcome welcome four times welcome because this is the fourth episode of gadgets you have been asking for where we review gadgets that you guys suggest that no other big youtuber is doing so today we have crazy gadgets like this gps tracker smart bottle a computer monitor and many more gadgets from 1300 rupees all the way to 30 000 rupees

And if you like such videos do subscribe to our channel and let’s go we are excited okay so you have been asking us to review monitors for a long time see the audience wanted it i’m just the messenger don’t blame the messenger well this is the benq pd 2700q it is a 27 inch monitor with a 60hz 2k ips display and it usually costs around 30 000 rupees but on sale

It goes as low as 26 000 rupees and you’ll be like pratik 25 000 for a monitor and it isn’t even 4k well you are right because you can find a 4k ultra wide monitor at the same price then why did we spend so much on a 2k monitor are we done well i have two words for that color calibration but what does that actually mean see here this is the photo i’ve clicked on

My iphone and this is how it actually looks on my phone now i’ll open the same image on the benq monitor and side by side on this hp monitor and see on the benq it looks almost like on my phone while on the hp it’s a lot different and this benq monitor is very close to the imac which is very very very color accurate so if you color grade edit videos on the benq

It will appear closer to what you see in real life and same on most of the devices that people watch your video on now how do i know which monitor is color accurate well on amazon here you see this monitor is delta e less than or equal to three so the smaller the number is for the delta e the better is the monitor in terms of color accuracy and color grading you

Also get multiple ports here hdmi displayport a usb hub so you can directly connect your ssd pen drive to the monitor also you get this cute looking headphone holder you can even rotate the monitor and if you have it vertically if you need to very handy for graphic designers so overall i will give this seven out of ten bezels could have been smaller recommended

If you’re into serious content creation work else for gaming you get cheaper monitors at 20 000 or even with higher refresh rate at 165hz next up we have a smart bottle that costs 3000 rupees like smart bottle well if you would remember apple recently launched a smart bottle for 13 000 rupees now that apple bottle and this bottle both are made by the same company

Hydrate spark so get the bottle the lid and this cool looking light base you also have this hydrate app to track your drinking history so every time you finish drinking water you have to tap the bottle on the app with your phone and it registers that you drank one bottle of water also if you don’t drink water for a long time the bottom of the bottle will light up

And remind you but honestly to me this feels like a gimmick like i would not recommend it because firstly it is too expensive like i can easily set a reminder on my phone or i can install this water reminder app which will remind me and secondly this thing base has its own batteries uses nfc on your phone to function so basically if you have a budget phone your

Phone doesn’t have nfc you cannot use this function now how do you figure out if your phone has an fc like simple just go to settings type nfc if you can see nfc your phone has an nfc simple so overall i didn’t like it i would give it like a 2 out of 10 not recommended we still drink water from it this year is a gps tracker and it costs only 1500 rupees and inside

The box you get the tracker you get extra wires and an airtel sim card plus a whatsapp number now this device lets you track your car or bike but here’s where the fun part starts gps tracker has a sim card inside it which of course the amazon seller sends you but it is not activated so you have to text on the whatsapp number pay them extra 650 rupees to activate the

Airtel sim card anyways you have to install it on your car or bike we did it on a bike and we took it to a mechanic much better and faster all this gps tracking and everything you can view it on the se track app on your mobile phone you need to text on the whatsapp number to get the username id password all of that and once you are logged in the device is already

Connected simple and finally we got it running on this bike credits to manu sir because of course you wouldn’t install it on a new bike or car because you need to cut the engine wire and that would void your warranty so a big no-no for a new bike and here’s the most interesting part manu sir you have the key take the bike wherever you want you have to kick what

About the self start a gps and this is supposed to do more than just gps like you can see how far you have traveled yesterday this week or last seven days you can also see the maximum speed total distance traveled average speed and all of that it even shows where your bike is parked quite accurate also you can remotely turn off the bike turn on the bike through

The app itself just like our dear james bond but that didn’t work for us it spoiled the bike’s battery now overall what i can understand is you cannot install this gps tracker on a new bike because it voids the warranty it also spoils the vehicle’s battery life but if you land your bike a lot to your friends and you really need to know where your bike is at all

The times or worst case if your bike or car gets stolen you can exactly pinpoint the location and then you can inform the authorities to further find your vehicle so 5 out of 10 recommended in case your bike is out of warranty and you really really need to know where your bike is at all times okay so we have the logitech g102 light sync 8000 dps big number and

This costs around 1 350 rupees it’s a gaming mouse it looks and feels like very premium listen to the clicking sound now the mouse is not too big not too small it weighs around 85 grams i would say it’s just the perfect size and it fits my hands perfectly and you also get some extra keys on the mouse and you need this logitech software app and from here you can

Set different functions to the different buttons for instance if i’m playing counter strike i can set one of the buttons on the side to reload and whenever i press this button it will reload my weapon quite handy also in case if you are into gaming quite a lot the flick and the entire sensor response is pretty good also you get three additional buttons on the mouse

Two on the left side for forward and backward while you’re browsing on google chrome and another one right below the scroll wheel you can click that to change the dpi in case you don’t know dpi stands for dots per inch in simple words the bigger the dpi number the smoother your mouse will feel you wouldn’t need to move your entire hand to cover the entire desktop

Or your screen excellent for gaming and photo editing and here you can go up to 8000 dpi that’s quite a lot no one does that also you can change the mouse color in the software and there are several presets one two or you can set your own choice of color the only drawback i would say is this cable it’s a very thin cable at this price i was expecting a braided cable

Overall for the price and performance this is a really good mouse highly recommended nine out of 10. okay so you guys were asking for ssds and we basically use two ssds quite a lot here in techwizer the sandisk extreme portable pro and samsung t7 7500 for the sandisk one and 10 000 rupees for the samsung one the only difference is sandisk has an ip55 rating so it

Can take a bit of a rain and water splash but the most important thing is which is faster well we’ll see here so now we have both the ssds connected to this macbook and i’m gonna paste this 5gb file on both the drives side by side and we see who wins and three two one oh let me start the timer it almost completed and the sandisk one but i pasted in the samsung one

Lid so almost nine seconds both of them both of them are kind of a winner so normal day-to-day use you won’t find much difference but if you ask me which of the two you should get well i would recommend the sandisk one because it gives almost the same performance as the t7 and you get an additional ip protection plus it is affordable to save some money 8 out of 10

Recommended also now a lot of you guys have been asking for a wireless pen drive maybe to watch movies everywhere in the house and see here the cost of a 32gb wireless pen drive is around 3500 rupees but i have a free solution for you all you need is a router with a usb port which most of the router these days have plug in your ssd or any pen drive and now we log

Into the router you can get the router login details ip address everything just behind the router and here we’ll just turn on ftp and stay with me it’s really simple and see i can now access the video file on the pen drive straight here on my laptop and also see i can access the video on my phone as well can i play it it’s not bad it works smoothly so this basic

Thing uses ftp in simple words it is basically a mechanism to use any files in the same wi-fi network and you can access the files on the pen drive on any device in your house as long as you are on the same wi-fi so a lot of people ask for dash cam now in case you don’t know a dash cam is a 24×7 security camera for your car so if you’re in an accident or you don’t

Jump a red signal but please be like you did jump the red signal at that time you can have this footage show them and this is basically for your safety and backup super recommended to put a dash cam if you travel a lot by your car now we bought this ddpi mini dash cam designed for hot indian weather to handle indian hotness for three five double nine this is a

More budget dash cam in the box you get a 12 volt charger so you can attach it over here now we went to a mechanic to put the wire across the car to make it look more seamless now the cable goes all the way along this through the pillar into the glove box and you attach the usb cable and you also get this car socket adapter so you can put it in this port now the

Dash cam will automatically start recording as soon as you turn on the car it records directly into the sd card which of course you have to buy it separately and you get 1080p recording and you also get app support for the dash cam so you have to download this ddp ai app and as soon as you open it you will get this option to connect through the device via wi-fi

You do this and connecting camera please wait and now it is connected and see you can see the live preview right now outside so this is how the footage looks on the dash cam it is super stable and you can clearly see the number plate and people faces in the footage even in low light it is quite effective now you do have the option to enable 24 hour monitoring it

Works on low power mode but then you have to directly connect it to the battery and cutting the wire and all of that and there is also accidental emergency recording and no no i’m not testing that and you can also scrub through the timeline and view previous footage and you’ll see small small red dots here and there this is like the emergency footage so whenever

The dash cam shakes a lot or it detects some vehicle outside it will automatically create a timestamp so you can always go back in time and watch that so this dash cam is 7 out of 10 very solid does the job recommended and now that you have dash cam installed don’t break the signal because then you will have proof for your own so that was the video comment below

Some cool gadgets like home automation etc which you want us to review in the next episode with hashtag tw reviews so this is pradeep signing off see you in the next video

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