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Garage sale items from today 6/6/19

Hi everyone this is cheryl from charlie’s world and my sister sue why are we so close here huh why are you so close uh-huh okay that’s better yes yeah anyway we went garage saleing today how many we went to a church sale first that was the best one because they had a lot of stuff and i got quite a few good things there that we went to i don’t know three more three

Other ones yeah i think something and then i had an important with my chiropractor so we had stop garage saleing for the day but tomorrow there’s summit start tomorrow and there are friday saturday sunday so tomorrow we’ll go again just more so let me show you these because they’re here on my lap and they’re heavy these are phonics hooked on phonics number one two

Or three four five i don’t know if there’s a number six or not off to look it up but i know when i looked up i locked eight lot of these they’re worth quite a bit so i got them i haven’t been through them to see they all look like theirs i have the things they’re supposed to have in them but i have to check them off but these can be worth quite a bit and armed and

These were all the whole set was ten dollars so that was good because i think they’re worth about over fifty sixty something i think we saw 1666 some yeah so hopefully i won’t that’ll be a shipping problem let me just tell you trust i could drop these make a real mess okay then you were rocking up on another one and i saw one of these nerf guns now i don’t know if

You’re allowed to say the word gun on when you do ebay or if you just call it a nerf thingy something i’m not sure i’m up here here dark hair dark tag okay who knows anyway these carried these use the darts the little kid had no more darts they’re all over the paper but this dog got them oh right so uh this is the gun and i know that nick always buys these so nick

I got in my first nerf gun thingy i have no idea how much they’re worth but i got it because you always get them nick you’re responsible yes i saw lego this is creationary it’s a game it’s an er i’m nerv from the brain now this is a lego game and here has little things in little cards and then it has once figure here this guy and i don’t know if it has all these

I think yeah thing is i died they have to do something with the cards that are over on the side there and then build these things with your turn how source mandy i don’t know if it’s complete but it was only what $2 games you’re $2 so i got it there’s a lot of stuff in here if not there’s a whole lot of stuff to build with right in another game oh complete this

Up and it was coming for a good amount this is going for like sixteen to twenty dollars i think so there was only one new one that was sold but there were several unseld but not a lot of them so i got that two dollars where the gains how could you even lift your feet i don’t know be a big strong guy these look fairly new there are 11 ds2 they still talk how i

Imagined reach ii don’t need like this canyon you should be able to feel oh rich yeah so these are milwaukee by milwaukee and their freedom flex performance footwear but they look like heavy duty workers i thought at first when i spotted them they work like harley-davidson motorcycle boots there were some there were some motorcycle boots there women’s little shoe

Boots but they won a $20.00 farm or something for some reason this church had marked up but maybe it wasn’t a church i saw i don’t think this church had really fantastic prices of course this little emblem here is still like brand-new yeah yeah these that when things are like brandon yeah this haven’t been worn much at all at all if at all i mean there’s nowhere

Why would somebody spend the money for these and then i don’t know so look if they have a metal plate on there and everything so that means anything but uh really in good condition milwaukee or foods and they were going from anywhere from 60 to 100 dollars sold assign this is the only place where picking your stuff a little scarf right there i mean yeah otherwise

They’re in really good condition so that was my best fun i really strongly okay so these were some pros sell these for a garage sale these are both the same hat these are who are these new beth gordon’s jeff gordon they don’t save jeff how do you know if you ever saw my son right you never know it says i don’t know who this it’s jeff gordon jeff gordon that’s just

Great 22 number 24 number 24 i don’t know anything about nasa nasa a racing car nascar yeah that’s okay but here’s two hats the same oh got those and i thought these are cute so i got i used to wear leg warmers in my younger days but these are new you’re still on the card they have lace around the top and a grey and they have this there’s a really sweet leg waters

And they were 50 cent’s that’s why i love garage saleing your hands are from the feet this is a harley yeah this was from the church oh well yeah this isn’t the church just as the screaming eagles screaming eagle now scream an eagle screaming eagle is a paratrooper name in fact my yeah carl yeah my first husband had a tattoo of screamin eagle but it wasn’t an eagle it

Was a panther in a panther of his army on his arm but i think the screaming eagles were paratroopers in the army i think i don’t have something to do what are you sure this is not that this is performance parts harley-davidson hat called screamin and there’s that on the back i don’t know nhra that’s about the national no that’s in art that’s it all right national

Record next an h ra something drag racing championship in hr a drag racing don’t know but there you go you go now this is united states shooting team yes it’s a court of rehab united states shooting team 1989 it’s at 89 or for its nine or four there’s a night yeah it’s 9 1989 sponsor senior back these are some of the garage so okay yeah this is for my garage sale

And these were all there’s all their shirts were 50 cents 50 cents you know a team like he’s my total might owe me from that garage sale i owe them a dodge 75 and i got the nerf gun and the socks and the other son was in that box out front it was free oh yeah the nerf gun is free so under armour loose this is a large heat gear like t-shirt under armour this is

A same grade one thing it’s the medium loose peep here this is a long sleepless immediately and then we have an orange one this is a runner’s one it says run on it and it’s a medium this is a regular here look yeah it’s not bring out on the back yeah to us cheer but on the screen it looks ready okay these are from church to church this is pink by victoria secret

Large it doesn’t say pink anywhere so it’s probably not a real sought-after one but it has some nice aztec type symbols on there just say just say american know you has to what if they say isn’t asked it’s a type of a design oh okay it’s not just so you don’t know they any try try you don’t cuz you know this is a nike golf small said women’s little sleeveless

Pole brand nike golf the pole or lauren lauren just lauren by ralph lauren this brand was sold this isn’t really ralph lauren anymore sold to somebody the ones that just say lauren and then by ralph lauren they’re really not owned by ralph lauren anymore i don’t think but they still sell it’s kind of a scoop neck straight short sleeve knit shirt this is polo this

Is polo by ralph lauren this is a large striped blue-and-white navy and white striped with polo written there 3/4 sleeves i think yeah i like stripes i didn’t see any of these things yeah you just looked right ahead i mean you look through these first yeah well maybe not these because these were in that extra-large yeah this is a 3x gloria and ralph lauren it just

Feels like polyester but is cotton it’s a real nice cut mm-hm so paisley and a wild over blouse pretty it’s not church lady it’s a church lady blouse and i don’t think her yeah this is red label hill figured by hilfiger denim west not denim but that’s part of it his brand collection is striped and look what the lion is back here punished on the shoulder i never

Saw or never there it’s like a diagonal i don’t straight yes fang stripe this is an extra extra-large short sleeve shirt i think this is manis what’d you say that’s a men’s shirt says darts in the back well yeah so that whole track i think wendell’s mostly women stuff no they were mr. massonetti oh it’s look at the oh it has flowers and more interested in darts

In the back this could be your women’s yeah shirt extra extra large look isn’t that pretty those are it has a foot collar yes oh how does it buttons minutes the chilling thing let me mean button it’s like i don’t know but i don’t think he service have buttons i think this is a women’s yeah i think most of those things down there in the extras yes if i close my

Eyes and thought mrs. is this buttoning like a woman’s okay so women’s shirt because it’s this cowboy what you know this western one i was you okay tell me vitamin is on the right that’s where the snappy thing is about the button something right yeah and then you put it through the hole here if this was the hole it’s somebody’s who knows that could be a womans –

I don’t know it couldn’t can we be this dumb yes we could have to look anyway here’s a western shirt it’s it’s my panhandle slim you’d think this was a men’s when he’s heavy yes every continent it’s a large it’s a western shirt short sleeve it has no guard no darts but i don’t know but it has pearl snaps and another ass okay that was our garage saling for the day

We get this thing good tomorrow yeah it’s good have your umbrella up there i think i forget anything good tomorrow i’ll come on again and we’ll show what we got and then maybe we’ll figure out what kind of shirts are which i’m gonna go study my button shirts okay so that’s it for today and please if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe i put at least a couple

Videos every week on of various things and hit the thumbs up or the thumbs up button thumbs up for the thumbs up yeah okay and i will see you next time bye

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