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GAS GAS teardown!

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What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel we are headed to the shop right now to start taking apart the gas gas 450. i’m super stoked about this build i got some really good ideas uh before we get into it i want to let you guys know that some of the t-shirts are back in stock on the website and i’m picking up an all-new hoodie and t-shirt this week so hopefully

Have those on the site by the end of the week i’m really excited about really cool designs uh let you guys know when they’re here but we’re pulling up right now and we’ll go inside and talk about what we’re doing today the bike all right guys so the first thing that we’re gonna be doing when we take this thing apart is getting all the hot parts down to cerakote i’m

Using a place called moto whips out here in moorpark so we’re going to be taking out the engine today the radiators as well as the brake parts we got to get those over the reason we use cerakote is because the the coloring doesn’t really change with heat this bike has had cerakote it’s kind of dark in here but this bike has had the cerakoted engine for i mean

I don’t even remember how long it’s been it’s been quite a few months now and it hasn’t faded at all still looks great but yeah that’s kind of the i would say definitely the most hands-on process just because the engine has to be stripped down entirely and then kind of semi-reassembled in order for the coating to go on and then taken apart again and reassembled

Completely so i want to start that now because that’s definitely going to take the most time get it done ahead of any of the other colorings like the frame and the swing arm and all the other little parts that i’m going to be coloring but um yeah i’m going to get this thing set up on a tripod and then i think we’re going to start with taking off the radiators

First because those kind of need to be drained obviously through the engine and then probably the engine comes out and then the brake part so yeah we’ll get this thing set up on a time lapse and then we’ll go from there don’t baby baby i don’t know all right there we go radiators are all off um obviously i didn’t need to take off the tank i know that

You don’t need a blast in the comment section but i am taking the engine out and i do need to do that before that and i figured i’d just give myself a little bit more room to work with from what i remember taking the engine out of this is pretty simple i know it’s exactly like the ktm but without the perimeter frame wrapping around the side of the engine really

All i have to do is i mean the hardest thing is take out the swing arm pivot um take off the exhaust and the engine hangers and then pull the boot that goes between the engine and the throttle body back and should come right out and then obviously the engine mounts too but um yeah i think these things come out pretty easy because there’s so much room to work with

Once you get the gas tank out of the way i’m gonna go ahead and take off the pipe and then we’ll get the engine out all right so we got the engine mounts all disconnected and bolts pulled out um the one thing i’m kind of worried about before i take the swing arm pivot out um is the throttle body getting in the way we’ll try and take it out without it and see

If how that goes but um yeah the last thing to do is just take the swing arm pivot out um i kind of off camera just disconnected all the wires really all it is is i still got to disconnect the starter but um really all it is is these you know it’s cool because everything is a different plug like this plug is never going to be can never get crossed with this plug

And all the plugs are different so when you are reassembling the bike you don’t really get that confused you should make sure everything is reconnected and i obviously do that when i’m putting it back together took off the pipe this thing should be ready to come out i took this motor mount off camera too but yeah just going to pull out the swingarm pivot and see

If we can get this thing out without taking off the throttle body if not then it shouldn’t be too bad it should just be able to maybe loosen up the subframe and kind of squeeze it back a little bit but yeah we’ll try that first all right so off camera i just tried to kind of wiggle it a little bit and throttle body is definitely holding up so what i’m going to

Do is take out the top two subframe bolts loosen up the back one and then just kind of tilt it back and see if we can get enough room to pull that throttle body away far enough from the engine and then this thing should be ready to come out all right so that escalated quickly um i off camera tried to kind of wiggle the engine enough to see if i could get it out

And then i was gonna pick up the camera and uh or start the camera and go from there but there just wasn’t enough room this thing couldn’t get far enough back in order to uh get enough room to pull it out so went ahead and took off the throttle body wasn’t that bad there’s only like three plugs and then obviously disconnect it from the air boot um but yeah oh also

Another thing i had to do because i totally forgot was disconnect the clutch so just disconnected it from the perch which um i was kind of worried that oil would come out but if you disconnect the silver part nothing comes out so stuck on that um but now i think it’s finally time to pull this thing out so i’m gonna pull the tripod back out and uh yeah see how

Easy it comes out watch me struggle that wasn’t so bad came out nice and easy all we had to do is take off way more than we wanted to but bikes i mean pretty much disassembled um no but we gotta take off the brake parts now because again these are parts that get hot so don’t want discoloration from the heat and i think if we powder coated them i don’t know

There’s a lot that um could go wrong with too much material maybe they’d stick but i don’t know that’s what i did on this bike the ktm that turned into a gas gas these are all cera-coated brake parts engine and radiators and haven’t seen any discoloration so pretty much ready to rip though i just got the radiators out like i said in the beginning of this video

Engines out now time for the brake parts and then we’re going to run this over to moto whips let those guys do their thing and i think next week we will end up stripping the rest of the bike down and getting it off the powder coat i know in the original video i said that i wanted to convert these to full spring and make this a moto bike but i’m kind of on the

Fence let me know what you guys think in the comments um since this isn’t as good of a suspension setup as the kyb that i have on the other gas gas i’m almost thinking that this would be better as a hills bike and a ramp bike just to kind of have fun on because the suspension doesn’t really need to be that high performance for it whereas this stuff if i convert

This and get it resprung for moto setup like outdoor setup i’d really like to see how this thing performs with the you know the kyb front this is actually honda parts like honda forks honda rear shock all converted by technical touch to fit a ktm gas gas or any of those euro brands you can now run japanese suspension on it but yeah i think this would be a great

Bike as a track bike and maybe this would be a better hills bike since the suspension’s not going to be as good but i don’t i’m up in the air about it let me know what you guys think and i always love your guys input but we’re going to go ahead and take these breaks off all right guys so that’s gonna do it for today’s video um got this thing all disassembled

Running this stuff down to moto whips and then also i got my bike loaded up in the back and i go do some riding so we will have some more riding footage up on thursday uh hopefully you guys enjoyed this give me some feedback if you want to if you don’t already subscribe give the video a like that does a lot for me so yeah thanks for tuning in we’ll see you next time

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GAS GAS teardown! By Cole Seely