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This was a hilarious encounter! I was originally trying to do a voice impression of David Attenborough, but I guess to some people it sounded like the Geico lizard.

When he jump ladies and gentlemen my name is funny hope you’re having a fantastical blessed day and if not hopefully this video does the trick because today i’m bringing you guys another video on modern warfare anyways you guys have not seen this space in a really long time but uh i am doing good um went through a big life journey and i want to talk about that

In another video but let me just say i am doing amazing i’ll just put it that way doing amazing and i hope you guys are too um in this video uh there was these uh these group of people that thought it sounds like the geico commercial when i was trying not to go for that impression i was trying to go for uh narrator uh david attenborough i’m sure you’ve seen them

On uh discovery channel animal planet i’m sure you’ve seen them on that um but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this video uh let me know down in the comment section what do you guys think ps this video is not sponsored by geico at all just to let you guys know okay let’s continue hi there buddy my name’s mickey mouse today mickey mouse he’s like what what is

Going on i’m literally confused on what’s happening it’s not like he just came out of harry potter or something talking about mickey i am trying to talk about i hear this weird family talking they say you can save fifteen percent on more on clown students dude i need to know you need to sell me they say save on bro you know you can save 15 more percent on car

Insurance oh my god that’s great i’m trying to understand this okay so david attenborough sounds like the geico guy maybe i can i can kind of see but completely different voice you got one that’s like really raspy and just kind of like oh dear oh my god heavens and then you got geico guy with an accent where it’s like you know i don’t understand how on earth

Are we going to be able to get this guy to say god insurance if he doesn’t even have geico does anyone know the question of this because i surely don’t know i think it’s it’s it’s less of that like whispering thing you know but anyways i don’t know how they got that from that let’s continue and you couldn’t save car insurance he couldn’t save carbon chains from

Using geico i’m just chilling with uh geico man i forget what his name is though but he can tell you some let me tell you it’s i think his name is furry something like that i don’t know bro his music is just like his ear my word i can’t even talk he cannot drive he’s utterly baffled by hearing the geico man talk should we say see bro he’s messing yeah we

Have sound like they have more than freedom yes my baby is smoking the free man we got morgan on our team but that’s what i’m saying like yeah can i die by a man who’s the same exact weapon as me that sucks morgan oh that is music to my ears my guy surrounded by three people his objective and kill some people those ground shoots next guys it was so crazy

That the guy was using a museum to kill my team look at that empire accuracy that’s what i call precision bro this guy in my squad he can just like one of the guys his voice though bro his voice is so deceiving so much for watching this video um i kind of cut it short just because uh i don’t really have too much footage to work with but um i’ll make some i’ll

Get some more footage out there very shortly and i have such an amazing story to tell you guys um so stay tuned i’ll talk to you guys later

Transcribed from video
GEICO IMPRESSION ON MODERN WARFARE! (Voice Trolling) By Funny Aquarius