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Geier Elkskin Motorcycle Gloves

Found these awesome elk skin Geier gloves for riding my motorcycle at Wall Drug outside of Sturgis. Originally made for bull riding and cowboys, these gloves are soft and protective for moto riding. I wear a size 7.5.

Hey guys what’s up welcome back to sugar moto on this episode geiger gloves my favorite um i found these gloves it drugs wall drug well outside of sturgis when i was at sturgis with my boyfriend he arrives and another pair similar from geiger their elk skin gloves so they’re superduper soft it says on amazon that they are motorcycle riding gloves i thought they

Were like cowboy rodeo gloves but pretty sure they’re great for motorcycles – you got the – you know the little thingy here the seem there to kind of keep the grip more comfortable i love him just because they fit my little hands really well i’ve had a problem with a lot of the motorcycle gloves being way too big for me and these were the first that they’re really

Tight when you first get them and then they wear in to like fit your hands perfect i love writing them you can see we’ve got a little dirty writing i like the little wrist snap because it keeps a little bit cooler i mean a little bit warmer when i’m writing and not too much cooling can go in there and then the perfect length they’re a little bit longer than some my

Other gloves to come right up to my jacket so i don’t get too much flesh of cold air and sunburns there so i love these guys they’re elk skin they’re made in america you know how much i love that they’re $59 plus shipping on amazon and yeah they’re my favorite they’re just totally solid totally cool i like that they’re a lighter color they do have them available in

Black this is the tan color i like this color because my hands don’t get hot if the sun is shining and yeah i don’t know i find leather to be really really comfortable while writing they kind of cool and heat based on your own temperature cuz it is an animal skin so they are gonna adjust and breathe according to what’s going on with your own internal heat and keep

You warm so these are my favorite all-time writing gloves check it out make sure you have a good pair of gloves for writing it’s very important on the gear list i don’t like writing without gloves i like the way it feels but i don’t really like it just because i’m scared if something pops up off the road it can cut open your knuckle also just when you’re holding

The you know clutch for a long time on longer trips it’s just more comfortable to me to have on gloves if something happens to my clutch and it’s sharp or i don’t know i don’t know why it’s better to wear gloves i just really like it i feel protected safety first guys um yeah but these are the softest i found i’m also kind of obsessed with that there are gloves

Out there that do the finger thing for your phone but i just try to stay off my phone when i’m writing my size motorcycle that’s like kind of rule of thumb for me so check out the guy gloves i’ll put a link below on amazon to shop and i’ll see you guys in the next episode of sugar moto

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Geier Elkskin Motorcycle Gloves By Sally Lyndley