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Geza Gear Cover Customer Reviews – Custom Motorcycle Covers –

Geza Gear Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Covers Customer Testimonials at MotoGP Laguna Seca.

Oh hi i’m kelly this is my vfr 1500 i’ve had my covered cookies in five years and i love it i still have my original cover he’s a point ninety to fcr and i had for 15 years it’s still in use every day i just have to say i’ve got a macabre as t4s been real happy with it i’ve told some guys i worked with the bottom couple then the bottom ah best cover out there easy

To store easy to you the past decade everybody the practice for knowing driving to work marking the worker placement after michael protect and this is his bike beautiful k 1300s take it everywhere with me great grabbers lasted looks like landon first by the geezer gear cover for my fc six wonderful product that flap around in the in the wind and then when i bought

My new first thing i did was come that’s my commuter i create everyday cover every single day on the side it protects the bike yeah what because of its quality covering my motorcycle he said cover on my bike my name’s rick hi / moto my first cover i bought with 4i wanna cover for my bmw be my third cover break got day 2008 our 6006 and at 2010 picked a date

For a i’m even using kiesza covers for about half years just picked up another one great wonderful thanks so much my name is don pasadena i’ve got a 99 our one stay for about 10 years i’ve had to ease it cover on it i love it it keeps the dust off my bike that’s really nice and snug and most importantly it’s very soft on your finished champagne highly recommended

Lentils live in tracy california kawasaki zx10 2007 music every october i’ve been using it i love the way it fits it’s really easy to get on and off the bike like rear covers came with it it looks sexy on my tune and he’s a cover for a long time straight one two three clyde and hi my name is charles had a he’s a cover for a couple years now i love it because it’s

Nice to compact i can throw over my backpack take you with me everywhere fits like a glove looking out who else can i say hey my name is travis i have a no.3 hayabusa i’ve used the cover he has a cover for over seven years where my bike sitting outside in the sun keeps it clean here’s the sun off it so i’m happy with it the silver cover from you said it’s a leak

And i use it every day for my honda cbr1000rr very easy to put it on take off i love it and i just pack it in my backpack i don’t really stuff sack for me i just roll it up put it in my backpack i’m good to go which is what a of for my six via rt but super light series packs down real rosewall i wanted that because i actually want to take it on some trips and it

Looks like it’s going to work out fine i’m here at the motogp i gave up thursday and i’ve been using it each night keeps the moisture off it looks like it’s going to work out good thanks jesus my name is marta visa cover about three years ago love it it works beautiful mike looking like friend best of all best investment i have and how they working out for you how

Long have you been using them for two years wonderful and what bike do you ride okay not yeah well that’s something you need to work on with them there okay well great well thanks for coming by we appreciate you happy with your covers and do what you need them to do great coverage great google companies would you recommend them to others everybody fantastic wonderful thank you so much

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Geza Gear Cover Customer Reviews – Custom Motorcycle Covers – By GezaGear