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Giant LEGO Dinosaur Toys Surprise! Build Dinosaurs with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toy Playsets

Special thanks to LEGO for sending us all the awesome sets in this #sponsored video! Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB receive a giant surprise box full of LEGO Dinosaurs from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! The sets include the Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape, Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit, Stygimoloch Breakout, and the Pteranodon Chase.

Oh man oh hey that’s the doorbell hey park ranger will be now the doorbell’s ringing man here you go get it oh man let’s be busy i’ll go see who it is blow it up later hey park ranger will be there’s somebody at the door man i wonder who it is whoa look at the size of this package man i think we hit the mother lode today hey pardon andrew b man you’re not

Going to believe this wow this thing is huge nope how about this way there you go hey park ranger will be man check it out dude check out check out this package that we got here oh you smooshed ballooned the style officer oh sorry about that look at this package whoa i don’t know what’s in it were you expecting something no but neither was i okay okay guess

What to open this bad boy up huh yeah let’s get some scissors oh there we go okay all right what do you think is in here you can’t reach yeah there you go look at that what is this i don’t know i guess we better get it out huh god i think it has something to do with jurassic world i wonder what it is man okay but here let’s caution open at your own risk

There’s some sort of dino eye there man this could be dangerous lego in there huh yeah okay all right well we got to get this thing open so i don’t think it’s man it can’t be the lego it’s too heavy okay i’ll lift it up and you pull the box out okay okay count of three one two three one two three go baby okay parker andrew you ready to open this bad boy up let’s

Go okay count of three huh yeah okay three one two three oh two three go look at all the lego man whoa this is incredible it’s full of lego yeah look at the back here lego jurassic world there’s owen dude whoa okay you’re ready to open it up let’s do it okay what’d you go for that one first dude wow this is speedy molec breakout yeah i don’t quite know how to

Say that i think it’s sticky molok maybe our fans at home know how to say this one it’s so cool wow it’s a pteranodon chase wow it’ll be they’ll be chasing the pteranodon awesome okay what’s this one here wow it’s blue’s helicopter pursuit we’re getting bigger and bigger as we go here what’s this lego carnotaurus gyrosphere escape hey you know how to say that one

Not you i think you might have seen this one before yeah okay we got one last big wedding it’s the inner raptor rampage out lockwood is things whoa man this is like the big set huh what’s that it’s a t-shirt awesome what does it say i’m the alpha i think that’s your t-shirt there dude i just gotta go try it okay parker injury you can go try that on there okay

Oh there’s a note hi toylab tv the imminent volcanic eruption and the endangered yet fearsome dinosaur living nearby calls for the survival of the fittest we’re providing you and your family with a lego jurassic world survival kit awesome thanks lego team for sending this to us this is so cool the lego team sent us all these awesome jurassic world fallen kingdom

Lego sets to try out are you going to park range obese and start putting all these things together man let’s go all right here we go oh hey parker andrew b you got your new shirt on yeah all right oh and the alpha there okay i got the sets all laid out so we can go start assembling them which ones do you want to work on i’ll take some of you take some okay i’ll

Take these ooh the two biggest ones go for it dude i’m taking the small ones then huh okay let’s get to it huh okay that’s it okay whoa parker joe me we got it all put together man yeah it took forever but with some hard work and some help from park ranger jay we got it all done yeah man some of these sets were huge weren’t they yeah this set actually had

Over 1 000 pieces man i know it’s huge i bet there was more than 15 or 1600 pieces total huh just took hours to do it okay are you gonna walk us through each of these sets and show us what each one does yeah tell us what huge set we’ve got here huh okay we have the indo rapper rampage at lockwood estate awesome man this thing is huge okay yeah walk us through

And show us what all we’ve got going on looks like a lot of action so we have ken about the sleepy dark blaster that baby diner right there okay then here on the front we got a guy hanging off the balcony with his walkie-talkie yeah and we’ve got a lot going on here in the back so tell us what we got going on here at the backside we have this cool triceratops oh

Is that like a skeleton like a kind of a museum exhibit there huh all right what else do we have on the back side okay we have a control center is that claire in there yeah oh what’s that like an incubator or something huh i see an egg in there you see an egg in there yeah wow there’s so much detail okay and out front we’ve got what we got blue and the indiraptor

And the interrupters and then here’s one on his motorcycle oh the whole one fell over so the windows can break like oh and that’s like when you get a dinosaur in his head hey look at me i’m hungry huh okay people are up here oh yeah okay and let’s take blue and put them up here on this glass roof and what happens when you pull that out right down if you’re going

To be hiding you need a place to hide right so where does macy hide okay macy hides under the bed oh awesome the bed flips up and then macy goes under the bed yeah well that’s so cool i want to try one last thing here wait let’s pull the little roof here because i know the indo-raptor comes up here and then he falls through the roof what set do we have here now

Huh it’s a lego carnotaurus gyrosphere skate claire right now is in the gyrosphere it’s like a real gyrosphere claire’s just bobbing along in there hi okay and what do we have up here looks like lava huh yeah lava oh you got wiped out by the lava yeah that is so cool oh and then look at like the little uh dinosaur eggs over there right yeah ooh they’re ready to

Hatch huh okay we have the cotton torts yeah show us this bad boy here huh okay so you can open it’s john eat franklin oh franklin’s all like there man okay and claire’s like i’m getting out of here my driver’s fear okay then we got a truck over here too right owen’s in the truck and now he’s getting out and then you can pull this off oh wow then it’s like a

Portable command center there push it back on okay does this truck open up or anything yep you can open up the lid oh man that’s awesome cool yeah panel oh wow like a mobile command center then you can take it out open the drawers ooh it opened up and bone flew out yeah two bones oh wow there’s like dino bones like yeah then you can open up the bottom there’s

Two darts ah sleepy dog and then you can launch it oh there’s a launcher awesome okay so then when the carnotaurus comes along ah i don’t feel like eating a gyrosphere oh there it goes there it goes okay parker what do we have here all right this is blue’s helicopter pursuit you can see blue’s flying the helicopter in pursuit actually now blue’s not flying the

Helicopter blue’s over here in the trap huh yeah all right i put this one together and i had a lot of fun because it’s so cool with a helicopter and the trap and then owens over there on the four-wheeler atv with the trailer okay so here’s the helicopter and like the little cockpit lid comes off and there’s the pilot in there and then i’m thinking that those are

Probably big lights lights floodlights yeah and this comes out like you know oh we’re blinded in the dark here you know and then okay then we come around this side look it’s a mini gun full of little sleepy darts yeah and it’s ken again can yeah okay he’s got his own little sleepy dart blaster and when you turn this watch this boom boom boom boom boom ah we’re

Getting all the dinos with our minigun and then here on the bottom there’s the little uh wheel that your spin to turn the propeller here on the back there’s a little hook that can pick up blues a little trap we’ll see here in just a second and look at this see they can take this out look there’s an egg a little dino egg there in the container so you put it in

And you have the sleepy dark blaster and that goes into the cargo hold awesome huh so this is the trap so let’s take blue out for now oh there you go blue any good dinosaur trap would have a turkey leg yeah right and it’s got the little fake plants in there so blue like here i have no clue this is a trap zarika comes along oh look turkey leg that sounds good for

Lunch then he walks into the trap and then whack all the little cage walls fly up and now blue is trapped in the trap in the helicopter and now let’s put the hook down here and we hook onto blue’s cage we spin up the propeller and we take off we’re taking blue back to america with us bye everybody we’ll see you on the island later and then here comes owen no they

Took blue and he’s going to shoot the helicopter i guess that’s a catapult there here we go i think it launches watch us oh yeah he’s got a point launch but it can’t stop the helicopter he was going to take the egg and put it here in the back of his little trailer for his atv but it didn’t work out but then the helicopter it comes back in don’t worry owen will

Come get you hook on here all right i’m coming for you blue bye okay parker andrew b which one is this the sticky mold breakout awesome so there’s our dinosaur there so how wait how’s it gonna break out well so he has to go in the cage oh wait wait wait wait i tell you what let’s take it off the little spinning table here we’ll try it that way okay now you got him

Rotated around he’s about to break through except oh wait wait wait wait what’s this over here those eggs yeah in a little incubator there huh okay and then uh you know bob up here is drinking his coffee doctor doctor who doctor wu always dr wu okay he’s drinking his coffee oh that dinosaurs escaped oh my coffee went flying oh he busted through oh this is really

Bad now the alarms are going off attention all employees please get out of here and take your coffee with me before the dinosaur eats everybody okay here we have the trended on chase awesome man look at that pteranodon over there and that cool vehicle hey is that owen up there yeah awesome dude owens got like an axe or something yeah okay so once you show us the

Pteranodon over here should those wings move wow the wings move cool well that could really pick you up off the ground like oh he’s got a window no you can’t pick him up okay here we have our vehicle awesome it’s got the jurassic world logo there like so many of these sets have the same signage on them don’t they yeah right what does this vehicle do okay so you

Can fire your cannon oh it’s got a net inside of it so the net could go on to the pteranodon huh okay oh you think it’s actually going to be able to hit it oh i want to see this okay here we go and come get me oh you missed it i hit it then it fell off okay awesome this is a pretty cool looking like off-road vehicle and then the driver there got a sleepy dart

Blaster huh okay here comes owen hi there ready to go track down some more pteranodons yeah let’s go okay park ranger ob that’s all the lego sets we want to give a special thank you to lego for sending us all of these cool jurassic world fallen kingdom sets so we can put them together and try them out for you guys at home yeah thanks guys even for the t-shirt i’m

The alpha man it’s so cool hey let’s go take some dinos and mix and match some dinosaurs let’s go hey fans tap the toy lab tv smiley face to subscribe and find out about our newest videos you can also tap the pictures to watch more fun videos right now don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up

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Giant LEGO Dinosaur Toys Surprise! Build Dinosaurs with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toy Playsets By T-Rex Ranch – Dinosaurs For Kids