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Giant Loop Armadillo Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Our new Giant Loop Armadillo Bag is an amazing solution for all of your rugged fuel transport needs. Superior to a traditional gas can in many ways, the Armadillo Bag is a flexible, versatile way to carry fuel that doesn’t require bulky mounts or empty containers to remain on your vehicle when you’re not using it.

Hello friends ben here for giant loop and today i want to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the all-new giant loop armadillo bags so we’re very proud of our most recent product release which is our new giant loop armadillo bags these bags are designed to safely store and transport fuel and can be used in a ton of different applications

You know over landing rigs side-by-sides obviously dual sport and adventure motorcycles really anywhere you need rugged portable fuel storage we feel like this product is a great answer that solves a lot of problems that people have with rigid containers and other options because it’s a new product and it’s kind of a unique product we get a lot of questions about

It and how to use it and what it’s for and all of that so i’ve gathered some of those questions for you i’m going to try to answer some of those questions as well as i can in this video so this is our armadillo bag frequently asked questions video the first question we get is can i put gasoline in it okay and the answer is a complicated one here’s the official

Word armadillo bags are not portable fuel containers as described by the astm epa arb or any other state or federal agency armadillo bags are not intended for fuel storage or transport of the united states of america although allowed usage depends on local laws rules and regulations in the countries where armadillo bags are used and it’s ultimately the customer’s

Responsibility to use the product in according with those recommendations rules and regulations the materials that this bag is designed with are compatible with hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline diesel kerosene even jet fuel as well as diesel exhaust fluid hydrocarbon-based lubricants and other automotive and industrial fluids so that’s a long answer to a simple

Question in the countries where it is allowed and approved this bag is a fantastic way to transport fuel gasoline diesel ethanol fuel non-ethanol fuel whatever it is you’re after it’s not technically approved for that use in the united states of america so i’m going to spend the rest of this video talking about how you can use it in places where it is approved

It’s not approved in the usa for several reasons not because it doesn’t store fuel not because it doesn’t work for that it’s because testing requirements in the usa are designed around rigid containers which this is not and so it’s not even really possible for it to pass those tests and because of the spout design which can’t be permanently closed off those are

The two things that really keep it from being officially approved here in the u.s worth noting and not for nothing many of the fuel transport jugs that people use particularly the ones you see in the backs of trucks that are transporting dirt bikes are not technically approved they’re for off-road use only and many of the oversized tanks that you see people put

On motorcycles aftermarket tanks are also not technically approved fuel containers per the epa so let’s talk about the bag and how you might use it in an area where it is approved second question we get a lot is what is it made of is it sturdy great question this is an outer cordura shell it’s made out of the same thing that your textile riding gear is made out of

Similar abrasion resistance that is to keep this bag from being damaged if it falls off the back of your bike or on the back of a truck or if you happen to go down inside is an rf welded tpu bladder and at the factory we test every single one of these armadillo bags pressurizing the internal bladder to check for leak-proof performance at the factory they also use

Acceptable quality limit practices to randomly select and thoroughly test individual bags along the way and then when they arrive at our warehouse in bend we test random bags again we are dedicated to ensuring that these bags are sturdy and they arrive in very functional and optimal condition for you because we’re riders who ride out into the back country just like

You and the last thing we want is a gear failure the last thing you want is to find out that you thought you had two gallons of gas and it turns out you don’t because the bag failed we don’t want that to happen to you and so we thoroughly inspect and re-inspect every one of these bags for the highest quality and they’re also backed by our limited lifetime warranty

We’ve also thoroughly tested these before they came to market i was on the team that tested the prototypes they were tested in a myriad of different applications utvs over landing we even had them on a boat in a plane there’s a very thorough torture test that they went through and i can wholeheartedly recommend these bags and tell you that they’ll stand up to just

About whatever you can throw at them third question we get a lot is how do i strap it down what strap should i use we have several options for you giant loop pronghorn straps work great with the this is a two gallon bag in the one gallon bag i literally just used these uh 25 inch pronghorn straps to attach this bag to my giant loop tail rack no problems there the

32 inch straps just give you a little bit more flexibility and options literally they’re quite flexible another great option that we recommend especially for the bigger bags is our giant loop cinch straps and these can go you know as long or short as you need them to be so good option there and then another really common really useful option is rock straps and the

Nice thing about these is they have a little bit of elastic like the pronghorns which also have a little bit of stretch to them this just ensures that it’s held down as tight as possible so any of those options will work sell all of them on the website so check that out i’ll link everything i talk about in this video in the description below so one or two gallon

Bags a 25 inch or 32 inch pronghorn straps work great really recommend going with the rock straps or the cinch straps for the three or five gallon bags you see behind me fifth very common question we get is is the bag safe for potable water can i put water in it we do not recommend using this bag for potable water water for washing or cooling are fine these are

Inert non-toxic materials but they aren’t food grade the materials were selected for optimal compatibility with hydrocarbon fuels and not water six question we get a lot what happens if you lose your gas spout so the spout the bag comes with a spout as many of you know it’s got this convenient spout pouch so uh you know it should be hard to lose it if you just

Keep it with you all the time in the bag but if you do happen to lose it couple options we obviously sell replacements on the website so you can just buy one from us and we’ll get that sent out to you quickly and a pinch any blitz compatible spout will work so if you’re out on the road and need to buy one find one of those blitz compatible spouts that will just

Screw right on and work for you easy pour or cool spouts cool with the k those also work and in a real real pinch you can just use a funnel put a funnel in your gas tank and you know pour into it with this and then use the funnel to fill it while it’s hanging from your handlebar good option another common question how do i fill the bag that’s a good one so you

Want to hang it up this is the key this is the trick hang it up by the handle on your handlebar or on something else so that you can open this up and fill it while it’s hanging then put the cap on before you set it down again that’s the best option that we’ve found don’t recommend trying to fill it while it’s laying down definitely don’t try to open it while it’s

Laying down you want to do the same thing when you use it to fill up your tank hang it from your handlebar unscrew this put the spout on and then pour it into your gas tank don’t try to put the spout on when it’s laying down because obviously gas will come out you don’t want that you want the gas to go into your tank how long can you store gas in it so if you live

Somewhere where you can use this with gas where it’s approved to be used as a gas container we don’t recommend leaving gas in this for more than a week or two it’ll still work but it will start to smell a little bit that doesn’t mean that the armadillo bag isn’t working that just is normal and just know that that’s part of what happens when you store gas in it but

It is is really a transport solution and not a storage solution if you want to store gas long term use a gas can this is for conveniently transporting gas putting gas on your motorcycle you’re side by side in the bed of your truck driving out until you’ve emptied that much out of your tank and then pouring it in along the way and then rolling this up and stashing

Until you refill it it’s not really meant to store gas long term it’s not really what it’s for number nine question we get a ton what kind of gas should i use so all hydrocarbon fuels are okay gas diesel kerosene jet fuel if you’re using jet fuel for some reason regular pump gas with ethanol is okay but that’s only because again it’s for transport not for storage

So i wouldn’t leave any of those in the bag for a long period of time ethanol containing fuels really shouldn’t be stored for a long period of time regardless because they just you know they have a little bit of a build ups why we don’t like to run them in our carbureted bikes stuff like that so that is the nine most frequently asked questions we get about the

Giant loop armadillo bag if you have other questions i haven’t answered please feel free to leave them in the comments or reach out to us via phone via email using the chat now feature on we are more than happy to answer your questions and concerns about the armadillo bag or any other product all of our products including the armadillo bag are

Backed by our limited lifetime warranty and all orders over 75 dollars from giant shipped for free also please consider subscribing to the channel for more gear overviews and other great content and don’t forget that youtube subscribers save 10 on with promo code subscriber thank you for watching go light go fast go far because you

Didn’t run out of fuel because you had an armadillo bag with giant loop you

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Giant Loop Armadillo Bag Frequently Asked Questions By Giant Loop Moto