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Gino DAcampo If my Grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike Long version -18th May 2010

And the very best of luck never a quiet kitchen when when gino’s here you’re all right things that people should know all right then all right go on remove for the little one more for soups i know but i’m just but now i’m going to show you the reason why we’re using the paint neck okay so the pen they are cooking remember the blah blah blah blah blah just to give

A little bit of dry make the sauce nice and and chewy and then on top to make the crispiness then a nutmeg if you can give me some nut to make a great in here greater than that my guinea please all right these edges nice and crispy popping out you know like uh i don’t know about popping out right no it’s good because this is what is for a dish is a texture okay

Now it was suggested to me should we put a salad no no no you can’t put the salt no you cannot put a salad in the same plate to the pasta because it goes inside on the side yes but not on the same plate of the bar because it’s wrong it gets soggy and the salad it doesn’t work well with pasta that is that is not good then you pick it up look at that oh gino look

At that look at this smooth can you see the mozzarella what is doing it’s doing all this uh fantastic what you call string it yeah okay string swing string string and you put in there look at that it’s what do you want you don’t want it to make it so clumsy too sticky the sauce has to coat the pasta beautifully and they have to start to appreciate the flavor of

The cheeses it’s closer it’s closer to a british carbonara oh no it is no that’s true oh well i’m glad you’re standing there do you agree yeah yeah yeah but you know what i mean my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike you know what you know you know what tyler you know it doesn’t make any sense what you said it’s a different recipe it’s got nothing

To do with the macaroni cheese you know please anybody help me here in the kitchen oh god my god he choked oh man stop it oh dear well very good okay yeah yeah yeah there we are you can put a hammer at home if you want excuse me well you nearly polished both of us off there that’s great terrific do you know thank you it is absolutely sensational it’s lovely it’s

Really good if you would like to cook gino’s ultimate macaroni cheese then you will find the recipe on our website this morning if you’re a sky satellite then you can press your red button now now a word about tomorrow so teeth falling out being naked in front of lots of people flying or falling these are common recurring dreams but what are yours well

Dream analyst delphi ellis will be here uncovering the hidden meaning behind them so you can email your reclairing dream to this morning at still to come from opera to indie rock american soprano renee fleming on why she’s had a key change plus you’re performing live she’s here right after the break

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Gino D'Acampo "If my Grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike" Long version -18th May 2010 By digitalmediafan