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Glory Daze Custom & Vintage Motorcycle Show 2019

Remember when we had big bike shows with hundreds of motorcycles and thousands of people? We take a look back at a year and a half ago, to when we trucked down to Pittsburgh to the first ever Glory Daze.

It’s mid-february the dead of winter it’s frozen outside and i’ve been in the workshop non-stop for weeks and weeks the state of the world and the weather has us feeling a little nostalgic for crowds and riding bikes i’ve been uh thinking about the last big bike show we went to we were invited to bring a few bikes down to pittsburgh for the debut of a new show

Glory days we weren’t sure what to expect but we threw the bikes in the back of the trucks and made the four-hour trip down to pennsylvania even loading in before a lot of the other bikes arrived we knew we were in good company ah that looks so good there but first we got acquainted with the hills of pittsburgh snapping chains getting to know the locals you

Just take a picture of my chain all right not funny after stretching our legs we headed off into the night trying to keep our hangovers to a minimal so glory days was held in an old pittsburgh steel mill cliche yeah it’s a great space like any big show the parking lot is full of rad bikes though the curated show was inside glory days is an invitational

Show meaning one guy hand picks all of the bikes he wants in this case it’s the one who put the whole thing together kurt cerro the show is as much a reflection of kurt’s taste as it is the builders themselves now when i go to a motorcycle show i’m looking for a couple of things in particular so let me show you a couple bikes and why i like them one

Of the things that i really like about this first bike is that it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek it’s got a baseball bat stuck out of a piston clamp to the swing arm what’s great about this bike is it’s a relatively unloved a cx-500 that they’ve done a really nice treatment to but they also don’t take it too seriously this harley shovelhead was super tidy a lot of

Really minimal details like these floating hand levers oftentimes making something look that minimal is a heck of a lot more work than just clamping something together yeah this knucklehead is something special you can take any part on this bike and there’s a whole host of processes involved in making that there’s nothing on this bike that is typical everything

Was regarded with form and function made in a way that’s surprising purposefully this bike is art and engineering and design and craftsmanship and mechanical and technical know-how all swirled together and it’s beautiful there’s a term i like called museum fatigue or you’ve spent all day looking at beautiful stuff and your mind is so full of ideas and lots of

Cool images that your brain can’t take it anymore it’s always amazing like getting to see all this cool stuff uh and not only that getting to be a part of it i brought my 1970 honda cl 350 that’s covered in copper and stainless steel accents and this bike it’s it’s all about texture a little art nouveau conversely i got my 1978 bmw r100 this thing is supposed

To be clean minimalist like a space bike with cool shotgun pipes and my buddy james at lowborn garage brought his sportster chopper i don’t know it’s just it’s cool it’s low and when you see them on it it just fits he did yeah kids take care net now it’s a year and a half later and i haven’t seen my friends in months uh but i’ve been working hard in the

Shop making cool stuff and i know that you guys are too so i can’t wait until the next time we get to meet at a place like glory days later yeah i think that’ll be fine you

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Glory Daze Custom & Vintage Motorcycle Show 2019 By Rich Odlum