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GoldWing F6B/First ride for 2021 Dedicated to my Mother.

Dedicating my first ride of 2021 to my Mother who passed away on 1/17/2021.

Youtube what is going on this is chris and i’m back out about today january the 20th inauguration day out on big black today as you can see uh today it is about 38 degrees today here in lexington kentucky by the way this is my first ride for the year of 2021 and it is a very special ride for me i’m dedicating this ride to my mother nell the face smith she passed

Away this past sunday january the 17th um she was uh tested positive for the corona 19 virus and uh i just wanted to dedicate this ride to my mother i already miss her dearly but uh you know i know i know i know she’s in a good place right now i feel like i know that you know she’s looking down on me right now as uh you know as we take this ride but uh like i

Said i just wanted to dedicate it to my mother uh inelda face smith aka miss nelly people if you ever met her she would always leave a smile on your face i don’t ever remember my mother i don’t ever recall even seeing my mother being mad about anything all my friends and you know strangers that meet her you know the last thing they say you know such a sweet lady

People the coronavirus it’s here it’s serious it’s not going nowhere for a while uh you know you people that are not taking it that serious you need to um i’ve always taken it really serious but you know it really hits home when uh you know it it it affects or takes the life from someone that you really care about so you know don’t don’t don’t take it lightly

People glad to be out today i haven’t ridden my motorcycle i haven’t ridden a motorcycle since probably a little over four and a half months i think the last time i rode was the last video that i did which was september the 6th of 2020 so it’s it’s been a while but uh i’m off this week we’re going to bury my mom this coming saturday so um i just woke up today i

Was supposed to go work today and i seen was a nice day out and my manager told me when i came back to work yesterday you know if i needed some days off you know just go ahead and take it so i called him up today and uh he gave me the day off so i decided out decided to get out and enjoy my ride i am out testing some new heated gear i’ve had the first gear or warm

And safe heated gear for about two years now head to toe i have the liner the the jacket liner i have the pants liner and the socks and i had the uh glove liners but i’ve never used the glove liner so i decided to go ahead and try the first gear um you know four four glove that are heated uh can’t tell you really much about them because they seem not to want to work

I don’t know if they work with the controller type i have here or what but um i will give cycle gear a call and you know see what they can say or do or if they can replace them or whatever but right now i am riding with them i don’t have any heat connected to them or it’s not working anyway feel a little chill in my fingertips but i can also cut on my heated grips

If i if maybe hope everybody is enjoying their new years hope everyone you know are are meeting their new year’s resolutions they can be hard to stick to i thought that car was gonna pull out on me i haven’t really had any new year’s resolutions um just pretty much year after year just be a better me trying to get out and ride a little bit more we all know that

That’s hard to do right now with this this corona this nasty virus that is out but enough about that you know you got to do what you got to do life still moves on life is still going to go on you just got to be careful though you just have to be careful and you definitely have to take it serious this is a beautiful road right here kind of a highway scenery-like

Farm setting this is highway us-60 i am in versailles kentucky i’m gonna head up here and hit the interstate 64 and i’m gonna head back to lexington um it’s probably about a 30 mile trip i’ll take it back on into lexington i’m not sure what i’ll do with the rest of my day having rode the bike like i said in about four months covered my break having ridden a bike

In about four months uh over the winter some of the winter projects i did do i kind of cleaned up my um my main wire going to my battery for my heated gear i kind of cleaned it up like that a little bit if you all can see that but i’m still going to have to do a little bit of adjustments to it i don’t like my wire being bent like that so we’ll go home today and

Tinkle around it with it warm the garage up and just hang out like to give a shout out to hdr harley day rider look at this um he left some comments on several of my videos quite a few weeks ago i appreciate you having a look at me hdr y’all harley day ready y’all check him out we are now in the city of frankfort like i said i was entering the city of frankfurt

I turned the camera off just kind of rolled through here and just kind of turned around nothing really um exciting to see but uh i’m ready to hit on uh 64 east up here destination lexington i guess i am in there a little rush hour right now it is a little bit after four o’clock and a nice ride i guess you know if you haven’t ridden for four months you know looks

Like we’re going to be here a while people if you don’t already have some get you some heated girl it’s a game-changer you too can be riding in 38 degrees but uh people i’m not going to hold you here any longer i’m not sure how long this has been but i will let you all have your day enjoy the year and i am out and as always one love all right got the wing on about 80. all right

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GoldWing F6B/First ride for 2021 Dedicated to my Mother. By Christopher Smith