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GoldWing Glovebox Overheats Phone? Testing Super Insulated Glovebox, Part 1

Hey everybody its max mcallister from traction dynamics here today we’re doing an experiment where do you got another big customization going on here as you can tell accessory installation for a customer that’s written in from tennessee and this bike we’ve got a lot of the usual suspect accessories going in but one thing we’re doing the owner has had trouble with

His iphone getting so hot that it’ll shut down in glovebox on the bike here so we’ve gotten a little carried away the owner had brought us in some heat matting and wondered if we could try and slide it up in between the glovebox and and try and insulate it but we got a little more carried away this is in our typical style and as you can tell here we’ve stripped

This bike away to get the whole glovebox mounting system out of it because we’re gonna do a nice job of insulating that box and i’ll show you a couple of things we’ve learned along the way this is actually what your bike would look like you here hanging that camera for a second if you were gonna change your air filter that’s basically all that’s left to do in here

Is pull the covers off and get to the air filter so we’re kind of down to that point this would definitely be easier or have been easier if we had done this while the fuel tank was out but basically there’s a lot of electronics you have to unstrap from the side of this mounting frame and and then tons of wiring harnesses are clipped to it all around everywhere so

And then on dc t’s there’s some kind of delicate wires i have no idea why they’re all exposed like this but they are that you have to be careful of to get this out and then what happens is we get this frame out over here at your airbox sits and something like this and when you turn it over there’s four screws on the bottom that you pull out to remove the airbox

And then so jacob worked on this one and the owner had carried in this stuff from loike and tell us jacob what does this stuff like to work with is kind of a heavy duty like it actually has weight to it yeah so what we did there was once jacob had it all fitted up and covered all the way around with a layer of this insulin heat blanket we took a 16 millimeter or

Socket push down around each of them plastic mounting studs we didn’t want to make sure that these still made up normally with their locations in the brackets so that the you know nothing sits doesn’t sit on level or higher so the body works it’s in its natural place an interesting thing to note is that honda’s already obviously aware of this problem because this

Glove box already is insulated from honda it’s two parts i don’t know if you can the camera can see but let me point with a pic here this is actually foam and so there’s a plastic outer case then there’s the plastic inner case that you see and then an insulating foam layer in between the two halves that that chill that is already there trying to prevent heat from

Bothering the stuff in your glove box but it’s inadequate now we don’t know if this was going to work we’ve never done this before it was actually the customers idea so we’re accommodating his ideas concept so we’re gonna screw this back together put this back in the bike and you know sometime in the future i’ll do a little follow-up to this one in a month or so

After the owner reports back to me to tell me if this significantly lowers the temperature inside his glove box and if it does maybe we’ll be to something so again this is noi ceo nico and i guess they have says detailed tips on installation at no code info but it’s heavy this you know it actually kind of feels like metal and the sticky stuff is kind of tar like

I guess obviously because it has to be able to be subjected to high heat so we’re gonna put this together get it back on the bike and then i’ve got another couple of cool ideas we’ve come up with that we’re working with first on this bike and stay tuned we’re putting some new accessories on from electrical connection that they’ve got out on this bike and so anyway

I’m max don’t forget to like these like this video below share with your friends and i’ll be back in a minute with some more videos

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GoldWing Glovebox Overheats Phone? Testing Super Insulated Glovebox, Part 1 By Max McAllister \u0026 Traxxion Dynamics