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Goldwing Scotland Ride 2021 Part 2

Part 1 included some commentary on Goldwing 2021 DCT experience. Part 2 here continues the trip in north Scotland over two days passing along the Moray coast towards Skye. Some great single track riding in the Inverness/skye/Torridon area. Nine bikes and support car and lucky with the weather after day one,

Glossy mouth is underrated fantastic east beach west beach golf courses marina that’s a view down there the los angeles championship golf course clubhouse which is cove sea lighthouse which is uh bought with a charity and it’s open for visitors it’s a lack of murray fertile farming land all around here across the murray firth very little wind today which

Is nice a little bit of rain starting unfortunately so the rain’s caught up with us it’s back to foyers driving away from the rain check it so you can we’ve got a lead car in the mercedes we’re going ahead in order to try and get out of this i’m gonna have added these gold strike foot pads brake cover and the cruising pegs which are adjustable so heading

Down the loch ness road on the north side heading west the sun’s not out to shame i think downtown remorsed and then cut out across towards the sky so honda 650 suzuki 1000 foreign what posty not much point trying to sail today biking’s a thing there’s the crossing i’ll go up here okay well that was very cool very pretty mind the jumps yep

Pretty nice in scotland when the sun is out west coast gets twice as much rain as the east coast sliding um but there are plenty of good days we pick your weather forecasts are good a couple of days in advance nick and his gs here we are back on the main road by the of luxor cool plenty of room for yachts to go through um 25 30 meters of clearance at

Least in the middle there the lovely views now a couple of hotels here one on the left plugged in the haven and there’s a plot to motel the boys are all here leaving plockton heading for loch karen and torridan area so he played well so imperfect weather uh shield tag foreign foreign and that takes us into i think the sock machine do do

Do do mike it’s not it’s a wrap foreign so that’s also from inverness heading a couple of bikes heading down to spin bridge direction we’re going to head across select aberdeen with our bike’s heading glossy pants heading towards grant and spay and then turn left to the cross select and down into the d or down valleys coming which one ah we

Found our man so uh and into balater nick is taking a ride to braemar on his way down to dundee um clifford kenny and ours is gonna stop for a week coffee a novelty finally back to aberdeen me

Transcribed from video
Goldwing Scotland Ride 2021 Part 2 By All at Sea