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Goldwing Trike Invalid Operation

I think I have a loose intermittent wire.

Well hello there youtube i’m out on the gold wing i took it for a ride earlier i changed my air filter um the other day got a broken thing there changed my air filter the other day because i’m getting terrible mileage so i’m thinking okay when i went on my solo trip i ran through a it was pouring down rain and there was mud and water coming through the field

And i hid it at 55 and it just covered me in mud but i’m wondering if i was thinking well maybe it got in the air filter and maybe that’s why it’s but i took the old air filter out and it was it wasn’t even dirty it was just a little bit dirty but it was clean i mean i didn’t need to change it i changed it in 2019 and air and the plug so i bought new plugs but i

Don’t think i’m going to change them either because i don’t know if they uh actually need it the air filter really didn’t so i put a bunch of uh fuel injector cleaner in there but anyway what i was doing this see that screen right there um this morning i couldn’t reset the trip it wasn’t working and i’m thinking i cleaned all these switches i sprayed wd-40

In those and kept working the switches and now they’re working but what would happen this morning and this would normally would be like this but then it would all sudden start flashing in valid operation invalid operation i don’t know what it was i took this apart several times and i know i have it wired up i use dioptic uh grease in that connector and and now

I’m going to take it for a ride see if just cleaning those switches did it but it works fine when it sits there work fine when i stop but just um let’s see what it does i got my little so you know i put the trailer i got my trailer out because i wanted to get the gas can out of it and the gas can wasn’t even in it i must have used it for the lawn mower but um

A little electric motor doesn’t work too good on a cold wing but i uh i you know i i wired the spider up a long time ago i put the hitch on it and wired it up and i had trouble i turned it left i turned the left blink around the right blinker would blink so i took it down this morning and i look for that gas can uh look at their invalid operation again crap i

Don’t know what it is it’s working now but see see it’s flashing invalid operation that’s driving me nuts i don’t know what it is i might have to just replace this whole thing that bugs me that just bugs me i can’t live with that look at that oh i don’t know what that why that is so intermittent and why that’s doing that oh well bye you know another thing it

Could be and that where that wire connects to that connector it almost looked like it might have been a i might have had a little cut wire so i have to take that apart and go check that out but see that drives me crazy see it that dries and it beeps if you don’t have your helmet on you can hear it beeping bye see when i stop it’s fine so i think it’s it’s it

Could be a wire that i taped it up and i put tie wraps around the tape so i might have to take it all back apart and peel all that tape off and see if i have a loose wire on the back of there that’s got to be it because i noticed it it it kind of exposed a little bit and i’m i’m wondering if i got a little bit of a wire kind of off you

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Goldwing Trike Invalid Operation By Jims Trike Adventures