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Good Starter bike…My Two Cents.

Ok by popular demand, a regular vlog lol. The scenery is great and I threw in a little creepy sumthin at the end.

Good morning people’s i decided to borrow your road i’m gonna turn around though say this patrolled by cops nobody’s giving me crap but all those rich folks probably a little ticked off so pretty so vlog about i’m slowing down it’s just so pretty wish i could get in there i’ve been meaning to do an update on what’s on riding for three years i guess the things

That i’ve learned but overall ride ride and ride s’mores best advice that i could give anyone but more specifically if a 250 or 300 is a good bike to start on and i say absolutely that’s what i did i started a lot of people do depends on your friends influence or the salesperson to influence but you know listen to everybody but don’t they’ll do what somebody else

Says you should do just go with your your instincts since anybody can be an idiot on a leader bike or a 250 meter bikes are less forgiving a lot more room a lot more power a lot more room for mistakes but go grandma you can do it gonna be cold in this canyon huh it’s so pretty it’s getting cold it’s supposed to snow on sunday i don’t think that’s very fair like

You’re waiting your size to and i did honestly i outgrew mine in about three months but i had a nice little learning experiences orange crashes damn it i hate when there’s cars i crashed at about three months statistically speaking it’s about how it goes so it was very inexpensive to repair and i sold it for more than what i bought it before and hearted twisties in

Bloggie at the same time it’s fun it’s like if your i mean average people i would start out with the 600 i think i’d start out with the 600 and most people can stay with this exception forever i love it not have all that power and yet really get comfortable with being on a blanket it’s a more upright writing i like it this one’s much more aggressive so that’s my

Thoughts i get asked that a lot about if i think a to be feared i say absolutely they have a really good resale value – everybody wants to start on those but if you’re a bigger person probably not but yeah and if you’re really big bigger person then go for a leader bike my favorite little corner so pretty it’s bumpy though food it so i’ve been riding for like three

Years now three years in one month and i’ve learned a lot but basically ride ride and rides more we’re here the ground is extremely hard been in two crashes it’s good i have cars in front of me just got my new tires so so yeah those two fifties mega light wave fun and flickable a lot of fun in there good size for me and five five one twenty seven unfortunately wow

Buddy ah but the only thing i didn’t like about the 250 was having the freaking shift so much even shifting into second gear while making like a just a traffic light regular left-hand turn alright guys it’s my favorite little canyon just because it’s close the big cottonwood canyon over and out that’s a pretty waterfall guys thanks for watching so i was parked

All innocently and these guys roll up and kind of blocked me in so they just sitting there for a little while and i was like can i help you weirded out a little bit and they’re like oh no we just saw a girl on a biking you wanted to do stuff i where’d you get your bike and tell them and then still just that they’re like why do you think i stole it or something like

No just a buddy of mine to have one just like that i guess it i go okay well cool and like yeah say hi to the camera and you’re making me a little nervous so thankfully they took off after i said back and fyi to everybody keep your cameras rolling and don’t be a creeper

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Good Starter bike…My Two Cents. By Dlinquencious JessicaPriet