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Great! A Surprising Box Full of Toy Vehicles | School Bus, Motorbike, Ambulance, Buses & many more

Great! A Surprising Box Full of Toy Vehicles | School Bus, Motorbike, Ambulance, Buses & many more –

Hey everyone what is up welcome back to my video guys i found out today based on secret news that there is a toy box nearby now i will find the box guys and introduce with you so let’s go guys look here a bushesh area bush wow here i find the toy box wow guys look guys wow look here i think this is the toy box yes i caught it wow so many colorful toys guys

Look just surprising guys so guys don’t be late let’s go and i introduce all the toy with you guys this is the box which is full of toy vehicles so now i introduce all the toy with you guys guys the first one it’s a motorbike high speed sports motorbike it’s red color guys beautiful sports motorbike and the next one it’s a double decker city bus pink color

A beautiful color double decker city bus look green line city bus benton’s t-card wow guys a racing car mcqueen model racing car it’s green color awesome marvel series hulk super speed guys avengers car green color beautiful mcqueen model racing car wow guys it’s a nuclear weapon army and military unit use this truck nuclear weapon missile carrier then

Guys it’s the police car funny bullish car guys look white color really funny toy police car because it’s the toy that’s why it’s funny put it here guys rickshaw a green color daisy vehicle rickshaw very very popular vehicles in india bangladesh tashi vehicle toy rickshaw wow guys this is the another bus it’s a super city bus a beautiful color super city bus

Orange color wheel put it here wow guys a ambulance beautiful metal toy ambulance first great product wow another bus a vip bus volvo vip bus air conditioned and a television in the bus orange color beautiful top grate air conditioned toy bus wow motorbike racing motorbike top racing red color racing motorbike it’s also beautiful realistic quality racing

Motorbike wow so many bars in this box guys surprising box a police bus pink and blue mixed beautiful six wheeler cheapest police bus wow bye cycle guys a cheapest bicycle plastic made green color i think you enjoy the video guys the box which i got surprisingly in a bush wow beautiful color beko excavator guys this is a construction vehicle becco excavator

Sky blue color wow another excavator it’s mini mini vehicle excavator it’s excavator truck red blue yellow color combination wow guys a crane truck six-wheeler beautiful color green truck look flexibility is in this truck green yellow blue six-wheeler wow guys this is the attractive one a toy ambulance very new in my channel video a toy ambulance it’s battery

Operated guys here’s one of switch and this is the battery position emergency number here toy ambulance realistic look it’s totally realistic look toy ambulance then a bullet train blue color bullet train a big one it’s also realistic look toy bullet train gray and blue combination guys a later later truck six wheeler later truck plastic mate look later truck

A jeep off-road master jeep car yellow and black combination a funny car pink color toy funny car it’s really funny wow guys a school bus just look it’s amazing i like this vehicle yellow color school bus busy cola really nice wow another train it’s funny train truck it’s a toy train truck wow a helicopter guys police helicopter blue and black combination

Helicopter cng indian vehicle toy c ng auto rickshaw guys gray and black combination cng auto rickshaw wow another double decker bars london city toy bus it’s a metal toy guys double taker beautiful model realistic toy bus and this is the final one another later truck it’s a aerial later truck look aerial later truck fire unit use this truck eight wheeler

Fire protection aerial related truck guys my box is empty if you like my video please hit the like button and subscribe my channel so see you in another new video till then take care bye bye

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Great! A Surprising Box Full of Toy Vehicles | School Bus, Motorbike, Ambulance, Buses & many more By Toy’s Freak