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Greeves motorcycles, A LOOK at LIFE SD 480p

Most of you have never heard of a Greeves. Well this is the motorcycle I was riding on July 4,1969 when I became the first American to beat the Europeans in motocross.Thought this was a good video for those that have no idea what it was like then, the tracks and the machines. We may not a had the power and suspension of the bikes today, but those were the good old days. We went racing to win, but it was all about the FUN.

Find a bumpy track add some tough motorbikes and riders and mix well the result a scramble a sport which today attracts thousands of followers and is producing british scrambling machines which are being exported all over the world this firm in essex which now employs 150 people produced its first scrambling motorbike in 1953 when the sport was beginning ready to

Get onto its feet their 250cc model was a winner it was tough maneuverable and fast on the scrambling track and orders for it soon poured in today in a highly competitive market more than 10 000 specialist motorcycles have been sold by this one small firm 75 percent of them for export america is its largest overseas customer the secret of such success and a highly

Specialized field has obviously been attention to detail if the smallest part of the machine could not be obtained exactly as required the company turned to and made it themselves today virtually everything that goes into the machine is made on the spot with worldwide success for its 250cc model the company is now working on a new more powerful scrambling bike

This 360cc model being put through some rigorous testing on a nearby track has taken 18 months to develop worldwide markets are wide open for this size of competition motorbike if it proves to be another winner the job of the company’s test riders is to try to find something wrong with these power packed flyers after the new models have been given a thorough

Thrashing the company’s technical manner on hand for on-the-spot checks and on hand too is the man who has to sell this new machine throughout the world mr preston cobb sales director of the company paralyzed since birth mr cobb travels thousands of miles on business every year he’s driven most weekends to scrambles where company machines are competing and

With two assistants he travels the world selling this company’s tough little british-made scramblers among the many other high performance scrambling machines made in britain are do-it-yourself scramblers which are supplied in kit form this latest 360 cc model produced by a birmingham firm is being assembled by an up-and-coming young midland rider 19-year-old

Dave smith and his pal home assembly means a saving of one-fifth on the price of the machine and for anyone with a good working knowledge of motorcycles the job can be completed in three hours dave smith has been scrambling for just over two years rode this bike the next day against some of the hottest competition eight-year-old robin gersden of west london

Should be a future threat to the world’s top scramblers here he is after writing for only four months on a miniature 50cc scrambling bike built by his father who’s a motor mechanic and trials rider dad gives him some advice on negotiating mud and he’s away again this tiny machine has three gears and a top speed of 35 miles per hour ideal for riding the bumps

Of an old gravel pit nearby the gerston’s home the question of training facilities for young scrambling enthusiasts is a major problem in britain for this rapidly expanding international sport a few motorcycle clubs who are lucky enough to have the use of some rough land organized practice meets but apart from that the only way a lad bitten with the scrambling

Book and hope to reach competition standard is to ride his bike over any rough ground he can find some owners of sand and gravel pits like this one in essex close their eyes or ears to this impromptu sunday morning scrambling practice organized by local motorcycle clubs scramble meetings are held throughout britain during the summer with odd winter meetings

At the big meets like this one at shrewsbury as many as 200 writers from every part of the country will be competing with a national championship event attracting star riders the crowds flock in to watch the tussles to come a tussle not only of rival top riders but of top makers of machines as well for like motorcycle and car racing scrambling performances

Considerably affect the world sales of road machines nowadays the scrambler is basically a road machine developed for tougher work extra grip tires are fitted lights are not jeff smith 1964 and 65 world champion is here also dave vickers 1966 british champion it’s going to be a rough ride so scrambling gear is tough and under international scrambling rules

Only standard commercial fuel may be used there are 30 of britain’s top riders in the lineup for the mass start it’s a 12 lap race each lap one and a half miles of some of the toughest riding in britain men and machines take a pounding as they hit the bumps okay engines scream as they roar up the banks only course officials and mechanics may help riders

In trouble having covered one lap with a flat tire jeff smith and his mechanic fit another wheel and then he’s off again those extra grip tires help to pull the bikes up the hills and over the top with nearly 10 000 king scrambling fans watching the race each lap of the leaders is timed for official records the writers are thinning out now for no more than a

Half of the starters will complete this gruelling test as the rest of the field fight it out for a good place all attention is now focused on whether champion dave vickers can hold the lead no he’s overtaken on the 10th lap and at the winning post this time it’s a local writer alan clough with vickers second but in the ingredients of a good scramble there’s no bickering

Transcribed from video
Greeves motorcycles, A LOOK at LIFE SD 480p By Gary Bailey