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GS#911 Im good at this

Hey how’s it going checking in for today with updates and progress and uh something did happen today it wasn’t anything that i did um directly but somebody tagged me in a post on linkedin um for somebody else who’s not in my network who’s looking for a speaker for an event um and said you’d get in touch with me that’s it and there was something else as well which

I’ll come to in just a second but a second i’m not into not directly the guy who tagged me was somebody who i who had been on a presentation that i’d given actually was his company that i presented to uh a few weeks ago and um the the person who was who put the post up was looking for a um a speaker or a virtual speaker on i think it was mental health and managing

Change two of the things i’ve been talking a lot about over the last few months uh so i do feel um equipped and knowledgeable enough and skillful enough should we say as well to hold my own and to say you know what actually i could i could do a good job here for whatever whatever it is tell me more um so you know whether anything comes with that i don’t know

But it was just it was just an interesting um experience it was interesting for me to reflect on that and think well actually you know this happened and and my feeling in the past when that’s happened has been up for the next one once you know they’re obviously going to go with somebody who’s a name or somebody who everybody knows or um you know has got a degree

In this or a master’s or a doctorate in that and now i can have a look at it and i think you know i i could do that because i i think i’ve just built up so much uh confidence and belief in myself over the last few months of doing so many of these presentations now talking about these subjects and also literally living and breathing it as well everything that

That that i’m talking about um around well-being around mental health around change around resilience around stress management around thriving around setting up working from home practices all of these areas i feel like i am i’m i know my stuff um and actually the other thing that came up today was just a a catch up with a friend of mine an old personal trainer

Client actually della we were having a um a catch-up this afternoon and she was asking how everything was going i haven’t seen her for ages and i was kind of telling her and i found myself really really really feeling it when i was talking to her about about what i’ve been doing and the presenting and kind of reflecting on it again speaking to somebody who i’ve

Not talked to in a while and she’s known my business she’s seen me present and train um from a stage before she’s kind of helped me with some of the business set up as well over the years um and as i was describing it to i kind of really felt like yeah i really have um skilled up tooled up when it comes to my uh ability uh over the last few few few months to

Well certainly a couple of three months because of the number of sessions i’ve been delivering because i’ve been relentless in trying to look for better ways of delivering of getting engagements of um delivering sections of my talks and presentations in in better ways more meaningful ways more impactful ways i’ve not just said well this is what i teach and and

Be done with it like i feel really proud of that actually i feel like you know i’ve i’ve i’ve taken this challenge of virtual presenting something i was already doing uh and instead of resting on my laurels and thinking well i’m already doing this therefore i know everything i need to know i’ve really gone to town and i’m not stopping here i feel like i’m really

There’s a ton more stuff i can still learn and uh and develop so and it was just kind of interesting reflecting today and uh it’d be great if something came of this other piece of work from linkedin but uh if it doesn’t then you know we’ll see i won’t be i won’t be it’s not the end of the world and actually interestingly as well she said that she had a bit of a

Snoop around my profile which is exactly what i’d expected her to have done before getting in touch with me um and uh again great for me to see that it is important to still keep posting i posted every single day uh so far this year on linkedin actually so for the last six months daily posts um and uh plenty of that is about the presenting that i’ve been doing

So anybody who goes onto my linkedin profile i can see okay yeah this guy is current he’s doing stuff he’s talking uh he’s got a good mix of posts and is clearly delivering work delivering content um to corporate audiences so uh all all good anyway that’s um that’s the the check-in for the day i’ll be back again with another update tomorrow and uh maybe some

News on if anything comes with this linkedin lead but for now thanks for watching thanks for listening give it a like subscribe to the channel and check back in again tomorrow for another daily update bye for now

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GS#911 I’m good at this By George Speaks