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Gsxr ignition bypass/no spark

Some of you got Ebay ingition switches. They dont have a resistor. Heres how you fix that. Also a good way to hot wire your bike

All right so if you bought an ignition harness off ebay which i did i bought this arnis with two keys and a gas cap and all that happy i had a white plug in on the end and all these wires are different colors than the stock ignition harness i took the plug off and tested for the resistor but i couldn’t find resistance between any of the wires it’s like these key

Switches don’t have one but if you can see here you got just regular orange regular black a regular red then you got a red with the white tracer you got a brown with the white tracer and a black with a white tracer i’m the original ignition you got this thick orange wire right there you got a grey lawyer you got a brown lawyer you got a red wire then you got an

Orange wire with the yellow tracer kinda hard to see cuz i’ve got mine painted but yeah orange wire yellow tracer and then this one is a black wire with the white tracer so odds are if you have your ebay ignition with the white plug right here that has no resistor if you come down to your other side and you put the resistor between this black wire with the white

Stripe and then on my bike on the harness it’s an orange wire with the red stripe this guy i know it’s hard to see but that guy right they’ll focus right there the red stripe if you do the red stripe or the orange at the red stripe and the black with the white stripe you cut them and put your resistor in between those two wires your crappy ebay ignition with the

White plug-in that you bought will probably work basically that wire needs there sister in it my resistors actually right in here inside this wire whatever loom stuff shrink wrap they’re pretty cheap i bought like a hundred of them for six bucks off amazon but that’s what you need right there if anybody wants one of these they send me a couple bucks i’ll mail you

One because obviously i have a lifetime supply and then some otherwise you get a mop ebay for six bucks but anyways that wire when you do this mod from with white stripe to the orange with either yellow or red stripe depending on what end you do it on what you’re doing is taking sending power to the ecu and when you put the resistor in it knocks it down from like

12 volts to like eight and a half and that’s what the bike needs to see the ecu needs to see that eight and a half volts to send spark and to send fuel i don’t think the fuel pump kicks on with that wire without it being resisted but anyways that black wire with the yellow or red stripe ends up coming right to here my wires suck and they’re all painted and old

And but that wire will go right to the ecu so if you actually poke your voltmeter in there and test it you could test and see how much power you’re getting if you’re getting the 12 volts your bike won’t run if you get they eight and a half it definitely will i also bought voltage a dc voltage converter something like that this little guy there’s like a couple

Bucks on amazon we basically put 12 volts in and then it’s got these little buttons and you can send whatever voltage you want back out i use that to test them i’ll just run that right to the battery and then i’ll knock it down to eight and a half volts and then my bike will start but yeah with my old ignition you could do whatever you wanted and it would turn

On i wouldn’t get fuel pump i wouldn’t get spark crank forever and so i finally did this mod and with the way my bike was when i bought it it had some kind of little black box that was wired up into the taillights and it had a switch to turn the taillight on and off which i still have the switch so they got rid of that black box and that’s what my bike to begin

With is i had this black box that was actually using the brown wire from the ignition and it was feeding the taillights and my immobilizer for my ecu and so it was working that way and after i ripped all that out and rewired my taillight my bike never started and it took me like a year to figure it out that that ecu needs less voltage to run so that’s where i’m

At but if this video helped you give it a thumbs up i have a lot of other videos on this same little kind of deal i’ve got a couple videos on how to test the pulse generator that’s down there i didn’t make any videos on how to test the coils but it’s a really really rare occasion that all four coils are bad so if you don’t get any spark across all four of them it’s

Probably this ignition deal or your pulse generator some people forget to that the bike will crank without spark if i miss it i can’t remember if it’s the clutch see there the clutch switch or the kickstand switch i just unhooked my clutch switch i just don’t bolted it and just leave it right there and it starts my kickstand switch his was right here but i just

Wired it together if you just twist the wires together and solder it or whatever it’ll run these are the wires for the pulse generator they’re also green and black for anybody that didn’t know but yeah a few guys like this video give it a thumbs up if you want to subscribe for more subscribe for more i’ll definitely make some more videos trying to help you guys

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Gsxr ignition bypass/no spark By Wisco Pit Bike