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GSXR rider being awesome

Got this from another video site, but it’s great. This fellow is like a lot of gsxr riders i’ve run into… not all of them, but several. The bit at the end is probably the best part, so stick around.

Tom rae i’m here in traffic court and i’m gonna fight that which speeders caught up with this racing machine and this machine they were headed down ocean park before cycle going 50 miles an hour she dropped the keys on the gun i think he’s been stopped a few times all right so long as i stop this this thing the international stuff that i might have harley girls

Chasing and i had to get away interesting clever dexter the bomb please deal with my body is it gets me in a lot of trouble this is one faster bikes around well over 200 miles an hour which i regularly did forget i said that officer agent id in the last three months later raised but hope they come out on top in court i’m here to fight another ticket which i

Usually don’t get because i normally don’t stop broward county cops here stupid i don’t like dealing with them and usually when they do write me tickets they usually mess them off i guess i’m just going to go in and a little pokin says prayer even more good morn morning my circle okay ray are you prepared for trial oh arthur okay oh mr. akers tell me what led

You to write this gentleman a citation absurd the defendants silver motorcycle traveling eastbound visualize made the speed of the motorcycle to be 52 miles per hour speed reading that i obtained was 50 miles an hour okay and did the defendant make any statements to you that i need to know about they did admit that the past he would have run from the police but

Now he’s older wiser he chose not to okay okay so do you want to tell me what happened yes that morning i actually had just come from the gym and i made the mistake of driving the city without a shirt on and i pulled up at a light and there was a car that had several college-age teenager pursuing me i saw basically four wild hungry lions licking her lips and

Sharpening their claws and it was kind of intimidating so i tried to get away from the scene i think that’s a deserving of a break and the fact also that for me to get a speeding ticket again going only ten miles over the speed limit for me is actually an insult it’s actually 15 15 whoa okay that’s that makes me feel a little bit better but i thank my speeding

Tickets are normally you know in excess of 50 miles over the speed limit you think that that’s something to be proud of are you kidding metal reputation in anything and what would that reputation be on the bed will do that’s what the guys think the girls just stay in the hot we’ll be okay if i were to take my shirt off you’d understand and you probably referring

To take it out and sends me to house for us at your house okay i doubt that very seriously here let me show you what i’m working with i know but i knew that get your attention playing with me is not going to help your case all right any other real defenses oh i could plead insanity most of the people are no telling i drive like i’m crazy in order for you to use

The insanity defense you would have to say that you are not competent to drive and that would take your license until you became confident or saying so do you still want to go forward with the insanity event well i think probably i think probably you’ve exhausted your defenses unless you have something else to tell me about the actual speeding now unfortunately we

Don’t accept striptease or armwrestling that’s why we have a court so on that basis i’ve heard the evidence on behalf of the state i’ll be on defense i’m gonna find the statement over to prove the guard to this citation take a look at your driving record which is just as interesting as you andre thank you doing much i knew you’d say that eventually and um this is

Really something so on that basis i’m gonna find you guilty it’s going to be $200 plus cost yeah there goes my weekend officer acre that’s for you what’s black and red that’s right this is the black and red suzuki asking your squad car 200 miles an hour ah ah yeah i heard that raised machine with full throttle outside of the courtroom this include pain infected

Machine on idle in front of him or he could have wound up to hold himself oops

Transcribed from video
GSXR rider being awesome By jesse0192