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GTA 5 Online NEW DLC SHOTARO TRON BIKE Customization & How To Unlock! Like & Subscribe for more GTA 5 Videos

What is going on guys my name is chaotic and welcome back to another grand theft auto 5 video this one is very very special indeed because today is the day that we have finally received the nagasaki shotaro tron bike in gta online now this motorcycle is just the coolest thing ever it is so so awesome and i’m so happy the rockstar finally added this in the game

We of course been waiting for a few weeks now for this bike to finally be added into the game ever since it was first found in the game files when the bikers update was first added last month and at last rockstar have done so it is now available from today in gta online to purchase from a legendary motorsports website it will cost you two million two hundred and

Twenty five thousand dollars to purchase this but honestly guys i think it’s worth every single dollar it is simply just one awesome vehicle but this motorcycle won’t immediately be available to purchase from the legendary motorsports website when you first log into gta online today and that’s because you have to unlock this motorcycle first of all but it’s very

Very simple and easy to do so what you want to do is just go ahead and play one game of the new adversary mode named deadline which by the way is loads and loads of fun it was just added into gta online today alongside this motorcycle whether you win or lose does not matter once you play at least one game and you go back into free mode this motorcycle the show taro

Will now be available to purchase from the legendary motorsports website and i’m sure it goes without saying but this motorcycle is just awesome everything about it is just extremely cool but my favorite thing being the fact that it lights up and looks incredible at night you can of course change the colors over you haven’t got to go for just black and white like i

Have and i’ll go through some of the color options in a few moments but first for something worth mentioning is that you can in fact buy an outfit which matches your bike for a limited time period so if you purchase a shotaro over the next few days there’ll be an option in the clothing store to purchase a dead line outfit but like i said this option will only be

Available for a few days and these outfits as you can see are very very expensive at 200,000 dollars each definitely worth purchasing to go with your bike to finish off the look anyway so let’s move on to the customization of the naca sake shotaro itself now as expected they’re already all that many customization options available for this bike of course you’ve

Got all these standard upgrades like the armor the brakes the engine upgrades and so on you can also adjust the mud guards as well and remove both the front and rear mud guards that seems kind of weird to me because you remove that really awesome effect the motorcycle has so i kept it as standard you can of course also upgrade the headlights but again i guess it

Comes down to which color you want to go for on the bike because my bike was gonna stay white i kept the standard headlight which was also white then moving on to respray if you wants you can change your primary color which is the main color of the bike itself but i think changing it from black to any of the color sort of ruins the effect of this tron style bike

So if you’re going to change your color i would definitely recommend changing the secondary color which of course is the main color of the lighting system itself i wanted to stick with a nice ice white which was very very bright pretty much any bright or light color looks great on this bike like ultra blue yellow lime green orange red and so on and i guess it all

Comes down to what your favorite colors are and what you think looks best on this bike but like i said i myself stuck with a nice ice white which also went with my outfit soo and then moved on to upgrading the transmission and servo and then as for wheels you have the option to change the wheels if you want soup you can’t even see the rims on those so it seems

Kind of pointless spending your money on that sort of waste anytime and just leave it on stock then you can go on to tires and upgrade those they’re already bulletproof so you haven’t got to upgrade those so that saves you a bit of money as well and if you want to you can also add a tire smoke but i left it on standard so there we go that’s pretty much if the

Customization of the shotaro bike like i said not a huge number of customizations are available for this but isn’t exactly surprising and even if there were some customizations i do like the standard look this bike already has someone exactly sure what changes you could even make to this so there we go guys that’s pretty much it for this video this is the shotaro

Motorcycle which is now available in gta online it is definitely worth purchasing just because it is such an awesome bike it looks great and it’s also very very fast as well not quite the fastest motorcycle in the game i believe it’s the second fastest motorcycle just behind the hakka to drag but it’s only a very very small difference so there we go guys that’s

Pretty much it for this video i do hope you guys have enjoyed it lemon are your thoughts and feelings about this motorcycle bye leave your comments on this video and also let me know what color scheme you went for on this bike when customizing it also be sure to drop a like on this video as well if you guys love this motorcycle and if you have not subscribed to my

Youtube channel rack on the you – because i float or the latest and the greatest grand theft auto 5 content so once again thank you guys for watching and i will see you guys next time

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