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GTA 5 Online – Top Gun

GTA 5 time and we drive a military convoy to steal some jets and flex our pilot muscles with a bit of close quarters flying.

You ready for some crazy wanted level action hold on third part yeah yeah i’m sorry i’m trying to get the top all right let’s try – tony this is good job trot oh hey yeah and you get a all right let’s rest of the guys it’s pretty accurate oh sips you got some fantastic legs thanks they’re really hairy get those skill skill from somebody’s house okay oh my

Favorite activity what of you that killed some way this why today screaming to the world that’s why we’re creaming i’m about there’s only so much sun greedy bastard you using up all the sudden e5 pizza dough all right guys who wants to who wants a ride miss lane i’m coming down on the beach oh yeah that’s gonna be i thought that was a car oh my god he’s on that

Plate i’ll chase you should i shoot it down she will make an executive decision well unless what kind of invaders getaway is it keep the paris yeah all right i landed okay who wants a premium ride i like a premium ride i’m so tempted please somebody just said watch it the way you gotta call white cops honestly going on oh jesus oh god yeah the real macho – you’re

Right it’s a pleasure it’s a pleasure but this a jerk i know that the cops don’t like the do you want a place to go right right oh where you going luis i’m up i’m up my mama oh god why you like me oh he just wanted to have a pleasure right oh my god no son for anyone good yeah that’s right get in get in get in get in quick tonight yes son dad he’s not he’s gonna

Try everything about this is it kid okay uh-huh oh this buddy’s chubby dude you just know wasn’t oh oh sorry louis come on get info on us you kill me – sorry oh can we get him off the gunny so irresponsible you talking about i’ve got this moves up here i own it daddy needs new better five in hands welcome one and welcome all aboard the pleasure ride today we’re

Gonna be going on an a historical tour of los santos courtesy of our driver mr. alan smithee him say hello i’m al objective a home a position ah damn it michael no sauce in the bag it’s just not helping get it okay don’t you get it he’s a shaman now is he on the bag i see him i see him oh my god oh yeah he’s the cinematic camera all this cuts the chopping when me

To me get in the back hurry up okay i’m in please in who’s on the gun now it’s needed nice headphones listen to they beats by dre they beats by dre somebody want to sell that armored vehicle yeah yeah the convoy okay we got a great big car boy what was that i just flopped out like every guy shot and hurry up maybe do get it i’m trying to move sit at luring back

In oh go go go go those rust-free mount remount prema loser e-mount i’m american too delicious there we go hamid come by we got a great big carboy okay let’s get the army base it’s like ray didn’t know we’ll get killed in sweeps i think we need to get a tank that’s the next goal oh yeah that would be the next logical step this convoy nothing we have to go to the

Air good we ever seen a tank we might know this might die no this is sweet guys operation battering ram oh you keep the lead you’re the bearing ram with me other bearing me okay operation battering ram is in full effect who wants a battering ram operation battles butthole what shot your work with designating the bearing bajo try to write there we go xenoverse

Wheels on door we recovered it’s fine there’s a nice recovery oh it was laughs did you have know it is though what it was siren is screwed now guys thanks oh the siren aah damn it we needed this thing for our air base rain oh that helicopter just crashed into it okay let’s yong-go a battering ram gun yeah goodness way to weigh in we go we got it can’t get that

Gunpoint last six duncan hines we got cops all over us all right the siren has seen better days don’t you just behave to take a left here i can speak through this next road yeah left of this road pretty cheerful beautiful hey ramm keep going back oh rabbit is it okay left left left road yep okay has a navigator home again it’s like cholinesterase rally out here

But with a don’t let your crow again give you a story over this video straight right here left no left you could be lagged out then okay oh straight out straight first straight straight here yeah no go just hill you want to get the top of this ridge and we want to write down so go go left of the hill yeah yeah she can d yeah oh my god dungey bucket ross ross –

Hey weez get to that region right down the ridge and then we’ll get in whoa look at them all on the hill here oh my god yeah head around all that okay i’ve strangled i’m gonna turn around in a minute after we run over the swat guy all right ross we’re going in backwards okay oh no no no don’t go back that we have backed off i’m not gonna do it look no no yes so

Let’s go straight we’re just maneuvering wasn’t even a this trail is ray and you want to hit the lid and they don’t know they yes oh god all right we work way back yeah it sold out gilda joy there all right roger oh we have to do the lob – oh i’m dead out weird touch a good idea god damn it smith pirates mascot is you ruined everything oh wait wait the vehicles

Still here we’ve respawn here with no cops oh yeah i’ve still got a car star rating but it’s like i also run off now we might have to go back don’t get in the way this time please it’s like steering a battleship i can’t turning the battleship all right you ready okay you’re doing a good job yeah let’s work that round somehow oh oh my god it’s not gonna work out

Try and balance it ah no i didn’t think we’d make it we’re gonna make it no we cut out oh i too easily around going in we’re going in boys all right state stay steady watch them go yeah got the way get them oh right we need to do the same okay we’re gonna do that work shoot this guy all right let me yeah gentle gentle trying to be gentle okay i i don’t i don’t

You wanna a grove eight the battering ram be gentle he’s a colonel gentle i know oh my god acceleration walls of trying something i left rice top oh my god that’s a solid oh occupy you know well it’s just an end oh different game from here bean drive around you gonna get in not from here how many justices hank if you go left there’s some bots minds but you can

Walk into the base if you want at your monitor the sirens off flips oh i feel like this is part of the appeal he wishes oh maybe with your left here you’re in yeah okay go go go around go around with the bang ram is in i don’t want to steal one of the military trucks slow in the military truck okay we’re right behind you guys more or less so do you want to get oh

We want to get that zips truck we get jets we can get i think work out of the pink jet right slow steady slow so i’m out i’m out whoa oh that was dramatic that was dramatic we need to like do some formation flying okay ross is in a jet i’ve delivered him safely i’m not free yet there and i’m going to also take a different freedom isn’t free me cost a hefty off

Me the same for you and me i died all right we’re getting into a jet you die going in oh i was just about to get it think i’m low in animation takes like 10 calendar years toriel it takes ages 10 calendar years dry minimum plan around i mean one went it’s a little bit fiery yes little fire you can live it did it did it did it did it did it did it welcome to the

Limit me oh towards wanted me what is it jets when i really hit by myself i’ve been hit by yourself what the weight is mr. leung you jet we have a military basically could you look really low oh my god i’m out with a jetty oh there you go hey guys it’s just straight the freeways straight the freeways everyone your tongue all the heck up the road duncan smith oh

Cut in realize it locked on that’s amazing oh my engine just broke down and i just dropped out this guy yeah oh i found your carcass thank you for watching everyone i think we call it there okay see you all next time good foley mm amazing jeez that was a really what tight shot hercule poirot they don’t cook wow

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GTA 5 Online – Top Gun By YOGSCAST Lewis \u0026 Simon