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Nagasaki Chimera Motorcycle Showcase!

Yo so what’s going on guys it’s your boy lasergaming welcome back to another gta 5 biker dlc showcase video so finally we’re moving into the juicy stuff and that is the goddamn motorbikes if you guys aren’t aware i’ve covered everything throughout the day including all of the new tattoos haircuts clothing as well as the brand new clubhouse which i’m currently in

So as you guys can see i now own every single motorbike in the game i’m going to take all of them over to my mod garage run through all of the customization features i do want to say there is a bunch of customization features for individual bikes they all have different liveries so like always i’m gonna break through all of them to save you guys money and time

So i’ll play out some music while i’m running through all of the customization features and i’m gonna take it for a spin afterwards i’ll cut the music when i’m taking it for a spin just so you guys can hear what these motorbikes sound like because i’m not gonna lie they sound like fucking beasts nonetheless if you guys do going to enjoy the video a like down

Below is always highly appreciated do feel free to subscribe if you guys are new and i’ll see you guys in my next video motherfucker been attached motherfucker me when they come and they will they’ll come for you i have an army we have a hulk well i thought the beast had won it off you’re missing the point there’s no throne there is no version of this where

You come out on top let me infiltrate the beat concentrate the heat if you ain’t on my level rappers then i hit my quarter and my train of thought is more a locomotive talking reason for it i got locomotives used to be on a revenge tip understand on my ex in a friend’s tip i was spider-man whipping the black suit i was powerful but almost lost luke blurring

The line between human and artists trying not to change but i swear it’s the hardest i swear when you’re up they turn you to a target home is a trip what i’m talking so what’d it take to be an icon all in your desktop so i just might already be one my me with the label it feels on the table one time but i’m down for a free lunch just speaking my heat seeking

Missiles of hits but other than me i see nobody exists no gas stuff i’m about to go green go green go green hulk smash if she know me no me no me write it to life like i’m staying late staying late stay late if life’s about to be a cold war i’m the hero that they asked for i’m about to go i’m about to go green i’m about to go i’m about to go regret it i’m about

To go i’m about to i might begin making a feature a rack cause when i hit your beat i turn shit to my rack dropping bombs like i’m cursing you out that’s your house then i’m kicking you out quiet as a mouse came in the game now the word is out that i’ve been lighting the flame shit is potent don’t you know it i’ve been flowing steady growing till they know the

Name saw it ahead of time knew that i get to my losing myself and the beautiful no pain i swear i’m all about peace i’m a positive person wasn’t always like that you know it took me some learning they asked me how i push a positive light how i keep my composure through internal fights when addressing the mic duties dark nights where the bruce wayne what a trick

B here’s some truth that i let free bruce banner of rap if you ask me where my will to win and attract me so is fuck yeah

Transcribed from video