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Guys WW2 Royal Enfield Bike Ride | Guy Martin Proper

To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Guy Martin restores a Dakota plane, undergoes brutal training with the Red Devils parachute display team, and parachutes into the Normandy countryside. In this clip, after a simulated supply drop, Guy takes an original WW2 bike for a ride. To watch the full show click here –

Guy martin and the 47 air dispatch squadron have just air-dropped an incredibly where paratroopers motorbike for the first time since world war two the package appears to be in one piece but owner matt moore is about to find out if the priceless contents still works you can just see the back way other thing you see part of the frame new unreal all right matt seem

To be very low canopy took a bit of time to open it certainly improved its top speed anyway yeah it made a bump when he landed i’ll do it yeah you could hear it from where we were looking promising it’s all there right good job jobs gooden go get it gary shall we no listen now it’s time for guy to perform the acid test you’re away not quite an isle of man

Cross with right and you ride it if they was really fast when you’re looking at someone else riding in that’s really slow mosu brilliance nicely done that’s bloody brilliant not too bad for him just joked is it famous for techsan baby this would take some being really want it where you be in there still i don’t think ida wrist what matters wrist risk i won’t

Trust me with it anyway the flying flea isn’t the only piece of original paratrooper equipment in match collection so one that way else we got right well i’ll start with some of the stuff you’ve been issued if you were a paratrooper okay going off on d-day the first thing you’d be given is two of those 24-hour ration basically it’s high-energy stuff yeah it’s all

Stuff to keep you going chocolate oatmeal meat sweets there’s even toilet paper in there as well just in case you won’t always be on the quarry they might refer by with that amount as well as that you’d be given this on which is your emergency ration again pure energy this has actually got speed in it is that right so it’s what with speed in it it’s just chocolate

With speed yeah amphetamine yeah only open on instructions of an officer right but then the problem was you start seeing germans behind every blade of grass as i got off probably that was not a lot so then the other thing you’d be given its go on this is a real james bond gadget it looks like an ordinary uniform button yeah you unscrew the top well accomplice into

A tiny little compass yeah i’ve got the workmanship in that early on the germans found out about these that british troops are wearing them so when they captured them they unscrewed them and found them yeah so the way they got around that is that later ones they put a left-handed thread on the hitter so the germans tried to unscrew it i just tightened it up they

Never found them after that it’s alright yeah thanks very much bloody brilliant

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Guy's WW2 Royal Enfield Bike Ride | Guy Martin Proper By Guy Martin Proper