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Hafny Ebike Mirror Review – A Must Have Accessory

Hafny Bike Mirrors:

Hey everyone ryan for me bike escape if you’re familiar with my website and youtube channel you’re already probably aware of my recommended accessories list for electric bikes if not i’ll put a link to that page in the description below one of the most popular accessories that people purchase for their electric bikes are bike mirrors this is the reason that

I have it towards the top of that list and the one of the most popular brands is called half knee besides mirrors they also make grips as well as pedals but i reached out to the company and they decided to send me a few of their different options of bike mirrors so i thought i would feature them in this video so let’s check out all the mirrors from half knee

So you’ll have two different options when choosing the mirrors from half knee one is the handlebar mount like this one here and then you have the bar end mount like this one keep in mind with the bar end mount all you have to do is remove the plug from the end of your handlebars and then they kind of tighten and expand in order to keep the mirror in place and

It really comes down to personal preference on which one that you purchase however i will mention that with the handlebar mounted ones you do want those as much to the outside as possible on the ride one up limited i did move this screen towards the right so i could squeeze this in there it did work with the mirror over here but i did see a little bit more of

My arms looking into the mirror obviously with the bar end you don’t have that option or you don’t have that problem rather the other thing to keep in mind is obviously with the bar end mirror it is going to make your handlebars a little bit wider for me personally i like the handlebar mounted i just think they look aesthetically a little bit nicer but totally

Up to you we’ve been using both types and we’ve been able to see behind us without a problem beyond the two different styles half knee offers blueglass which is this one here might be hard to tell from the camera but this is that what they call their blue automotive glass and you’re really going to consider this if perhaps you live in an area where it’s really

Sunny you don’t get a lot of cloud cover for me personally after testing these out over the last few weeks i do like the clear just gives me a little bit better view i can see a little bit more clear but again a personal preference but one worth mentioning and then it really is impressive the number of different styles that they offer you can see that this one is

Shaped differently than this one here this is actually my favorite and you can buy these by themselves so just one or you can buy them in two packs for us personally we’ve have been able to get away with just having one on the left obviously now with all these mirrors i will use two probably of that handlebar mounted ones it’s nice to just be able to see from both

Angles and it does obviously match a little bit nicer when you have a mirror on each side so just something to keep in mind this one behind the mirror it’s just black but on this one here you can see that they do have some reflective tapes of just a nice touch on that one and then this mirror here this is just the clear glass and then this swivels and then you can

Tighten this harder i actually just put this one on and then these are just as well pretty much any way that you need them if you’re looking for a little bit more of a minimalistic approach this is another bar end option a little bit smaller mirror but still works just fine this is the blue glass and then the other option that they sell has this additional arm

So that gives you a little bit more adjustability and this is the blue glass as well the other mirror that they sent me that i didn’t put on the bike is this one this is another clear glass again a different shape from the ones that i showed what makes this one unique is actually on the it has a reflector so that is a nice touch and i have seen folks actually

Mount these upside-down personally this is the way i like them mounted so i hope this gives you a little bit of an idea of what mirrors you want to purchase i’m really happy with the quality they’re really not too expensive and i think it’s a great accessory to have safety wise it’s really nice to be able to see what’s going on behind you if you’re looking to

Purchase an electric bike please check out my electric bike deals page i’ll put a link to that in the description i also put a link to all these hafnia mirrors on amazon and i will also include a link to my electric bike accessories list that i talked about earlier thanks again for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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