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Halcyon 250 Motorcycle ride through Vermont

Take a ride through scenic Vermont with Harmony on her beautiful blue Halcyon 250.

This part of the road right up ahead is my favorite part the trees all come across and make kind of a tree tunnel it’s just so pretty you got your classic vermont maple sugar farm over here the stone wall it’s very pretty my name is harmony and this is my motorcycle i’m just gonna do a quick video i guess and show you guys my favorite ride which is one of my

Only rides really i don’t ride very much i’m pretty new to it i’ve had this motorcycle for about two months and i was very inexperienced when i got it i put about 300 miles on it which isn’t a lot but i’ve been taking it to work now and then when the weather’s nice which has been fun but we have a really short riding season here in vermont so i’m gonna have to put

It away for the winter pretty soon probably i will show you a few things about my motorcycle i didn’t really choose to get any of the additional features i kind of regret not getting the book rack on the back or some kind of saddle bags or something but as long as i have my backpack with me all the time it’s not so bad i did add my own little vermont sticker next

To the indiana one and back here i made a little spotify code i’m not sure if that’ll work on your phones but if you scan it with spotify it plays fat bottom girls so that’s kind of awesome i don’t really know what else to say about it except for it’s awesome i love it i’ve gotten a lot more confident on it let’s go for a ride i guess okay it looks like maybe

We’re recording let’s see which way should we go let’s go this way just gonna go for a little ride around my town huge bug just hit me in the helmet all right i live in vermont so every town is a farm town so we’ll probably see rolling acres of corn and soybeans and whatever my buddy’s dad used to own this farm uh somebody knew about it turned it into

A butcher shop there’s all their little cows actually they’re pretty big cows most of them some of them are little state speed limit in vermont is 50 and i have a hard time going that fast but i’m gonna try because there’s someone behind me so hopefully this is actually recording my voice here um i’ve tried to take this video like three or four times now and

There’s always been something wrong the first time i just forgot to plug it in at all second time i thought i had everything hooked up but there was no sound so hopefully this time it’s all working if not then i’m just going to send in a silent video you guys can uh make it like an old silent movie play some ragtime piano music interspersed with some words like

She’s a horrible motorcycle rider i’m not that bad anymore still not great though getting the hang of it it’s nice to get out and enjoy one of the final nice weather days we’re probably to have winter is definitely coming soon we’ve only got maybe four or five good months of good writing weather here in vermont um we’ve got about six months of winter a couple

Months of mud season so really try to take advantage of days like this when i can we’re gonna go on a little loop i think um i live on a dirt road it’s about six miles long we just came off of one end of it i’m gonna go on to the other end of it and all the way down so you guys can see my whole road it’s very pretty and very gravelly which is a little sketchy

Sometimes but i just take it slow and it’s not too bad smell the wildflowers i noticed on the videos that janice has been posting there’s a lot of straight roads in indiana i’m not sure there’s any straight roads in vermont they’re all pretty curvy and up and down and all over the place but that makes for a fun ride all right this is my road we’ll be turning

On to here in front of this motorcycle who is also turning onto my road i have the right-of-way a little bumpy a little gravelly i’ve already seen some of the leaves have started to change color it’s got a couple of red and orange ones in our driveway which is really sad autumn is beautiful but man summer is just too short this little farm up here usually has

Some really cute little baby cows oh there’s one sticking a little head out right now hey buddy oh and if we had smell-o-vision you could smell the pigs be thankful you don’t have smell-o-vision a little sketchy riding on the gravel sometimes especially right after they grade the road or put down fresh gravel but most of the time it’s not too bad in mud season

It’s completely impassable for a motorcycle it’s hard to drive a car down this road without it getting stuck in the springtime this part of the road right up ahead is my favorite part the trees all come across and make kind of a tree tunnel it’s just so pretty you got your classic vermont maple sugar farm over here the stone wall it’s very pretty so i think

We’ll go all the way to the end of the road and then maybe down into the little town i live in a very small town we don’t even have a stoplight we just have a town hall and a library and a general store that’s pretty much it a lot of dirt roads so all right now oh there’s a chipmunk now we’re gonna go down the hill it’s a really steep hill up here hence

The name osgood hill road as long as there’s not new the washboarding on it we should be fine pretty sure i saw an alien over in those woods one time so go nice and slow nobody’s coming up the hill that’s good so so so so this is where i started my little video totally paused all right just gonna go up here around the little town square and my ride there

I guess some interesting yard art for you oh there’s another piece of interesting yard art in westford i don’t think i want to drive all the way to it right now but there’s a man who was trying to expand his business like the footprint of the building and the town zoning board or the drb or something wouldn’t let him do it so he commissioned someone to carve

A gigantic wooden middle finger that he placed up on like a 20-foot pole in his front yard it’s huge and hilarious and then the town tried to make him take that down and he said he was going to but that was a couple years ago and it’s still there apparently kid rock found out about the middle finger and had one commission for himself so now there’s two of them

One in westburg and one at kid rock’s house wherever that is um so this is my little town i’m in the wrong gear there we go we have a little country store good place to get creamies watch out for this lady in her car i guess i’ll just go this way um yeah beanies do you know what a creamy is it’s basically soft serve ice cream with a higher fat content one of

The best things about summertime in vermont so yeah that’s it this is my town that was my ride thanks for watching bye you

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Halcyon 250 Motorcycle ride through Vermont By Janus Motorcycles