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HALLOWEEN MISCHIEF – Cute & Funny Wiener Dogs Go Trick or Treating!

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Guys come look at this they just got free treats from a stranger wow it’s halloween it’s just kids trick-or-treating whoa i want to go yeah i’m too old for that hey crew why don’t you take your little sister trick-or-treating i know a good spot come on i’ll drive you guys yes uh all right i’m so excited oh what should my costume be all right well

Have fun guys i’ll pick you up in a little bit okay this is more of a human thing so i don’t know how many houses will give out dog cookies but let’s see oakley why did you wear a poop costume what no this is a chocolate ice cream costume um use definitely looks like a pile of doo doo shoot well that’s what i get for not reading the description anyway come on

Oh doggies how cute they don’t bite do you no yes give us all your cookies yeah make it quick we got a lot of houses to knock up and guys we gotta say trick or treat sorry i only have human candy oh man are you sure because i will bite thanks anyway i kind of figured this would happen well i guess we’ll go home this is big fat bologna hold on excuse me

Small humans have you observed any homes giving out treats of the canine kind uh i think that helps over there hatsune well thank you kindly strangers no problem good luck oh three little doggies trick-or-treat oh i have something for you guys oh just one inch huh no more thanks thank you mom bye now happy halloweeny well i guess that’s it it took me an

Hour to get into costume and for what one cookie yeah this is a load of crap wait a minute i got an idea we do a stealth no it’s easier than that we’ll just keep changing costumes and keep going to the same house oh brilliant yes oh my more doggies let’s see what do we have here an ambulance a police car and a fire truck how adorable tanks hmm quite

The coincidence well here you go it worked sure did let’s do it again hold on did you see the way that dog was looking at us he suspects us so i think we need to go big or go home i choose go big let’s put on our scariest most horrifying costumes we have so scary that she may just faint from fear and then we’ll just take all the cookies now we’re

Talking i have just the costume in mind i am jason i have been soldered and i am a fishy oakley what the heck we’re doing scary this time well in fact a certain percent of the population does have a severe phobia of fishes and open water so there’s a chance this costume may trigger a severe phobic reaction oh bowie get it billy good one daph so oakley i

Guess we could say you’re a trigger fish huh no for your information i’m a clown fish indeed anyway let’s go try this trick or treat oh three little doggies again trick-or-treat or something stinks here and it’s not my butt this time all right i know it’s you three again i’ll give you guys one more but then i have to save some for the other dogs in the

Neighborhood okay thanks bye now happy halloweeny let’s do it again nah it’s over she’s on to us yeah he’s right doesn’t matter what we dress up as she’s going to recognize three small dogs that’s it what if it wasn’t three dogs at her door huh three-person stilts oakley you take the base daphne you the middle and i’ll take the top oh why do i gotta be

The bottom heaviest at the bottom it’s just physics so then why can’t i be the top uh well because it was my idea now come on all right you guys ready just make sure you savor me a cookie wait a minute guys i think i’m the wrong way too late let’s go i’ma cover you guys with the jacket now oh please quit moving around we’ll trim your toenails oh josh she’s

Coming oh hello there so many dogs tonight but you’re a big one and all by yourself what are you supposed to be uh tell him you’re the flasher inspector gadget you’re definitely tall enough what breed are you doberman oh well let me get you a cookie could you perhaps give me a couple extras i have two siblings who couldn’t come trick-or-treating tonight oh

Sure where would you like the extras if you could put one in my jacket and one down my pants please the back of our pants the back uh the back of my pants please uh okay oh oh my there’s another one in there wait a minute it’s you three again isn’t it i appreciate the effort but that’s enough guys i’m not a factory here you’re going to have to move on now

Uh all right all right well i guess i’ll call dad to pick us up no we always follow your ideas but this time i have an idea oh dear it’s time to go trick or stealing the proper semantic would be steal or treating zip it buster now listen up chryso youth will do the distraction take my squirrel or toy in the window to make their dog barks meanwhile i will go in

Through the back windows to do the steals oakley you will keep watching for me roger rabbit this is a bad idea okay let’s go it’s ninja time oh what’s the matter okay catch we got it wow you did it let’s go hello no i’m on my way get in guys you have some explaining to do it was daphne’s idea but i should have known better yes you should

Have and daphne what did i tell you about stealing i know i know well i’m taking you guys back there and you’re gonna give all the cookies you stole back okay um perhaps an apology would suffice oakley you aided them all thanks for watching please like subscribe or tell us your favorite moment in the comments and don’t forget our 2022 calendars are now

Available over here pick yours up today links in the description okay bye now happy halloweeny that was really bad let’s go we’re having fun

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HALLOWEEN MISCHIEF – Cute & Funny Wiener Dogs Go Trick or Treating! By Crusoe the Dachshund