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HANDY SAM 1200 Motorcycle Lift – Review and Operation

This video shows the Handy 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Hello people of youtube hope everyone’s doing well um i just want to come on here and give you guys my sort of review on the handy uh to call it a sam 1200 motorcycle atv lift um as you can see it’s in my garage and we’re going to be lifting up uh those two bikes at some point as well as you know this golf cart and probably my daughter’s gonna want to put

It on here because i’m gonna have that on there eventually but um anywho um so this thing took roughly seven weeks to get it i think that’s just because we’ve got this through mile x equipment in ohio and from what they’re telling me they can’t build these fast enough in iowa this lift is completely from what they told me from the research i’ve done it’s 100

American-made american steel american hardware um that’s what i was told um i have done some modifications to it since i’ve had it i’ve had about two weeks now i guess the first time i drove my street glide up on this uh without having this grip tape it was pretty slippery because some of the chinese lifts are using diamond plate it’s like a i call it a fake

Diamond plate because it’s so thin uh it’s it’s it’s just for the look from what i can gather but this lift um it’s pretty smooth and you can see the reflection uh it’s it’s it’s pretty smooth like ice so the first time i came up on this thing with my even dry feet um it was pretty i wouldn’t say slippery but it got me a little alarmed that it was going to be um

If it was wet it probably slipped so i got from amazon uh six inches wide by roughly uh i think it was 45 feet long grip tape and um i did it in like 60 inch sections and i did the ramps so let’s get back to the lift quick um when you buy this lift standard you don’t get the side extensions that’s an option you also won’t get the wheel lock or the wheel um yeah

The wheel lock that’s also an option so all you want to disk lift uh i wanted the lift and i ordered the side extensions which when you order the side extensions you automatically get the ramps on the rear um and i ordered the wheel lock um i’ve seen other reviews where guys are using pretty small compressors to power this thing i was looking for a compressor

To put in this garage uh small one like everyone else was using but went on one night around 10 o’clock just before bed and i came across this compressor which was on clearance for a hundred it ended up being 167 dollars so um it’s a 60 gallon 220 volt 2 cylinder obviously i ran the lines up over the garage door and i ran into a hose reel and then

It goes right to the to the pedal um yeah i tried buying more of these compressors my buddies but uh they were out i got like the last one and uh when i thought it was going to be like you know a display model or a uh you know damaged something a dent scratch whatever but no this thing was it was brand new in the box brand new in the box so all right so getting

Back to the lift um the advertised specs on this lift they say it lifts 1200 pounds this lift also goes to a height of 39 inches which is pretty tall for a uh for a motorcycle lift the other unique thing about this lift um if you haven’t done any research on youtube or um online is that uh it uses airbags to lift it there’s no actual cylinder and i’ll show you

That in a second when i lift it so it uses airbags which i think is kind of decent technology because there’s not many moving parts when you’re lifting not much to break i call the manufacturer on the airbags and they i asked them you know if there was like a rating for explosion and they said uh there is none they’ve never had one explode from what i’ve also

Heard and read is that this machine was tested to 30 000 cycles on the airbags and no no failures so i’m pretty confident from what i’m hearing and reading and talking to the actual manufacturer that those airbags should hold up for a lifetime as far as i’m concerned i’m 52 years old so i’ll show that with me hopefully not for who knows you never know what could

Happen life right so um let’s give this thing a lift i’ll show you how this thing uh goes so it’s got the pedal up and down um still haven’t figured out yet so those are the that sound you heard was the lock locks going up um on the way up let it down just to put it on the left so now we’re on the locks so as you can tell those are the airbags right there um

All these items of all greasable fittings on everything there you made in the usa sticker the top table top is 12 gauge steel everything here is powder coated as far as the bracing goes so again this lift should outlast me there’s your lock there’s your locking system it’s just a little bit of a tour of the underneath the welds look all good nice construction

Nice material you can tell how thick that material is a little side note on this thing why i’m showing you guys this when this thing comes in the crate or i should say box crate skid whatever you want to call it it does come upside down so good thing i had two friends here to help with the uh unboxing and flipping of it um and then to back the actual assembly is

Next to nothing because it’s already assembled um other than obviously putting on the side extensions which are in another box and obviously this wheel clamp is in another box uh as far as the wheel clamp goes um the real confusion because i i thought there was some kind of foam that went on these and actually there wasn’t so i went back to amazon and i bought a

Rubber sheet and i uh just glued it today actually so when this glue finally cures maybe tomorrow i’m going to trim off all this you know excess glue and stuff with a razor and make it look nice um obviously you know this is what this is what you turn it it just turns that thing in um so again when you get it it’s it’s upside down you got to flip it over you

Have to install obviously your airline with some you know tape and stuff getting back to the air requirements they say you need i think 90 to 100 psi i don’t really know um how many gal how many um cfm you need but i’m guessing any compressor 20 15 12 gallon should have enough cfm to uh power this thing so um i’m going to try to put my streak glide on this

And then show you how it operates with 800 i think this bike is like 840 pounds or 835 or 855 one of them numbers so i’m going to um pause this video i’m going to go up and down a few more times with this show you how it works and then put the bike on it and then i’ll get back to the video and show you how it lifts with some weight on it but so to release this

Thing um you have to go back up again and then you can go underneath this here’s your lock right here unlock it it was going pretty slow that’s okay we don’t want to drop them down and from what i understand also um when you put my street glide um up on this lift i have no problem with clearance on that hump where the ramp meets the table um they claim i think

Like five-eighths or three-quarters of an inch clearance when you’re going up so and i can testify affirmatively that uh i have no rubbing zero when i go up uh when i drive up this ramp there’s no um no rubbing no hitting or nothing so that’s good i was concerned about that i think that’s also accomplished with the um with the 30 inch extension ramps i think if

There was a 20 inch i think most of those uh chinese lifts have a 20 or 22 inch you would have a problem with um i think you definitely have a problem with clearance um this table is also eight inches off the ground when it’s uh closed all the way when it’s down closed um some of the other lifts are six seven inches but i think that’s because of the quality

Of steel that’s used the thickness of the steel um adds to the height i haven’t tripped on it yet walking around here you know walking i don’t foresee myself tripping i know it’s here when the bike is on it you definitely know the tables here um so i’m going to pause this real quick throw the bike up on here and then lift it with you guys can see how it lifts

Be right back okay we’re back with the bike on the lift um i know it’s not strapped down because i don’t plan on keeping it on the lift overnight but just for um demonstration purposes i just want to lift this thing to show you guys how it lifts with the uh weight on the table uh another side note i forgot to mention before was uh this thing when it comes by

Common carrier weighs in at about 550 pounds i remember it being so um it’s a it’s it’s a it’s a pretty heavy pretty box um i know when i got at home in my pickup truck i was i unloaded the obviously side extensions and the uh wheel lock i took all stuff out of it before but even with that stuff removed from the pallet it still was probably around 450 pounds or

So with that stuff missing so um let me show you how this thing lifts with it on it and that all that good stuff so right there we’re full height let me engage the lock put it down now we’re on the lock so this is the bike on the lift um as you can tell i mean it’s you’re pretty i mean everything is like right here i’m i’m 5 10 5 11 or so so everything for me

Um it’s gonna work out perfectly for me to uh change spark plugs or change the oil or do just cleaning this thing is this thing is dirty i haven’t cleaned it end of last season so i got to clean this thing it’s a disgrace it’s brand new um the other thing i forgot to mention before was that this lift also has the removable um plate steel here so if you jack up

The motorcycle you can actually remove the rear wheel because this comes out so you can jack up the bike take out that piece of steel and then you can drop your rear wheel if you’re gonna change the tire or whatever reason you haven’t taken a wheel off um i don’t plan on doing that i kind of have my dealer at some point change the tires if ever need be but it’s

Just nice to have um and then on the way back down again let me try in a second let me do a little walk around with you guys looks it’s pretty it’s you know it’s pretty high up there so obviously now to let this thing down um you have to uh go back up to uh engage the lock release it and then come back down it’s pretty smooth go back up again and back down

Again that’s the end of that so as you can tell um this is going to be perfect for my use um it’s going to be perfect for this bike’s use the spikes a little bit lighter this one is probably you know 700 pounds or so 750 or maybe it’s six 650 i don’t really remember teddy for a while glide i’ll tell you that it’s wide let me have a white it’s heavy um but

This is even heavier this is the heavier of the two that’s for sure without a doubt one million percent so um i guess if you have any comments or questions i’ll do my best to answer them um also i don’t work for handy this i don’t get paid by them i’m not endorsed by them this was paid uh 100 on me um i just know that when i was doing research on this lift um

The handy 1200 sam or sam 1200 however you want to call it there were some videos on this but they were from like two years ago so i know they changed some colors with the ramps and stuff this thing used to be all gray and i was surprised when they came black which i’m happy with the black i really enjoy uh the black holes is fine for me as you can tell all my

Crap is black you know this this so um yeah yeah any questions comments criticisms or whatever um leave them in the comments section i’ll do my best to answer it uh and that’s it so everyone have a great rest of your day

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HANDY SAM 1200 Motorcycle Lift – Review and Operation By Steven Walter