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Harbor Freight Front Wheel Chock and lessons learned

Firstly, I left a bunch of things in the video that I recorded in the #ArtMines studio before actually trying it out on the street because it was a learning experience, so humor me.

I’m broadcasting live from the art mines and i am here on the floor for two reasons one my work table is an unusable disaster um i have a whole lot of crap and know where to put any of it as the renovation project goes underway that doesn’t mean i’ve stopped doing motorcycle things or things here in the shop and two i wanted to show you my brand new pittsburgh

On wheel chalk for the front wheel truck for the motorcycle this was 79 from harbor freight pretty good deal um it’s made out of pretty solid metal can hold up to 1800 pounds and just remember even my uh beautiful valkyrie which is like 750 pounds that’s the whole thing so if you’re rolling on one wheel you’re really not going to be rolling on all 750 pounds

Of that the weight may not be evenly distributed between front and back but you’re not putting the whole thing onto one point so don’t worry about weight too much i’m not going to do a traditional unboxing and assembly video because frankly there’s not really a lot to see uh this cross support piece here comes with the tie down points and the little rubbery feet

Already put in place um there’s two bolts with two lock nuts right there um the cradle and the uh i guess the two parts to it the fixed cradle and the pivoting cradle um they have these repositionable rods there and um that’s really about it something to keep in mind two things to keep in mind when you get this if you don’t know how to use it you basically

Roll your motorcycle in here the front wheel sits into this cradle picks it up slightly and drops it forward resting it in this space here i haven’t measured which fitting which position this is the adjustable one this one just pivots back and forth where it is i haven’t measured uh where this will go and it may be a little bit of trial and error once i do that

I will put the appropriate positioning in the link below just so you know in the description below um so but yeah something to keep in mind you see me touching this there’s a little bit of a space here so this cradle can move back and forth just a little bit you can resolve that by stacking in some washers and these these pins come out which is held in by uh

These rods come out right there just held in by cotter pins and washers really nothing to it and that’s what what makes this design so great is there is nothing to it put the washer on put the pin back and you’re good to go but this may let your wheel shift just a little bit so you might want to think about um looks like you’ve got maybe a quarter inch maybe

An eighth when this is centered on either side about stacking in some washers once you get this position right and same with this this one can slide around a little bit but i might leave this one because this is supposed to pivot where it is so that’s one thing to keep in mind another thing to keep in mind is that and i’ve seen other people comment on this their

Reviews of this and again i haven’t used this yet so you’ll see that when i do the spring maintenance video or the spring writing check video is that when you’re rolling your motorcycle on and the wheel pivots i’ve dust i’ve seen that a lot of people comment that this slides uh you’re supposed to use this on a smooth surface so if you’re using this on your

Wooden pole dancing floor or on a smooth you know concrete of your garage you might run into a little bit of a sliding issue i thought of two ways to to solve that one way that other people have mentioned is putting this up against a wall up against a physical hard stop or putting it on forward or something i’m going to keep it away from the wall a little bit

So that this can’t move forward another thing that would work is if you and this has a couple of uh bolt holes here and you can i’m sure you can come up with something pretty easily putting this on a piece of plywood so that when you roll your front wheel into this the back wheel is on the plywood and that will sort of pin it in place and keep this from sliding

Forward that is certainly one option but then you’re stuck with this mounted to a piece of plywood another option uh and uh pittsburgh tools you can have this one for free call me i would love to come design stuff for you is that these little rubber feet that come with it they are threaded in um metric 10 m10 by 1.5 get out give it to me this has a good bit

Of weight to it um but they’re threaded in metric metric 10 metric 10 by 1.5 so i went to my favorite local hardware store and i bought some uh m10 by 1.5 uh thread pitch bolts cut off the threaded portion to the same height let’s take to the same height as this and then just ground them down to a bit of a point um and these are just just hand tightened really

Make your own joke about finding the hole but they’re just hand tightened in here and one here this went so well in rehearsal but then these spikes essentially will act very similar to the spikes on tripods to clean the cleats on you know like running shoes things like that and stick in provide a much uh sharper point literally to keep this from sliding forward

As much something to keep in mind if you’re using this you know a homemade custom points idea if you’re using it on like asphalt or something like that which you’ll see me do when i work on the valkyrie a little bit no problem if you’re using them on your wooden floor or your smooth uh smooth studio concrete these things will probably gouge the floor so if you’re

Okay with that you’re okay with that but don’t get mad at me when you discover that trying this yourself but that’s what i did for not tightening that down but to be honest i’ve needed something like this for a while to keep the valkyrie and any other bike i get upright i still use a trackside stand still use the jack when i need to lift things up a little bit

But just to kind of hold it in place to do basic stuff um i’ve needed one of these and will probably make your life easier too so this didn’t quite go as planned i tried to film the actual rolling on to the wheel and uh didn’t quite work at all so let me just edit in some stuff here and show you my experience go so this is not working at all and i am really

Grumpy about it these pads are just hard plastic they slide here uh tried doing the um those metal spikes and those nicely gouged up the asphalt but didn’t didn’t hold it at all so i’m gonna try another trick that i saw somewhere else on youtube and uh i don’t know how well you can see but this is all all just gouged torn up this little bit is just chewed

Up um yeah maybe uh you get what you pay for i’m gonna try one more thing before i call harbor freight and say your stuff is garbage um somebody suggested taking some matte some rubbery kind of foamy mat and sticking it on there on the bottom i’ve got uh i’ve got a bit so figure i’ll just take it right here some spray adhesive see what happens i am pissed

If this doesn’t work i’m going to end up taking it back just say your stuff garbage ah so that’s a nice solid feel i like that i’m using this all the way forward i guess i should look up the specs on wheel size and tire diameter just to give you kind of a heads up of what setting might work best for your front size vehicle or your front size wheel oh yeah

Anyway here you go that’s the wheel stand recommend some sort of squishy rubber foam mat thing under it to really grip the ground and keep it from moving forward because spikes won’t work and these plastic feet are pretty garbage so bolt it to some plywood put it up against the wall whatever works best for you but yeah you get what you pay for so anyway i wanted

To share this with you i hope you are safe and well fed wherever you are i wish you more so yeah that’s it for me see you out on the road

Transcribed from video
Harbor Freight Front Wheel Chock and lessons learned By Bobcat Arts