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What is up guys welcome back me and the old eli man here in the garage he’s currently measuring everything for some reason what you got there boy no like what what does that measure what’s the measurement how far is that 81. 81 inches 31 inches all right i listened to everybody’s complaints about me needing a motorcycle jack for working on all the bikes

And stuff so that’s what we went out and did finally got us a motorcycle jack i said went out to harbor freight and picked up one of their little atv motorcycle jacks they have should be plenty enough to pick up old bessie there it’s got your foot pedal here so you can steady the bike and still jack it up at the same time and it’s got your locks here which i

Do like that you get your three position lock you always want to set it back down these little on the locks because you don’t know if this thing’s gonna leak down over time and your bike might fall off so and it has the tie down points here and over there and i didn’t really see any on the front oh it’s underneath these little pads there’s tie downs on this

Side too i do like to use the tie downs whenever i’m i borrowed my buddies he has the exact same one and i like it it makes it super easy to tie your bike down to it and when you do get it where you want it it’s got these little things here you can turn down and it kind of locks the thing from rolling it’ll pick up the back wheels to uh make it more steady

There’s not even one thing let me take you down there thanks man all right you see that worked out so much better than having to have two people and a floor jack and some sketchy jack stands i won’t leave it like this i will put uh a ratchet strap on both sides of the handlebar just to keep it just a little extra insurance because i don’t feel like dropping

This bike that was a needed upgrade by like several years i’ve said about that thing a long time ago but i actually had buddies i could borrow them from but just having to go get them and bring them back and just that way we don’t do it again we don’t have to do that anymore we got our own so uh i’m gonna end this video here actually i’ll show you jacking up

Bessie here because i’m about to take the towers off and do the brakes because we got a trip coming up and i want to put new brake pads on it um so that’ll be its own video after this video comes out appreciate you guys watching if you have any questions or comments leave them down below the jack will be linked down below as well i think right now they’re like

129 harbor freight thanks for watching guys like i said stay tuned for the break video and oh um transmission and primary oil change i did the main case oil change but there will be a video for the primary and the transmission because uh we’re gonna change those two probably today so stay tuned for those videos again thanks for watching we will see you in the next video

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