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Harbor Freight Pittsburgh 1800lb Motorcycle Stand / Wheel Chock

Unboxing … Putting it together and Adjusting it for the motorcycle

Hi and welcome to the channel today i picked up a little goodie down at harbor freight this is the pittsburgh motorcycle stand and wheel chuck says it’s rated for 1800 pounds i have a honda cb650 it is a 1979 uh and it is nowhere near 1800 pounds so this thing should be all i need let’s uh get out a knife and open this thing up and see what’s in the box okay

We have our knife so we’re going to cut these straps off dispose of these i miss my real trash can now i’ve got this little cheek thing down here and it’s not too good all right let’s lay it over see what’s in the box and there’s tape so we need the knife again so it’s strapped and taped now it should open so the first thing we see i guess is the bottom

Frame much heavier than i thought it would be a piece of cardboard styrofoam directions this looks like the support for the front bag of hardware looks like the wheel chuck part see what this is looks like something for carter pens and there’s another one so two of these guys yep try to get the upright piece out it’s actually a lot heavier gauge steel than

I expected actually looks pretty deep nothing down there so that looks like that’s it well this looks like this is going to be really easy all right let’s open up the directions here and see what it says that looks pretty self-explanatory so i was correct it looks like this piece does go on the front we’re not going to worry about scratching it because i’m

Sure it’s going to get scratched whatever happened to that washer that just fell in the floor there it is these nuts you have now on on the end there’s no need for a lock washer with a nylon those holes seem to be drilled and aligned properly and if you do it here that’s super dog upstairs i am going to guess 17. i’m going to need another 17. what’s up

So there we go now it looks like the thing this piece goes front here and then this goes through for your adjustment let’s just kind of see yeah this one goes here now something i do see there’s a lot of a lot of play back and forth there may need to run down grab some bushings that looks like carter can washer cutter pin and it rolls over just like that

We’re gonna string it in the second hole i’m gonna try that and then we’ll go out and put it on the bike pull the bike up on it and see if we need to make some adjustments because i’m pretty sure we will have to this is just kind of guessing at this point and it is together let’s take it outside and see how the motorcycle works on and with the magic of video

Editing we’re now outside so we’re gonna push the bike up one here and see how it works so looking at it it doesn’t look that bad in that position but just for giggles let’s move it back one just to see how that affects it just move it back one space washer rubber pin again all right one hole forward from the previous setting now i can obviously see that

Now there’s a little bit of the tire is still on the frame but i’ll be honest with you i believe the second hole back from the front is the better position so let’s take it off and try it again all right let’s try it again it’s pretty stable i feel much more confident now putting the bike in this doing oil changes and some other routine maintenance that i do

On the bike anyway i hope you liked this video if you did you can hit the like button if you’re new to the channel and you’re not a subscriber i would appreciate it any comments that helps the youtube algorithm push the video out anyway have a great day and god bless

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Harbor Freight Pittsburgh 1800lb Motorcycle Stand / Wheel Chock By Sean Wynkoop