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Harbor Freight Rear Motorcycle Swingarm Stand

My review of the 1000 Lb. Capacity Motorcycle Swingarm Rear Stand from Harbor Freight.

What’s going on everybody today we have this whole master 1000 pound capacity rear swing arm stand for your motorcycle it’s from harbor freight and it cost me 32 and um 99 cents i wasn’t able to get a coupon for the day for some reason but you know what 32 dollars for a rear motorcycle stand it’s good enough for me right so this is how it’s gonna come here are

The little um pegs that go on your swing arm and your motorcycle swing arm and yeah this is what it looks like when it comes from harbor freight and in about a second here we’ll be assembling it all right once you get all that stuff out of your harbor freight motorcycle stand you will find that you have these two pegs and the way to install them all you have to

Do is pull this one back and you’ll notice that there are two slots for it don’t forget to loosen your um little locking knobs put that in there i’m not sure what the distance of my swing arms are yet so i’m not going to tighten that up yet i will get them there are little imperfections on the metal that’s why there’s these things that um stop it from going

In but if you ever happen to encounter those you just push it through it’ll go in okay so moment of truth here we’re gonna find out if the harbor freight is capable of handling my 2020 yamaha mt03 at this step you want to make sure that your spring arms are lined up with the pegs kind of make sure that they’re not locking knobs are pretty snug in there and

For me it looks like lined up have it in this position and then just slowly lift it up i’ll go a little bit forward now that i’ve got it forward i see over here that i am not 100 lined up so what we want to do is just give it a little force try to um hang on to your bike as well and make sure all right make sure that you are going to be landing on those pegs

Your swing arms are going to land on those pegs a little help if there was two people and just like that there she goes well alright guys there you go um that’s the harbor freight 1000 capacity hall master rear motorcycle swing arm stand and i can’t get over how much of a mouthful that was you know but it is what it is it to me it seems like it’s a really

Great quality now you can do some uh work on our motorcycle like do to change oil change or um do some chain maintenance on the bike i’m pretty happy with the purchase it’s less than 40 bucks how can you make a mistake um one thing about it though make sure that you are checking those locking knobs at the end make sure that they’re pretty uh tight just in case

So that they won’t go anywhere um yeah i highly recommend this product link should be in the description below and i believe harbor freight only does in-store purchase i don’t think you’re able to buy this online you have to go to the store itself all right guys i’ll see you later don’t forget this is my first video by the way um if you guys could just hit that

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Harbor Freight Rear Motorcycle Swingarm Stand By MotoGenshin