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Hasbro Marvel Legends Punisher with Motorcycle Marvel Riders Action Figure Vehicle Review Comparison

Action figure & vehicle review & comparison of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Riders Punisher with motorcycle. Detailed look at accessories, height, & articulation. Compared with many other motorcycles. Compared with many other action figures from different various companies.

I can’t wait to show you my toys hey everybody this is d hunter bringing another action figure review today we’re gonna be looking at the hasbro marvel legends the punisher and motorcycle set now i got my figure from for retail but i have seen him in a couple various targets over the past couple months so let’s go and check out the packaging here

As you can see at the top marvel legends got the punisher logo and here he is in the package he comes with a shotgun a couple machine guns helmet alternate head he’s got a sword a machete a basal bat and most importantly the motorcycle marvel’s the punisher ages 4 plus by hasbro on the bottom there is a bunch of credits as well as a barcode in case that helps

Anybody one side of the package got the punisher on the bike other side exact same thing and then in the back here’s punisher right in the bike and then here’s a few other images so no further ado let’s open him up all right now that we got this figure out of the package here he is with all of his accessories laid out he does come with an alternate head totally

Two different heads he has a helmet he has two machine guns a shotgun a machete a basal bat and most importantly his motorcycle so in this video we’ll take a look at the figure his accessories his height his articulation and of course an in-depth look at the motorcycle and compare it to a bunch of other figures and motorcycles my collection so let’s start off

By looking at the figure and his accessories and we’ll check on the motorcycle after that so here’s the punisher aka frank castle he comes with a bunch of weapons an alternate head and a helmet but before we look at those let’s check out the actual figure so here he is with his damaged head it looks great got bandages on his cheek his eyebrow his nose and his

Forehead i really like that alternate head here moving further down he’s got his signature white skull on his black t-shirt looks like double jointed elbows double jointed knees one of the first things i noticed when handling this figure the skin tone on his shoulders does not match his arms that is really stupid and really frustrating beyond that he looks

Pretty good got some straps on his shoulders got some extra attachments on his legs he’s kind of basic but i do like him the gloves look good but the big catch here is the motorcycle but we’ll check that out after we look at him and his accessories and then here’s the figure broken down as far as he can go with all his removable parts detached now let’s check

Out his accessories and let’s start off with his heads so here’s his first head this is his damaged head i think it looks absolutely fantastic all those little bandages and cuts all over him definitely makes sense for the punisher he’s angry he’s got his teeth exposed and then here’s his standard head pretty much the same thing but before he got into the big

Fight and had to get all bandaged up one thing i do notice the head looks pretty good frank castle but his nose like flat looks like he’s been broken a bunch of times and that kind of makes sense for the punisher here’s his helmet it’s metal definitely resembles a viking helmet it’s got two big horns inside it’s got spikes all down the middle definitely looks

Intimidating here he is without the helmet on and then here with the helmet on now let’s look at his base so bad and his machete these are both pretty basic looking weapons very appropriate for the punisher but the basal bat has absolutely no sculpting detail and no paint detail whatsoever and then his machete you know blade looks okay handle’s pretty basic

There are mediocre accessories here he is holding his bat he can hold it with either one hand or two and here he is holding his machete now let’s look at his guns they look pretty good he’s got two machine guns and a shotgun first one here looks pretty good all black a little bit of different paint variety would really bring the sculpted detail on this thing

Smaller smg also solid black then we’ve got a shotgun it’s got a mixture of some wooden pieces and some black it’s a double barrel here he is holding the first machine gun and then holding a second smaller machine gun and here he is holding a shotgun on all three of these guns his trigger figure fits into the trigger area just fine on a shotgun i’d use the

Hinge on his wrist to kind of push his wrist down a little bit so he’d be able to hold it straight and of course if you want him to he could definitely hold two guns at the same time now let’s check out the motorcycle it’s got some removable handlebars let’s get those attached here’s the motorcycle with the handlebars attached this bike is predominantly black

Which is very fitting for the punisher i do think it’s the same mold as the wolverine bike but we will check that out later in the video so you can see it’s got the exhaust pipes the back here it has the pegs for the satchels that wolverine spike came with but this doesn’t come with any so it just looks kind of bad back there got some brake lights got the seat

The front can rotate both the wheels move independently and then it’s got a kickstand at the bottom that you can retract or pull up and that will keep your bike looking good and stable on the handlebars here a little punisher logo on the speedometer and then his license plate here it says punish 616 pretty cool little effect here’s frank castle leona’s motorcycle

Thinking about what he’s going to do next here he is riding on the motorcycle he’s able to grip the handlebars keep his butt in the seat and have his feet on the pedal overall it looks pretty good here’s frank castle getting geared up and ready to go in his armory here he is driving his bike through the city streets and here’s the punisher taking the law into

His own hands here’s the punisher dragging a couple thugs through the city streets and here he is having a drink at the bar after a successful night of punishing criminals now that we’ve taken a pretty good look at both the figure his accessories and the motorcycle now let’s check out his height from bottom to top he’s sitting at about 6.6 inches tall which

Is going to translate to a hair under 17 centimeters and now let’s check the measurements of the motorcycle so it’s about nine inches long and then from bottom to about here about 4.25 inches tall now let’s check out his articulation start with his head here of course you can rotate from side to side you can look up that far and down that far very nice there

That’ll be good for some of his motorcycle poses shoulders on a ball joint i think about about this far a little disappointing there up down around all that good stuff he’s got a bicep cut below that double jointed elbows below that his wrist can rotate and it’s hinged as well he’s got ab crunch in his torso here traditional waist swivel legs on ball joints

They go about this far forward that far back pretty much not at all he’s got a thigh cut double jointed knees and his leg here it can go up and down and then it can tilt and rotate now check his motorcycle out compared to his other motorcycles in my activator collection just to show you what’s out there the main reason i got this punisher figure was for his

Black motorcycle i figure i can get a ton of different uses out of this thing here he is next to all the different marvel legends riders that i have we’ve got black widow in her motorcycle the punisher his motorcycle and that logan his motorcycle and yes i would say this punisher motorcycle is the same base as the logan motorcycle different handlebars no satchels

But everything else appears to be the same the front wheel the lights the engine and middle part everything seems to be the same except the handlebars and the removable parts and here it is next to some old toy biz marvel legends writers we’ve got logan with his motorcycle and blade with his here it is next what i believe is an older toy biz fox x-men movie

Wolverine and motorcycle and here it is there’s another hasbro figured motorcycle set this is a gi joe classified baroness and her motorcycle and here next to a couple of kenner motorcycles from batman forever then next to some diecast 112th scale motorcycles i found on ebay and here next to both the kenner and neca versions of the john connor dirt bike from

Terminator 2. then next to some more motorcycles from a company called meso and here next to some diecast 112 scale police motorcycles i got these things are pretty cheap on ebay and they work really well with the neca ultimate motorcycle cop and here it is this is some jack specific wrestling motorcycles these things are frankly bad here it is next wave mezco

112th collective judge dredd motorcycle the lawmaster and here with some dc collectibles batman the animated series bat cycles i got three of these so batman robin and nightwing could all have one then next is some bad pods from the dark knight trilogy i’ve got one from mattel one for mayfix and one from sh figure arts and here it is next a whole bunch of other

Batman related motorcycles and before we check them out compared with some other action figures i’ve seen a lot of people use this et van to customize into a punisher war van paint it black add a bunch of guns in there pretty cool idea then we’ve got this mattel jurassic park dennis nedry figure this guy could make a great microchip that’s sort of punisher’s

Tech guy and in fact he was played by the same actor in punisher warzone now let’s check them out compared to some action figures from different various companies to see how it fits in both scale and style wise in case you want to know which lines you can mix them with we’re also going to check out each of these lines from different companies which one fits on

The motorcycle here he is with some of his hasbro brothers in front of you are five different action figures all from hasbro marvel legends and of course these hasbro marvel figures can fit on the bike just fine as a part of the same action figure line then here he is next to some jazz worst fortnite figures and the jazz wars figure can fit on the bike pretty

Fine as well maybe just a hair too small for it and here he is next to some sh figure arts action figures they also fit on the bike pretty well now here he is with some apex figures they look pretty good on the bike as well then here he is nexus of mattel dc universe classics and multiverse figures they too fit on the spike just fine and here he is next to

Some mezco 112th cloth soft goods action figures and they also fit the bike pretty nicely then here he is next to some mattel wrestling figures and they continue to fit well on the bike and here he is next to some neca figures they also fit nicely on this bike then here he is next to some dc direct and dc collectibles figures and the dc direct figures fit on

There as well and here he is next to some mcfarlane toys and they might be just a hair too big for the bike but it’s definitely passable and finally here he is next to some dst or diamond select toys and just like before probably a hair too big for the bike but passable so overall this is a fantastic figure vehicle set and it makes perfect sense the punisher

With a motorcycle so i’ll tell you this guy’s accessories are excellent his weapons are fantastic i really like his alternate bandaged up head his articulation is everything you’d expect from marvel legend his sculpt is pretty nice it’s a good classic punisher with a signature white skull one thing that disappoints me about him is the fact that his skin tone

His arms doesn’t match his skin tone on his shoulders i find that pretty annoying i will tell you though the motorcycle is where it’s at that is a great part of this set it’s a black motorcycle i can use it for so many different things it can be for a civilian it can be for a thug or gangster just all kind of different uses for this thing i see myself getting

A ton of mileage out of this overall if i were to rate the set i would give it a very solid eight out of ten i saw us at target one day and passed on getting it and i was regretting that very happy to find out amazon for retail so is the hunter thank guys for watching this video if you like the video press like below if you have anything you want to say about

The video add it to the comment section if you want to see additional extra video reviews from me press subscribe i do appreciate when you do that once again this is d hunter thank you guys for watching this video and i will talk to you guys real soon

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Hasbro Marvel Legends Punisher with Motorcycle Marvel Riders Action Figure Vehicle Review Comparison By dHunter’s Reviews