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He Broke his Brand New 110 Pit Bike

He copped a pit bike & it broke a few times before we could really rip but we hit the trails & streets and whatever other random stuff.

Dude i’m actually not eating for a wee year after this this thing have an unlimited takeout oh i got a whole line behind me now i’m just chilling i can just tell they’re not feeling us i know they’re not budging they’re better about it they’re the non-budgers look at this place i know it just looks like it fifteen hundred big o fifteen hundred each that guy’s

On a little drugs two granny cash right here can’t do that because we already folded on them oh we did it i’ll go walk right back in there drop kick yeah we are don i’m not getting an ssi how were they all sold see you go pee box off on these guys i think this guy’s gonna get so pissed because i’m just relaxing yeah you like that old we’ve been to two places so

Far i forgot about that part we’re done hour and a half drive for no ssr now we’re going back to our literal town to get the same thing we just drove an hour and a half before yeah cheaper yeah i don’t know what we were thinking it’s our move hi do you guys have uh the 110 ssrs how much you got for those are 14.99 out the door you can’t get bikes right now man

They’re selling out nice all right thanks hell okay you got it no problem all right biggest waste of the day no one times just putting the money all back in what i didn’t cancel anything face we just drove around for like three hours four hours just not getting anything like five hours actually no progress oh my goodness i wasn’t going right back i gave these

Kids my number they’re just gonna keep calling me he’s gonna be so much what should i say hi i was just in for the uh 110 uh ssr but would you guys take 15 in cash for the 125 no no no shot all right thank you no shot okay i’ll be back for the one time later all right bye no shot he gave me but like why are these so much i don’t think i’m buying it now because

No shop i said i first go back out get that bad boy copped it take off your mask you’re outside anything bounce out yeah congratulations crazy nice to give you a holiday all right thank you yeah have a good one bang let’s go it’s so nice dirty it’s just that swaying just gave like a smirk with the gopro like weird did he yeah sure actually is about to fall back

There it is i see you guys it’s wobbly it is well that’ll even be sicker if it falls out and then you got to buy a new one for the video how about things stall did you let go i don’t know what the i did i think she’s beat bring it back let’s kick started again yeah oh stop i’m so confused yeah see you’re a neutral is it chain loose or something right i’m too

Stressed right now does it have a spark plug in it i feel like i took it out what’s that noise how’s it making those noises oh nice i don’t know how this thing i put it down i put it all the way down and you were like no you got to put it up or you no you said don’t touch that you said don’t touch that so i said don’t touch that so i put it back where it was

It wasn’t off though it was worth it now we might be good even though you probably choked it to dad logan choked it today that’s i think she’s done back to the shop dude i swear this isn’t even right either i think logan just started with the dude they just come in and start touching a bunch of did it come with a manual oh i had it right there in let’s

Get this kid on some jumps so ass nice bike you got here it’s like stuck whoa just chill with that logan well don’t get a srs whatever i might break this chain myself that’s just a guaranteed with these things dude what do you want me to do it out holy dude piece of ssi dude sweet product quality machine go all over go forward okay a little bit go forward

Okay chill no no you’re gonna be not that thing’s popping out so quick though yeah this is we need to oh yeah mike is it a breaker thing yeah no way that’s the back brake you haven’t been clicking that battery neutral more like oh yeah whoa dude jay in the back oh oh there’s a tree keep going back dude you’re going too far out of my wrist where do the so i

Take it right there all right and nice or do i go up two up towards prospect street dude i just can’t hit a rock that’s simply it that’s isn’t it yeah that’s really i should just crack the bone doing that i mean dude i was ripping it and then i came around the corner i said did it i’m gonna rip his bike down here run like look in there it just in

There you wrapped her up boys i know it’s too wrapped in there unless we want to try my special move yeah i’m going i’m going what’s your special move right kick it into gear and send it here comes cruising right what should we do just let jason walk it back himself and we can ride you still in freak cruise down it you’ll be fine what’s that hanging out the

Chain i thought it was like the oil thing oh you’re just leaking out honey i shouldn’t really be dragging that chain like that though probably not brand new look at him cruising down there oh so see a tough guy jason wait a second wait a second i don’t know you just gotta lean back and just hit it dude go in second just get it high revving and then just try

To whip it up don’t like get it get it up in the revs on second gear and then just rip it and then just let go and clock no don’t put the clutch at all and then you gotta get the revs up high i don’t know how we survived today honestly so chain’s good now though heavy pick this thing up is smart man jason rip it now it’s 12 o’clock that’s so hard so many

Petter dude i crashed it oh it’s the takeover he just now his bike dude i’m going to pick these kids up not pick them up but i’m going to meet him at the end of this road but while i’m doing that there’s like a whole dirt bike track right here see i don’t know the boys are gonna have to hit that no i’m just gonna be the weirder that turns around again i don’t

Know if they’ll beat me here or i’ll beat them ah here they are they beat me yeah dude well i i turned around dude there’s like a dirt bike track like right down there in someone’s yard yeah fly through it that’s a no that’s what i’m saying dude just fly through it yeah dude are you guys gonna hit the dirt bike track i don’t know i don’t know if i catch pit boy

Better oh nasty yeah there is one huge jump that you’re gonna have to bry flip off oh jason do you know how to do your helmet yet i don’t know so you put it through the two then you bring it back and put it through one tutorial from logan the kid without a visor come on i need a side shot of these kids pull over jason that’s the junkie you should honestly get

A beater that should be the next video where you guys going ah we got big dog right here anything in the mailbox nothing in the mailbox the whoa dude smokehouse the wings coming soon a little road action baby jump the river dude that’s the next stuff i just my car i actually just my car i didn’t realize i jumped the river all right logan didn’t make a

Face my bumper’s not up thank god did you hear that what was that oh i just jumped the river with my car yeah really i didn’t know the river was like over washed you’re hanging it though kinda i don’t know why you don’t go like into the field where it’s flat hey i’m not gonna have enough gas to make it back home right when we get dude i’m not getting

My bike taken because you ran out of gas we’re in the woods oh

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He Broke his Brand New 110 Pit Bike By WOAH Dudes