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Heavy Duty Bungee Cargo Net for my Truck Bed on Everyman Driver

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Just arrived the mail from amazon my first ever heavy duty cargo net for my f150 i got it on amazon because it had 4.9 stars out of 5 and 18 glowing positive reviews so say goodbye to that grungy old nasty tarp and hello cargo net with 16 carabiners today i’m gonna give you a demo as i unbox it or unzip it alright we’re looking at a 5 by 7 bungee cord net supposed

To stretch to ten by fourteen five by five inch mesh squares a quarter inch in diameter it looks like it and there’s the sixteen carabiners not for climbing no problem so there you go so now that i have it out let me stretch it out and we can see what it looks like on the ground as advertised looking good all right time to put it over the truck bed which i have a

Five foot bed here i’ve got some stuff in the back that i’m taking a goodwill and i need this to cover it up so it’s five seven so i’m gonna stretch it seven that way in five that way and i’m gonna have plenty of space left over i’m sure but i do go to the dump a lot and take some debris over there sometimes i have some garbage so this is gonna come in super handy

And it’s required maybe it’s required all over the country but you have to have your loads secured otherwise you can get 250 lr fine if you don’t have it all covered up so i’ve been using this really grungy green tarp this is gonna be a lot easier to hold things down i feel like i’m out on the ocean trying to get some catching fish super stretchy there you go this

Is probably not ideal but i just want to see what this how this works i’m gonna use two of them and here we go i’m trying not to scratch the paint i should probably go on the inside but what the hell well that was super easy barreling inconvenience and i have probably a dozen of my carabiners left i think i used two three four but just six of them and it really is

Pretty elastic i mean i have a lot more room especially i can go with height if i have some taller items to say i’m going i’m moving somebody and i have a i don’t address her in there or a bed this is gonna be great 5×7 stretching to ten by twelve i think i said actually stretches to ten by fourteen according to my notes i highly recommended um it’s a great little

Investment only cost about 50 bucks i think there’s a link in the description below if you want to get one i got off amazon and you got prime free shipping anyways thanks for watching have a good one adios

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Heavy Duty Bungee Cargo Net for my Truck Bed on Everyman Driver By Everyman Driver