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Heres How Thieves Are Using the New Apple AirTag to Track & Steal Your Car!

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This is an apple air tag and this is the newest piece of technology that car thieves are using to track down your car and steal it right out of your driveway so in this video we’re going to talk about these figure out exactly how they work what they’re being used for and then tell you how you can figure out if your car is being tracked by one of these so these were

Released in early 2021 by apple they cost thirty dollars or you can get a four pack for a hundred dollars so they’re very affordable it’s not like there’s a huge barrier to entry with the cost of these things so pretty much anybody can buy one of these and the way they work is they actually ping off of iphones so they’re not gps based they just run off of a little

Battery in here and anytime a modern iphone passes by it doesn’t need to be the owner of the air tag any iphone passes by it it will update its location and send that location to the owner of the air tag so this is my personal air tag it says r6 on it because this is the one i keep under the seat of my yamaha r6 to keep it safe but criminals are sticking these on

Cars that don’t belong to them they can track them and these things are just so small that they’re really hard for the owner to find and even know about so we have a brand new one right here that hasn’t been registered yet to any kind of account so i’m gonna have tommy register this one to his phone and then we’re gonna sneak it onto my car and see how long it takes

Me to notice so alex this right here is that little air tag we’re gonna set it up with my iphone now i’m going to be really curious to find out i’ll be tracking you as you kind of drive along i’m wondering if it’s going to send you a notification i’m hoping it will because otherwise you would literally have no idea that one of these is with you cars are huge this

Is tiny so like a hey you’re being tracked kind of deal yeah so we’ve got a brand new air tag here i’m gonna set it up to my phone so i can track alex as he drives along what should i name him custom name i’m gonna name it cd behavior this is actually really simple and you mentioned that these are actually produced by apple right yeah apple makes them they run

Off bluetooth there’s no gps or anything so anytime an iphone with bluetooth crosses by it’ll pick up the air tag and then what we can do is we can actually view their location in theory as they drive along using the app so go drive somewhere i’ll see if i can track you cool now alex is inside the office i told him to go hide while i secretly put the air tag on his

Vehicle got to look like a hooligan for this i suppose so i’ve just got some tape here i’m gonna place that there and then i think i’m gonna hide it underneath the front valance here all right so if i was a real thief i’ve got a lot of options i could do it down here in the bumper i think another common place would perhaps be up here in the wheel wells lots and

Lots of empty spaces to hide there certainly underneath just a little bit of double-sided tape would be all it would take to get that on there rear wheel well same thing and then in the back probably wouldn’t choose the exhaust point because that would get hot but certainly underneath the rear here that would be a great place to hide it all right so leaving the

Office for the day heading to my jeep and i know tommy hid one on here but i’d have no idea if i weren’t looking for anything so i’m just gonna get in the car start driving and see what happens all right alex is walking out to the car now that is an unsuspecting potential victim there you just get in this tag is tiny you can easily hide it someplace you would

Never expect just from getting into the car and let’s see if we can track him using my phone so we’re driving around downtown boulder right now and i think this is a perfect spot to do this test because one a lot of cars are actually stolen out of this area i know that from personal experience i actually came across a stolen car and reported it to the police at

My last apartment building here in boulder but also there’s a lot of young kids walking around they all have iphones so pretty good chance that one of their phones is gonna pick up the air tag that tommy hid somewhere on this jeep so just gonna keep cruising around tommy’s back at the office tracking me so i have no idea how much info he’s really getting but i’m

Sure you guys know they left the office about two minutes ago it’s 2 18 p.m right now and i can see that the little icon that is on their vehicle has moved but i don’t actually have active tracking so the little car isn’t moving down the screen i just see that you know it’s on this main road here away from our office but i can’t see the exact position it’s not

Like um some cell phone trackers where you can see exactly where it’s at so i’m going to shut down the app and reopen it nope it’s still in the same spot so either it’s fallen off or it’s not very precise at actually tracking the vehicle all right so update alex has been gone for a few minutes now with the air tag and i saw his location kind of out here by

The office i saw it one more time and now i’m kind of getting like this big blue circle but not an exact location of where he went it says approximate location your item is somewhere in the circle we cannot currently show you the precise location your item is somewhere in the circle i wonder why it can’t show me the exact location it’s about 1.6 miles away six

Minute drive it looks like let me try opening it up again there he is okay so i shut down the app and now i see that he is 1.9 miles away on the corner of 28th kind of by this restaurant 20th and belmont hey tommy hey alex are you guys still on the move we are on the move right now all right let me see if i can pull up my phone and see where you’re at so it

Says your spot cd behavior updated two minutes ago and last time i see you here you’re on 13th in college right on what we call the hill in colorado is that pretty close well we are pulling up right now to a street sign let me see i know we’re pulling up to college i don’t know what street we’re on right now so hold on we are at 14th in college 14th in college

All right mine just updated and has you right at 14th and euclid 14th in college right in the middle of the block wow that is super close have you gotten any notifications that you’re being tracked i haven’t gotten anything yet but i know that’s supposed to be one of the features with these so it looks like the tracking on your ends was working which is a little

Scary and i’m not getting any kind of notification yet so i think we need to keep driving around for a little bit oh now it has you at 14th and college heading toward 13th so what i noticed on my end which is super interesting is when you left the office we’re in a less densely populated area it was really slow to update but as you headed more toward downtown boulder

Where in theory there’s a lot more iphones near you it started updating much more regularly yeah if you’re in a rural area this might not work that well but in a in a big crowded city definitely working all right so definitely drive around some more see if you get a notification and then come to a stop somewhere and uh give me a call and i’ll see if i can find your

Exact location okay sounds good all right bye all right so we’ve been driving around for over an hour i can’t get any sort of notification to show up on my phone telling me that an air tag is traveling with me uh and i think that’s kind of a fair result you know you wouldn’t be looking for that if you didn’t know it was there so um we’re gonna park now and pull

Up to my favorite lunch spot which is cosmo’s pizza and just hang out we’re gonna shoot tommy a call and see if he can uh pinpoint exactly where we are oh alex is calling yo what up alex hey so i just pulled up to an undisclosed location as if i was parking at my house for the night and you’re trying to steal my car we’re not at my house because i don’t want the

Viewers to know where i live but let’s see if you can figure out where i’m at clearly you are not where i am so you are on the map in boulder zooming in all right it says you are in a parking lot with a dairy queen orange julius that’s closest to you a game force boulder moe’s original barbecue and cosmos pizza we’re at cosmo’s pizza right now game force is right

Off to our right so that’s uh a good result but a scary result you know exactly where i am yeah and then i can even get the address of where you’re at too which is 685 30th in uh directions if you wanted to actually come to my location does it give you like an easy option to just navigate there let me see let me click this button and yep it says i can be there in

10 minutes it’ll even show you how to get to your location gives you traffic information and all huh yep so i can know the quickest way to get to your location yeah so it’s got it’s got it down pretty much right to the parking lot maybe not the exact space you’re in it says you’re closer to um dairy queen which is like i don’t know 500 feet from cosmos but yeah

It’s pretty alarming but yeah if you were someone you know you knew exactly what car this was so it’s close enough where if you got to this area you’d be able to look around and just find the car with your eyes so here’s what i think we should do i have an option on here to play the sound do you want to see if you can find it when it’s beeping or do you want to

Try to do it yourself with just the car sitting there um let’s do this i’m going to head back to the office that way you’re kind of with me when i’m trying to find it i’m going to try and find it without sound first and looking kind of the most obvious places that i would think to look then if i can’t find it we’ll try the sound all right sounds good all right alex

So it’s about 3 45 you guys left here at roughly 2 18 p.m so you’ve been driving around for over an hour and i’ve been pretty consistently tracking your location now i can’t see exactly as you drive along the road but every couple minutes i could get it to refresh and then it would show me exactly or near about exactly where you’re at yeah scary stuff so according

To apple there’s supposed to be a feature where if your phone recognizes an air tag that’s following you that isn’t registered to your own apple id it’ll send you a notification actually showing you on a map where this air tank has been following you around we haven’t been able to get that to work in our hour of testing um so unfortunately we weren’t able to test

That feature out but it’s something that should exist and give it long enough hopefully it’ll send you a little notification right so let’s do this so i’ve hidden the air tag somewhere on the car now just looking at it you probably wouldn’t expect there’s an air tag on the car right not at all yeah not at all all right well give it a good thorough look see if you

Can track it down cool so i guess first places i would look maybe someone you know taped it behind a door handle or something super obvious one is the gas cap although a lot of cars these days have lock and gas caps so not an option on every vehicle this one does lock so nothing in there let’s see under here maybe a good spot trailer hitch is always a good spot

So let’s pull the hitch nothing in there nothing on the inside of the hitch there but that’s a good place to look uh this would be a great spot to hide one is in the little seven pin wiring harness just slap it in there let the cover shut it would hold it in but nothing in there that i can see i’ll take a peek under we’re not going for a how to alex and where

To hide air pack this is not uh trying to be thorough here searching all the spots i get it this is not supposed to be an informational video on how to attract someone but it is worth noting these common areas where someone could have done it to your vehicle exactly so nothing there wheel wells probably a good area to look although these are pretty well sealed up

The spots he’s picking they’re terrible on the inside of a door handle someone’s going to grab the inside of the door not the back seat if you don’t have kids case does not approve i don’t remember the last time i touched my back door handle alex is bad at stealing things i don’t know dude i think i uh i think it’s actually remarkably easy finding spots that are

Harder to find there’s a ton of places you can hide one of these little things on this car yeah depending on the vehicle you might have some recesses in the grill and the air tag is really really small you’re gonna have to help me i have no idea really yeah so one of the features with these um is that they’re supposed to play a sound when you get that notification

That we never got so i’ll have tommy trigger the sound so at least i’ll know if it’s loud enough to spot on my own all right this is the thief now triggering the spot i hear something do it again oh you’re close sounds like it’s coming from here if this were real this would be driving me crazy because i knew i know someone’s tracking me but i can’t find it now

The alarming thing here is that alex has been searching for several minutes i am playing the sound for him and he still can’t find it but the scary thing is it took me well under two minutes to actually place a tag in such a hidden area and i could probably do that quicker if i was um you know unfortunately a thief looking to track a vehicle you didn’t pull this

Cover off here where the like the fog lights nothing’s been removed i removed no panels nothing was unscrewed you’re getting colder i was close up with the front really close it’s gotta be in here yeah oh i feel some gaff tape okay so that’s interesting looking through here i can hear it i can’t see a thing so it’s not until i actually get my hand in here and

Feel around that i can feel it and even still like if you weren’t a total car guy and you didn’t know that like there wasn’t supposed to be something kind of soft under there yeah you wouldn’t know that i mean if you use gap tape which could be like there it is though so that’s how easy it is just some tape and uh air tag is right there and i would have no idea

If tommy didn’t start playing that sound so i think the thing we learned today is that unfortunately this could be a technology exploited by criminals track your vehicle and then imagine if alex had driven this vehicle home for the night the uh the the thief would know where you live and then would you know have potentially a lot of time to actually break in your

Vehicle and steal it yeah the good news is with these is if you take the back cover and just rotate it off you can actually pop the battery right out so if you find one on your car just take the battery out no one will be able to track you so did you just get a free air tag now i guess so but i don’t think i can use it because it’s linked to your account oh still

Okay so there you go well kind of spooky stuff guys we will keep you updated on any you know kind of changes we discover in this tracking software that that’s typically used for backpacks and you know dogs and that kind of thing and please let us know down in the comments below if you’ve actually gotten one of those notifications that an unrecognized air tag is

Following you super curious about that yep all right we’ll keep you updated and see you next time

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Here's How Thieves Are Using the New Apple AirTag to Track & Steal Your Car! By The Fast Lane Car