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Horrible Motorbike Accident in Thailand: Warning Graphic

Bottom line: Always wear the helmet cause it´s not you not driving carefully but other drivers.

Always wear your helmet sky dying on a belgian i want to touch him that’s more diana for got the coming in session that have to go to jail if it’s pretty bad what this is i mean you just can’t you can’t touch them we do these many do i hear you know like the people so what happened here we’re going from malaysia on the reserve from where is iran and we stopped

In trunk middle of thailand and we just heard a noise and there was this which is ran there and one guy was basically laying on the ground not moving at all and the other one was was moving and they’re armed 20 people staying around him around people but nobody was helping them and i thought like nobody knows cpr or first aid so i went there first to try the guy

That was moving he said it was okay but and then i wanted to move to help the second guy but then one type person came to me from the visa run he said don’t touch him is the thai law you can touch him i was like what the was just help him it can be that in a few minutes you know and and then another american guy came to me and said i don’t touch him because you

Can break his spine whatever and then another one told me that he can sue you basically you have to pay for all his insurance and medical bills have to be paid his family if he dies you know like that also just come so confused why why why is why it’s so you know so let me know down below what you think about it it’s it’s a min america but i think like if that

Happened to me i would like somebody to help me you know about point of the story is always wear your helmet these guys were not wearing helmet as you can see many people i see like a tree with her parents riding motorbike no helmet and it’s not that you’re gonna crash of course you’re not gonna go so fast you crash but there can be some drunk guy or drunk tourist

Riding really fast and can just hit you and you know can end up pretty badly if you don’t have her helmet so this is our first big accident i’ve seen where the guy was basically unconscious then the ambulance came a few minutes after as you can see in the video i think he was breathing not sure but i’m just i’m just surprised that nobody would help him you know

It’s walls another thing is right a bicycle man like all these motorbikes and cars dangerous everybody was riding bicycle they’ll be like almost no accidents that’s why i want to encourage the riding your bike everywhere you know and just ditch the motorbike burn fat not oil and most important importantly stay guard up hydrating and well slept at least 1012

Hours so you can actually focus and not dream on the road make these crashes so go vegan well i’ll see you later

Transcribed from video
Horrible Motorbike Accident in Thailand: Warning Graphic By Healthy Vegan Adventures