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How Do You Register A Mail Order Motorcycle AKA My Lifan KPR 200

I had a request to explain how to register a bike that was ordered off the internet. This is how I did it in Texas. Each state can vary a tad bit. Some people may get a Manufacture Statement of Origin (MSO) while others can get a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO). I’ve seen both with Boats and Trailers.

Yeah so somebody was asking me how do you register one of these we’re just gonna call it a mail-order bike cuz you know what it’s kind of what you do nowadays they do have dealerships for the leaf fans but for most part everybody’s going to order it through the internet i did you get a better rate that way i mean you have to put it together yourself if you do go

To a dealership and get it that’s kind of cool because you’re gonna have somebody inspect the bike remember that mine came with a crack and the front fairing which by the way leaf fan america sent me the replacement part thank you so i’ll fix that but i have noticed that on the windshield or windscreen that i do have micro cracks there you know those are from

Over-tightening at the factory so i backed those out obviously to take it apart but when i did i went back and put some loctite on those and didn’t tighten them down as as a high torque as it was before they actually went in a little bit better it looks better it’s got a better gapping there’s not as much bend in it and we’ll see if it stays in there with that

Lock tight but back to how do you title one of these or how do you get your plate because guess what after all was said none looky there finally got a license plate it only took i don’t know sixty something days but given that we were in a worldwide pandemic who can complain about that so first off you order your bike you get your bike but when you get it you won’t

Get the title what you’ll get is a manufacturer’s certificate of origin now that mco is what you need to take to the dmv department of motor vehicles and with it you have to have of course your paperwork that you got to fill out now that paperwork will include your vin number that if you look down here the van will be right down there on the swingarm it will also

Be on the neck of the bike and when you get your mc oh it better match because that’s what they look for on the mco is basically a signed statement on the mileage on the vehicle where the vehicle was produced the owner of the vehicle which in this case was the company i ordered it from powersports max and i took that along with the paperwork that the local office

Provides online i printed it to get there and have it ready though i had to go get insurance which was the first step i mentioned in another video but you got to insure it when you insure it you’ll also need the vin then i had to get it inspected so i took it to a local inspection shop and they were surprised hello the mileage was because literally i think when i

Had it inspected i might have had seven miles i think listen i no less than 13 so it was low low mileage so got it inspected after they did the inspection then i filled out my paperwork from the dmv office which was a calculation of the total price plus shipping by the way and then i had to figure up the tax on it then i had to check the boxes for the different

State fees to register the vehicle in the state of texas did all that checked all the boxes brought the money up there the taxes on this i think were like a hundred and fifty-seven dollars roughly i paid another i want to say fifty or sixty sixty dollars in state fees and registration and then i think it was ten dollars for the plate something like that so all

Said and done i got all that paid it’s imperative though again that you fill out your paperwork match your vin number because right clearly because they had to double look on mine and asked me if a letter was a letter because my handwriting was a little sloppy but once we got all that taken care of they handed me the license plate said the titles in the mail so

Now that the titles in the mail i think this thing is for sale i listed it online one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars as she sits i think it’s worth it i probably should have kept it maybe i should i don’t know but anyway so that’s how you title one of these that’s how you get a plate nice and shiny plate and the titles in the mail so all of that a

Little bit painless a lot of cramped handwriting make sure you write that vin clearly make sure you have your mso and you match it up with the vin on your vehicle have a great day everybody penny more questions let me know

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How Do You Register A "Mail Order" Motorcycle AKA My Lifan KPR 200 By EDC Knives2020