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How Has The Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Held Up After A Year

In this video I am going over the Ruroc Atlas 4.0. Everything I love about the helmet and everything I dislike about the helmet after one year of ridding it as my daily helmet.

Um the break-in period wasn’t too dramatic it did hurt the braking period kind of hurt because that thing is tight like i think it’s overly tight but once you break it in once it’s broken in it’s still like tight enough that it’s it like squeezes your cheeks how they’re supposed to be uh squeezed maybe i should do my rock review on this ride in short the hum is

Great like if you’re if you’re like doing content and you’re taking pictures and stuff the helmet’s really good but i think for just like people who ride fast i want a sporty kind of helmet it’s not really good for you it’s not good for that maybe that’s not what it’s meant for you know what i mean i’m not gonna bag on them because i do like the helmet let’s do

These twisties over here i do like the helmet don’t get me wrong i just kind of riding i do now it just doesn’t work out for me and it makes me not like it um but i think a universal thing that i don’t like about the helmet is the creaking that it does like after a while like my helmet is like when i move around or talk sometimes the helmet will start creaking

It’s like that plastic on plastic like rubbing creek noise other than that the liner the um rubber liner on your helmet it um starts to degrade over time whatever concrete or whatever they use to like keep it together and hold it to the helmet the glue it breaks off or something like that so now your rubber lining is detached a little bit and just that little bit

Of light gap depending on how like old it is um makes your helmet whistle under speed i know like in a couple of my videos there’s just like this really loud whistle and it’s annoying because we’re all chasing quality as contra creators and stuff like that like audio quality and you just have this like whistling noise and it’s just super annoying one of the fins

In my helmet on my rock i don’t know there’s like a rattly noise in my helmet now and i’m not even sure how um it just happened all of it like i would just hit some i’ve been doing some top speed runs on my bike and i don’t know if that was enough to break the plastic or something there’s something in there that’s broken and it just rattles as soon as i get some

Speed and it’s super annoying so that’s one of the reasons why i stopped um i work stopped like using it and i guess lastly would be like the wind buffeting like it just doesn’t that thing doesn’t slice through air at all you might as well be like a flat piece of board because that’s basically what your face is doing against the wind it’s just flat it does not cut

Um and it’s kind of heavy i got used to it but when i now that i’m wearing this i’m just like holy crap like this is how light my helmet used to be and i probably would have had a better time when i was in the mountains if i had just worn this but the reason why i did it is because i had i just got this one sinner and it’s a pain in the ass to put this in on that

Rock dude anybody who has done it they know it just doesn’t work out that great so um so i just never swapped i always just kept wearing that one and i finally changed dude i feel it feels good it feels good to be in this helmet i do want to get another helmet um right now i’ve been debating like on getting like one of the shark the shark helmets the raceline

Helmets or the agv uh pista helmet um who else was i looking at there’s another company i was looking at that was pretty good but um i can’t remember but if you guys have any like suggestions on what i should get let me know and i’m thinking more i’m looking more like track oriented uh things that can cut through the air really well stuff align that nature just

Not a regular just helmet something that’s uh spec for racing but um yeah that’s kind of my review on the helmet like if you’re gonna if you’re gonna motovlog no not even if you’re going to be a content creator you just want a cool helmet to take pictures in and you cruise around like you’re not really going fast you’re not doing a bunch of highway stuff you’re not

Trying to like hit like i would never take that on the track i did take it on the mines but only because i didn’t feel like switching out but like trying to do that if you’re not trying to do any of that stuff i think it’s a really great helmet like it’s the the it’s true to size at least for me it was true to size um the break-in period wasn’t too dramatic it

Did hurt the braking period kind of hurt because that thing is tight like i think it’s overly tight but once you break it in once it’s broken in it’s still like tight enough that it’s it like squeezes your cheeks out they’re supposed to be uh squeezed or whatever um so yeah that’s kind of where i’m at with that but if you’re trying to do mountain runs or you’re

Going fast on the highway and stuff like that it’s not a great helmet uh i don’t and that’s the thing like i don’t want to harp on it because i think it’s a really good helmet for what it is but i think if you try to apply it to multiple applications it’s not going to be that good just like if you take you know if you take a uh like just a race specific helmet

That’s not going to be that great on the road because just all the road okay cars all the road noise that you’re gonna get from it you might not enjoy that they’re not they’re not made to just be written every day on the road like that but some people do i will i don’t mind it but that’s kind of my thoughts on the the rock 4.0 and the time that i’ve had it i’ve

Had it about i got it when it first launched so maybe i’ll put it in the comments how long i had it i know i’ve been at least half a year um and i made a lot of content with it i love it i love it for like videos and reels and making con like i love it for that stuff but for actually writing um it kind of like the writing that i do it doesn’t really suit me anymore

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How Has The Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Held Up After A Year By KovertMecha