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How I got my brand new 2021 Ninja 650 ABS Pt 2

Hey everyone I gotta apologize again for the prior video for the popcorn audio. This is a mini recap of my intro video. I fixed the audio issue and I hope you enjoy it!

Um so so what’s going on everybody welcome to my channel catch on twos uh i do want to start off by apologizing uh for the first two videos that i dropped uh learning how to moto vlog is definitely a challenging task um so the first video was supposed to be my introduction video i was supposed to be talking about uh like giving a little insight about how i

Got started into uh motorcycling uh vlogging gopro and uh talking about san antonio my age all that other stuff but it didn’t really quite work out the second video i finally got the audio to work but as you all can hear from uh the actual recording there was a lot of choppy popping just the audio just wasn’t that good i tried to salvage it as much as i could it

Didn’t really work probably won’t even watch that video really well you all won’t watch that video uh only because the quality in the sound was so bad uh one moment that’s downtown san antonio if you can see it out there uh but yeah so this is going to be my second time trying introduction video uh welcome to my channel catch on twos my nickname is kesh currently

Rioting a 2021 ninja 650 kawasaki ninja 650 and i originally got this bike brand spanking new right off the dealer floor it had zero miles on it i bought it from la marquette um which is like 20 minutes outside of houston and i rode it back from la marquette all the way to san antonio i’m gonna show a little uh picture of google maps on how far i road for the

First time uh so i started sorry i started riding october of 2021. i took the msf course if anybody doesn’t know what that is that’s the motorcycle of course you take to get the m endorsement on your um license and so i took the course in october i got licensed in october and i brought a brand new bike in november november 13th uh i’ve had it i’ve been writing

For let’s see november 13th it hasn’t even been two months yet i’ve been riding for under two months and i have one thousand four hundred and seventy miles on a bike honestly i should have three thousand plus everybody was telling me to buy a used bike only because uh when you first started off you had the tendency to uh break drop stuff scratch basically you you

You you destroy your your bike and i do have a story about how i dropped the bike literally the second day that i got i don’t know the third day that i got it the second day after coming back from houston i was afraid to do 70 i was afraid to do 60 when i first got on the bike i asked myself what the heck am i doing uh but literally the second day i was doing the

Full dash um i haven’t read line yet but i was doing full batch i got like 124 and i heard these things get to like 130 plus uh so yeah so i i have had a good time riding i’ve been enjoying the experience i do live in san antonio for those who don’t know for those who couldn’t hear uh in a previous video uh i’ve been in san antonio for about six years now i was

In the military got out the military went to school got a degree and now i picked up a motorcycle i’ve always been interested in riding motorcycles but i used to wear glasses and wearing glasses kind of deterred me from wanting to ride a bike only because like i’m pretty sure it’s just cold for people that don’t do wear glasses they can understand that uh the

Glasses fog up you know they stay fog and all the heat and moisture and mixture you don’t really want to deal with all that being it especially just being inside the mask we’re getting really can’t get to your glasses so i put it on hold i got lasik september 2021 and that kind of rejuvenated my my passion for wanting to ride a motorcycle and so in october i said

Why not i went for it and yeah so now i have been riding the motorcycle for almost two months i currently enjoy it i love it and now as far as my uh motorcycle history uh or journey i always wanted to go pro just to cover myself when it came to accidents uh for protection uh and also to watch you know the way i ride and watch you know just rewatch what i do to

See if i can catch something and become better and then i got this crazy idea that hey there there’s a lot of people that are contemplating uh becoming a motorcyclist uh getting the bike uh you know just a lot of people that just on the fence and me being a new rider i can i can kind of talk about my experiences and i can go through my journey uh with becoming a

Beginner and then also also you know when i become an experienced writer like literally the first week that i got this bike um i felt like it didn’t have enough power and that’s what everyone told me everyone told me that when i started on this bike i was going to get tired of it real quick but of course i didn’t believe them because again i’m a new rider like

I’m not looking for speed i’m looking to hone my technique first and then the speed comes later but again as i mentioned to you all literally the second day i was riding i literally uh was doing the dash um so i could kind of see why they said i was going to outgrow the power and then also i noticed in certain situations when i was lane splitting uh i i noticed

That i really didn’t have enough passing power uh so that that kind of worked me as well uh so literally like the first week um you know i kind of fell in love with different other styles of bikes and uh i believe it was like november 13th 15th that weekend the kawasaki demo tour uh they came to san antonio and so i got to test out the six uh zx6r the z900 the

Vulcan s i got to test out different types of bikes and styles and testing out the zx6r i realized that um that was the bike that i should have went with uh that was the bike that was recommended to me by my a long time uh guy brother who’s been riding for ten plus years but i didn’t listen to him because red and black is my favorite color and uh the ninja

650 the 2021 uh was you know brand new red and black imperial red metallic black you know it was beautiful to me so i kind of fell in love with the bike and instead of what i actually needed so uh uh 600 cc uh everyone says it’s a good starting bike um i almost went to 300 but everyone told me that’s not very good and i’ll get really sick of it uh imagine getting

Sick getting sick of the 650 uh the second day uh i mean the yeah the second day of having it like you don’t think you got enough speed the second day so imagine a 300 and so i was kind of glad that i didn’t i didn’t get the 300. um so yeah let me see so yeah after the the kawasaki demo tour um i realized that maybe i should have got the zx6r but after like

You know of course watching a bunch of youtube videos watching other riders um i automatically immediately instantly said that the ninja h2 uh that initially became my dream bike when i was at the dealership it’s called mainland cycle center out in la marquette i’ll get a quick shout out uh when i was at uh mainland cycle center they had two uh custom h2s and

When i saw those bikes i fell in love with them there one of them was like a burgundy red color which was absolutely insane and beautiful and it was stretched and the other was a nice regular color uh the gray it’s a matte uh finish i believe and so like that instantly became one of my dream bikes like automatically like i fell in love uh not of course including

The powers and of course i’m a techie and i’m i’m a car person too so just the specs itself was i just found them to be completely insane but yeah the ninja h2 became my dream became my dream bike um i don’t plan on going to a leader bike anytime soon only because i am brand new and new to riding but i do plan on uh getting a leader bike eventually uh another one

Of my dream bikes was a r1m uh yamaha r1m when i first my the godbrother that i was telling you about um he has a r1 and yamaha’s i basically fell in love with yamahas through uh basically through research and so i’ve always been a kawasaki dude even when i was looking for bikes back in the day like years ago when i was even contemplating becoming a motorcyclist

Um i always loved kawasaki’s but now that i’ve been doing more research into bikes don’t get me wrong i still love kawasaki’s but there’s something about the yamahas that just looks so like aggressive and mean and nice so yeah that’s also became one of my dream bikes and i eventually wanted to get an r1m but i’ve checked the prices of all the bikes because

I thought about getting rid of this one uh the ninja 650 i thought about getting rid of it uh but all those bikes man they’re like 20 000 plus uh for the one that up for the ones that i want and i’m not ready for that yet uh because again i’m still new so i would rather wait till i become more experienced before i you know before i get get those bikes which i

Do plan on getting adventure uh but again so basically what this channel is about uh just me thank you all on my journey becoming a new rider uh what it’s like showing you around san antonio possibly showing you food spots in san antonio for whenever people visit taking trips to austin take you through the back roads in austin uh yeah just you know going through

My experience as a new rider knows hopefully shooting cool shots and sceneries granite san antonio is not that um it’s not that exotic of a city but again there’s not a lot of rockers that i see in san antonio uh so yeah just showing you all the scenery introduce myself we’re going on this journey together uh we can go on this journey together uh riding and

Yeah that’s about it so i do appreciate you all tuning in like comment subscribe hit the notification bell let me know what you would like to see from me uh your thoughts uh if you’re a new writer if you’re a long time writer what advice do you have for me as a new writer or if you’re on the fence about riding uh why are you on the fence so yeah i just wanted to

I just want to create a positive community you know a brand new motorcycle experience motorcycles and yeah so again thanks for tuning in like comment subscribe click that notification bell and have a good day you

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How I got my brand new 2021 Ninja 650 ABS Pt 2 By Kesh On 2’s