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How many parts can you take off a car?

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Why are cars so expensive they do the same thing they did 100 years ago but the price keeps going up and up and up i think it’s because auto manufacturers keep adding new parts that we don’t need just so they can charge us more money an 18 a month subscription to use the heated seats that are already installed in your car that is genius you are engineering god’s bmw

How did you come up with such a good idea and do we really need lane sensing technology sure it might save a couple hundred lives per year but i’d rather save a couple hundred bucks buying a car and don’t even get me started on doors the doors come off of this right all of them they just pop off though yeah the doors all come off but it is totally legal to drive

Without the doors off how much less does the car cost if i buy it without any of the doors oh it comes with it unfortunately like you can’t someone should build a better car a car that is just the bare minimum an inexpensive transportation device that doesn’t do all the so i did some research and it turns out building a car is really hard i think it might be a

Smarter idea to tackle this problem from the other direction but there’s one problem i don’t have enough room in my garage for an experiment of this scale so i rented a parking lot hired an elite team of scientists and bought two cars have you ever done any drag races in this car yeah you put it in gear for it no how many parts can we take off the car before it

Stops working you can you can remove a lot of parts with confidence i had made the right decision and thousands of dollars in the hole it was time for my team of scientists to start building the car of the future where’s michael how did you get in there oh yeah have you been in there since last night i’m so sorry i forgot and by car of the future i mean cars of

The future but no seriously i’m still traumatized from mr b sport game so i got two cars just in case something happens to one of them we didn’t have to hit each other we got to strategize i don’t really know what kind of strategy yes what’s our team name um what’s cool and like uh car related what’s the heaviest thing in the car the engine the engine oh the gas

Uh hot rods we definitely don’t need the roof the ghost of paul rudd vinnie and the diesels yeah i like that it’s kind of bad are you guys strategizing no coming up with a team name you guys ready oh my god oh my god and you’re trying to you’re like doing a boxing match you can’t even break a car window let’s do another there’s only a couple rules don’t break

The front windshield and leave at least one side google told me that’s what’s legally required to drive but other than that the scientists goal is to remove as many parts as possible we already know doors serve no purpose it’s not like you’re gonna fall out if you’re wearing a seat belt and does anyone actually know what a hood is for all right get rid of that does

It protect the engine does it increase aerodynamics or is it just excuse for them to charge more money me and alan go way back to the early tungsten cube video days yeah we’ve uh hung out three times in real life ever but through his youtube channel i know him very well he didn’t know about me though oh yeah you got it buddy yeah you know where they put their

Socket wrench gonna go by sun tzu art of war it’s gonna take the resources oh yeah it’s halfway removed look at that there we go we hit money look at this oh a huge loss it slowly dawned upon me that i had not rented the parking lot long enough because i spent all the money on the cars and brand new power tools and now we’re running out of time i’m not trying

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14. probably a 15. someone probably has it damn it is it a 15 no it’s not it’s a 13. where’s the medium-sized wrench alan stole it from our kit alan you can’t steal the wrenches from our kit to get revenge on allen i stole his wrench and peed in his gatorade look we’re back in business holy crap there’s 65 cents in here that’s the mancala beads what’s our goal

What are we pulling off is everything everything we can right doors okay i’ve removed something i am really strong ripping off the red part uh he wants to remove the metal because it’s real heavy and i think it’s a good move right now he’s using a sawing device do we need this definitely not we don’t need this why is this still there oh we need the license

Plate we’re going to be driving these cars on city street so it’s extremely important we don’t accidentally remove a critical part we don’t want to have a run-in with the police michael wouldn’t last 30 seconds in juvie we don’t want to be driving illegally we need that okay just kind of wedging in there jake and michael were struggling to remove the door oh

Yeah but i have a genius solution that i know is going to impress them i’m not sure that was the most efficient use of time and oh and uh it went worse than i thought right now the plan is to turn this into a pickup truck we’ve already gotten rid of half of the roof and i think if we just make a clear cut down the middle here we’ll be able to put lumber in the

Back seat of this oh you know it might be be careful oh no we’re good i think those are the brake light lines right there oh we can try it well i uh may have cut through the brake light so now i’m gonna figure out how to turn them back on the red car is no longer street legal now that the brake lights are broken however the silver car is quickly transforming

Into the car of the future until jake made a horrifying discovery we had accidentally cut through the side airbags and are afraid they might explode there’s an airbag right here and we’re all very scared of it i don’t think it’ll go up but i also i’m not 100 certain with that claim side airbags are not mandated in the united states which means these are just an

Extra cost being passed off on the consumer to inflate profits i don’t think it’s gonna go off luckily we were able to safely remove it using a hammer yes yes look at this what happens when you take your time and go slow god i’m so glad i’m not you guys right now well we can go pick up lunch you’re gonna you’re gonna get us something too right they’re gonna

Get us something right allen’s already spent 45 minutes failing to fix the brake light so this seems like a perfect opportunity to test our new whip it actually looks perfectly normal the whole car is gone well seems to be the problem officer i love having a nice cold air and then cranking the heater only a few minutes into the drive we were already catching the

Attention of other drivers on the road i’m not trying to turn fast because jason followed the back unfortunately not every driver on the road was excited to see the future oh oh i’m talking about the police where we’re fit we’re right is he following us how are we going to get ourselves out of this mess look how mad that guy looks even our camera crew and the

Chase car was freaking out not knowing what to do if we get pulled over until we realized he was pulling someone else over what yeah the police did not care at all protecting serve baby this means our prototype is officially street legal now all we have to do is convince someone in the auto industry to endorse our design and lucky for us not far from here lives

An automotive legend someone who understands the importance of innovation someone who is amassed a fortune selling card someone who agreed to give us 15 minutes of his time to try and make a deal where do we pull in to this tesla i still don’t know how we managed to make this happen but i haven’t been this nervous to talk to somebody since my dad got out of prison

How much can we sell this bad boy for is it worth anything no it’ll need a little work but like what you tell me you need the room he’s a door like a trunk he needs a hood so no deal 300 bucks you need to pay me a thousand dollars to take it yeah i guess we should leave now we have done it we have achieved our goal by reducing the number of parts on the car we

Were able to significantly reduce its price let’s go buy food oh my god the only thing more american than buying an overpriced car is a good old-fashioned cheeseburger hi hello can we get uh would you like just ten cheeseburgers like 10 maybe 12. she was professional she was perfect she i would have lost my like there’s something wrong with your company yeah

You know they forgot my credit card sorry yeah please yeah um like a handful yeah please don’t let that fall out onto the freeway well what happened what are you doing what happened to your car we were trying to fix the brake lights right but we couldn’t find all the wires so we had to cut into the car to find the wires and we actually hit the fuel line and

So we moved the fuel tank to the front and so then we had to figure out where the brake line was so we cut a little bit more and then we actually cut the car in half we can’t drive the car we won’t drive like that it’s a front wheel drive oh oh my god it looks like it’s like a school bus game and just hear it in half do the turn signals work test the turn

Signals it works is not a safe car i want to try it really tears i can feel the glass on my butt whoa oh my god this is amazing it just goes in circles did you see the gasoline spraying out it’s a wiper fluid yeah yeah that was wiper fluid michael you smell like gasoline look at the windshield covering hey come on you’re gonna dump our car this is brand new

I just bought this car yesterday our judge jack’s flame is going to pick a winner none of us know who it is yet the red car oh no this is is that the whole video bad news everyone my grandma died but the good news is she left me this industrial embroidery machine that i now keep in my garage so i can make more clothes for cat warehouse she’s actually not dead

And she’s not gonna find that funny we got all sorts of stuff where’s the swim trunks where do we put the swim trunks swim trunks look at he’s drowning how cute this hat that we bought with someone else’s art on it that then we embroidered our own art onto the sequel to i’m in debt i got fired and we’ve restocked items that we ran out of long ago like everyone’s

Favorite professional shirt crabs smoke and crack and there’s one special item that i’m not allowed to show you because youtube will ban me probably i don’t actually know it’s a hat with a picture of my cats on it i’m gonna make another one right now i think i’m only gonna make like a handful of these because uh it’s really bad no it ripped again drink keeps

Breaking god why i i don’t why is this so hard i have no idea how to use this machine

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How many parts can you take off a car? By William Osman