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How To Break Any Padlock, Even a Master Lock, With Ease Absolutely Scary

Here is the lock we broke in seconds:

Everyone brian and jeff with workshop addict and we are gonna have a slightly uncomfortable talk about locking things up in possibly how easy it could be to get into a simple master lock the thing that makes you seem all warm and fuzzy inside that you’re locked up and safe and secure really not so much your trailer lock that’s sitting outside right next to the road

Your fence that’s locked up in operty everything it’s all sitting here based off of this and what you’re saying this keeps the honest person honest and what we’ve seen on the internet is is interesting because there’s a million ways of getting in here but what we want to kind of show you is supposedly how easy it is to get into one of these locks which if it is as

Easy is what they show on the internet it scares me that’s why we’re gonna always suggest think of different ways to go through it and maybe we’ll find some other things here but i don’t know the first thing we’ve seen a couple of wrenches this is it mm-hmm what do you think i’m i’m putting some faith in the lock but watching these other videos it seemed to come

Part pretty easy so we have master locks here we’re gonna put this together and we’re hoping that the master lock brand name makes a difference let’s check it out so evidently the brand name doesn’t matter not a little let down in the fact that the first piece came out or the open end of the lock i mean we took a small sliver off this that’s not even eighth inch

Thick in the top piece broke right out and that’s the only thing that keeps it secure is that little tab so your locking mechanism this piece that i just dropped and we’ll never find it is all that really holds it in that that that’s crap yeah there’s no doubt so the next question in our head is okay so you have a smaller lock that’s on something it’s easy to pry

Upwards and that’s what we’re doing we’re pulling this up and with a longer lock make the difference if you then have to try to pry it sideways and break it outwards and we’re relying on brittle hard metal here and we just so happen to have one laying around the shop so so let’s give that a try and see if maybe using a longer lock would be smarter that on camera

Yes so prying the lock open sideways at the bottom the longer lock was i didn’t have enough in the tank to break it at the bottom that’s saying a lot because i mean you got some power there i just i’m getting old still that’s that there’s a lot there and when it broke i questioned when we moved it up to the middle in a broke i questioned if we took a chunk out

Of one of the wrench because it wasn’t visible right away that the lock broke so we’re breaking this lock right at the dead top yeah breaking it apart right at the you so well what the hell and that’s got to be the weakest part of the curl being it’s hardened steel when you’re trying to bend it apart it’s a tight bend that’s where should i go i know everything

About metal ology you know from forge and fire right right somebody did that wrong right yeah realistically i don’t know there’s got to be i need comments guys below some of you guys who worked with metal a lot more forging whatever can you semi hardened something here is this too hard is that why we’re breaking through this stuff so easy and it’s just chipping

Apart what would be the difference if you didn’t have such a hard metal here would would a softer metal just not hold up to the over time being locked and unlocked locked unlocked or is the hardened steel a theft deterrent yep i got an idea okay we’re going to take a bandsaw to one of these let’s just see how hard this is multi viously hard yeah the band side did

Nothing didn’t touch it so yeah what do we you know when we were all growing up in somebody lost their key they didn’t think of two wrenches they got out a bolt cutter so yeah how hard is it to cut these let’s try a bolt cutter bolt cutters no issue with hardened metal right in you could obviously get in faster than your wrench method if you just had a set of bolt

Cutters with you but not everybody carries bolt cutters most of us carry wrenches in our truck and it takes a little bit of strength to squeeze them right but realistically if we’re talking about how quick something goes through a grinder you know that i mean if if i was a thief and i had to do this stuff that would be my tool of choice no it still sucks when we

Talked about something like this but i mean a lock the grinder there’s there’s zero locks out there on the market that are gonna withstand what you can do with the grinder you just i mean that’s seconds it’s a cutting wheel you’re into anything so the question that we have these master locks that we’ve been using in the american lock that we had fairly new we have

What we believe to be an older master lock here it says milwaukee wisconsin on the bottom and made in the usa which nothing else did give her hell see if we can do it again yeah that one’s been sitting around here so we’ll find out it’s that’s the one side broke same thing huh the other side doesn’t want to let go that’s good that’s better but we still got it you

Can still get into it so not as hard because it didn’t break look there you have that little dinky piece again where did that come from right there crazy i don’t even think it did and actually that that’s the inside case that locked it okay they pulled it right up this didn’t even get hurt but either way there’s that much metal that’s holding that bolt in place this

Sucks so if you lock stuff up things that we do around the shop if we have an enclosed trailer and we put a lock on the back of it somebody could go through the sides of it pretty easy but what we do is keep the honest people honest as we back it up to the garage door so when you lock the back no matter what you do you can’t pull the back gate down right and get

To the inside there’s a million other things i guess that you can think of to try to make yourself feel a little bit more warm and fuzzy but the reality of it is even the trailer tongue locks that they have out there the bigger ones the ball locks yeah they’re not as secure as you think they are so whatever you do if you have some great suggestions for security

For people bring it up man if you’re on the job site or you’re anywhere and somebody wants to get into your locked toolbox its seconds and whatever happens we all think it’s crap if you steal stuff we think you suck and we’ll go from there can’t emphasize that enough jesus so thanks for your time guys make sure you leave us comments and what’s happening in your

Life with locks what you do for security and what you think of this we appreciate your time have a great day

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How To Break Any Padlock, Even a Master Lock, With Ease Absolutely Scary By WorkshopAddict