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How to Buy a Sport Bike off Craigslist

Recently parted ways with the GSXR. Wanted to give a tutorial of things to check, look for, and test when buying a used bike. Purchasing a vehicle off of craigslist can be a pain and sometimes if you’re not careful be a disaster. The most important thing is: MAKE SURE THE TITLE IS CLEAN, SAME VIN, AND IN THE SELLERS NAME. If you are buying a vehicle for the first time, I recommend going to the DMV or title office and talking with one of the people their on what to do, look for, fill out, and bring when purchasing the bike and when bringing the title etc to the title office. When I purchased my GSXR I failed to check the charging system, as it turns out it had a bad rectifier and was overcharging my battery which made it fail. Before buying the bike check the voltage of the battery before you start it, while a idle, and through the whole RPM range. Depending on what all you find wrong or that needs to be replaced on the bike, point it out to the seller and ask for a lower price. Generally a good condition sport bike (600, 750,1000) with 10-20k miles on it from 2005-2009 go for around 3200-5000$ with a clean title. If the bike has a bonded title, no title etc it can be bad news, don’t mess with it.

You yeah did too i’ve been driving it all i’ve been driving like two days absolutely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 30 31 32 33 25 so this is the bike i got off craigslist and it’s back now i just wanted to run through in video what i kind of looked over when i was buying it and the things i checked and i should have all of

This mostly in the text in in red but yeah just start out with the tires just see when they are made and the condition they’re in they have abnormal wear so i think these were made in 2015 you can check the date on them just google how to look for the date it sits on the side right here and it’ll tell you what to look for and just see you know how much tread they

Have left what kind of tires they are and especially just how old they are while you’re looking at the wheels you can check the rotors on both sides check the pads make sure they have you know plenty enough material on them and check the brake feel squeeze the brakes make sure they feel right i like to bring a flashlight just to look for leaks and other little

Things and both these brake pads look pretty good as well as the rotors and the feel of them so just go through and kind of press on them and then when you’re riding definitely press on the super-hard and make sure they stop good check for leaking forks that’s a big deal make sure there’s no access you know oil or residue around the forks just look over all the

Plastics you know looking for scratches dents cracks anything like that see if it’s stock fairings if they’re not you know sometimes they won’t have heat shields on them or you know foam that protects it from vibrating against the engine check and make sure the lights turn on all the signals work i know after i rode this bike the main headlight because it’s like

An hid i think it was because it was pretty hot the day i wrote it wasn’t on and so when i got back it was it was off and so i’ve written that night and it’s it’s colder then and so turned on then yeah check the check the gas tank make sure all the keys turn on the ignition open the gas tank and then open the rear seat and then check inside the gas tank make sure

There’s no rust make sure there’s no engine codes check the level on the brake reservoirs you know check your clutch see how it feels see how it feels once the bike is started and your your right on everything make sure it’s not slipping just make sure the chain is good check if it’s rusting or if there’s a lot of wear or play in it check the sprocket wear when

You’re riding you can check the speedo see if it’s off that can be an indication that maybe the front sprocket if you can’t see it might be a different size check the oil level depending on the bike gets a different process but check the oil level check the oil color see how it feels and anything aftermarket on a bike like this like can signify that it’s been

Messed with or it’s been wrecked or you know something might not be working right and that’s a pretty clear indication that you want to you want to stay away from i definitely get up under the bike look for leaks when it’s cold and then after you’ve you know warmed up really hot look for leaks than to the fans can come on when it’s getting above 200 degrees so

Try and warm it up past that point and see if the fans come on and then see if it cools okay while it’s just sitting there so check the vin number on the bike make sure it’s the same as a title check the throttle you know just check all the buttons and starting you know the cut-offs which signals the brights the horn all of that stuff make sure it all works good

Check the select or reset button if there’s one on the heads-up display again check all the lights make sure they work make sure this the rear seat comes off and what that looks like as far as wiring down there the most important thing i can say is like you know that’s all the basic stuff but then once you’re done with that usually it’s pretty easy to take off

The seat and get to the battery and this is really important on my first sport by the gsxr i didn’t check the voltage and to see if the stator was working right and the rectifier as well so definitely bring a voltage meter pull off the seat while it’s running i actually checked the voltage before i started the bike and i was like around 12 point 8 volts which

Is great probably has plenty of life left in the battery and then start the bike make sure it’s idling around you know 14 volts or so if it’s if it’s idling a little lower than that that’s okay but as soon as it goes over 2 or 3,000 rpm make sure throughout the whole rpm range that it’s charging at 14 volts you know because if you go up to 10-hour pm’s and it’s

Charging at 16 volts you’ve got a bad rectifier you know and that’ll up your battery and the rest of your bike so you got to make sure all of that’s working good throughout the whole rpm range and yeah just look for aftermarket parts you know look for scrapes looks for for dents or anything out of the ordinary and all that good stuff you

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How to Buy a Sport Bike off Craigslist By The Gold Barron