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how to change your motorcycle battery! SV650

how to change your motorcycle battery! current bike is a 2000 Suzuki SV650S

What’s up guys i’m gonna teach you how to change a battery in your motorcycle first you want to purchase a battery so once we do that we’re gonna want to pop the seat off most bikes will have bolts on either side of the subframe right there right there i just leave mine off because mine has so many problems i’m always taking off the seat so here’s my old battery

When i bought it this cap was not on and it was leaking battery acid so that’s always good but it keeps dying and the headlights are really dim so i’m throwing the new one in basically you’re just gonna unscrew that and that your battery should come with a little kit with these bolts all right so now we’re gonna take this crap out oh my gosh okay i’m gonna get a

Socket this is a ten millimeter i think it actually is but i can’t get on there so i guess i need a freaking wrench so now i get to do this that thing oh my crap okay positives coming off be careful not to touch both terminals together with one piece of metal it’ll bridge and you will get zapped maybe it’s not the greatest man i might have to spray this with wd-40

Or something gee whiz that thing’s probably been on there since 2000 screwdriver attempt number two all right so i got it loose with the wrench it’ll probably work with the screwdriver now i think we’re off oh not good careful not to drop stuff into your bike usually not a big deal it usually just bounces down and hits the ground but still cut rusty that is same

Thing here pop it off i think we’re good battery’s free ready to pop out i hope i don’t know if i can do this yeah i can okay whatever oh a boat came out oh oh gross this thing is like wet from old acid i’m gonna put it in the grass sorry tree huggers one of the caps for the acid geez there’s two of them that’s gross that’s bad that thing is wet i can’t believe i

Had wrote it this long that is bad news if your battery is like leaky that’s just stupid luckily i think it only really got in this plastic area i’m actually probably gonna clean it out and then start filming again when i’m done so i’m in the battery compartment under the seat the previous owner literally put a screw into the drain hole water is supposed to drain

From this hole so it doesn’t pool into the battery chamber he literally put a screw in there because the battery was leaking i’m assuming and he didn’t want a new one so now i get to try and get this out oh spinning we’re in business alright it’s kind of loose now i just need to pry it out there it is wow i definitely want to wash my hands that is not good you do

Not want water piling up in there all right got it pretty cleaned out you can see through my hole now all right back to the battery um well this is odd it’s backwards the terminals are backwards walmart said it would fit all right so walmart was right it fits i just had to put it in the right way i’m assuming this is how it was from the factory the terminals are

Back by the symbols so positive they’re negative they’re on the other battery it was flipped around backwards so that they could fit i don’t know it’s probably chinese or something ice cream the ice cream truck so anyway before you tighten these little bolts down to the terminals it’s always a good idea to clean off these connectors with like a wire brush mine had

Quite a bit of corrosion on there but i just scrubbed it off with a little brass brush and then you basically just do everything backwards that i showed you do you use those little nuts inside the kit to put inside the terminal so that the bolt on top can tighten down and you want these pretty tie it but that’s all that really matters as long as they’re touching

And they’re tight your bike should start thanks for watching please subscribe if you want to see more of this funny sv650 build

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how to change your motorcycle battery! (SV650) By STERLING FORSYTH