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How to Check and Adjust your Motorcycle Chain/CBR600RR

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Hello everyone and welcome to my channel today i’m going to show you how to adjust the tension on your chain on a cbr600rr this will apply to the years 2003 and 2006 what are our tools you need for this job well you need a thirty two millimeter socket because the bolt on the axle is 32 millimeters size you need a torque wrench so that when you return it back

Down to 83 foot pound-feet of torque then you have the ability to do that it’s very important to follow the rules and be strict on them when you’re working on motorcycles you also need a size 8 millimeter open end wrench to adjust the nuts behind the axles right there also if you’re this is about a good time to probably clean your chain as well but i’m not gonna

Do that and and by the way i also have a ruler because the slack is measured around inch and in a quarter i usually just guess to make that make sure that my chain is not too tight or not to lose either what i mean by that is if it’s too loose if it’s hitting the bottom of your then that’s to lose if it’s too tight and there’s no play then that’s too tight over

Tightened chains not good for your chain anyways because you’re gonna prematurely over over stretch the train the chain but if it’s too loose as well then it’s gonna be slapping your axle and there’s possibility of it loosening up and and and you get into an accident so so those are the the reasons why it’s important to adjust your chain every 500 miles is the

Rule to check your chain to make sure it’s ready for adjustment most of the time i out of habit or writing i checked the attention of that chain because as you’re writing then you know things happen and change stretch and overturn stretch if you didn’t know already the way the axles work on a motorcycle is there when your accelerate that the axle moves in towards

The body of the motorcycle it doesn’t move out it doesn’t flatten out it moves in because the tension above the chain moves it into that to the transmission and the axle so and that’s how you get that’s how you stretch your chain never tably if you have a lot of mileage on your motorcycle and you’ve had a chain that’s been around for a while more than likely but

We need to place it or shorten the chain but i highly advise just replacing it it’s it’s worth the money changing a chain and worth the you know it outweighs the benefit right of the cost so that’s one of those things don’t go cheap on your motorcycle by the way motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles and if you go cheap on them and things break while you’re riding

Then it can be unsafe so and that’s my advice so let’s go over the steps on how to adjust this chain so how would we know if we have a bad slack or the slack is not right anymore and we’re one the change shouldn’t be touching the bottom of the the axles right here right this is too much slack normally you would want it about from top to bottom about an inch and a

Quarter so about right here from top to bottom so without that plastic you want the slack to be around right here so there’s a little bit of tightening that needs to be done so that it can be correct my chain probably needs a little bit of work some cleaning to do now because i’ve been riding it for a little while without cleaning we’ll clean that later on so how do

You adjust the chain what you do is you loosen up the axle bolt on this end and the other end and once you loosen that you’ll be able to adjust this knot right here with the 10 millimeter open ends and what you want to do as you adjust that very slowly is do the same thing you’re doing on this side and the other side and if you look on top of this adjuster there’s

Grooves and what you want to do is probably adjust it on the grooves a little bit at a time so that you can get the tension you need and not over tighten it the problem with an over tight a really tight chain is that obviously it’s prematurely stretching so that you don’t want to do that you know remember that when the back axle how it works when you accelerate

This whole thing actually moves in instead of it moving out it moves in when you accelerate the motorcycle and that’s why the top of this gets stretched really well okay this is just become interesting because that is not a size tan and rather i’m using a 513 or 5/16 to adjust it so a little bit at a time if you loosen them up then what i would do is just adjust it

A little bit at a time maybe about a quarter on that side i’m gonna go over to the other side do the same thing here but a quarter and that much movement it’s plenty enough to adjust it in my opinion let’s go check okay if you notice that is way too tight now right because that was way too much adjustment so we’re gonna go back and bring it back in maybe a couple

Of millimeters in so that we loosen up that side what i would do is probably go in just right before that line but before that line check again get in there right too tight my opinion right on the line now all right you go through here check it one more time okay say my opinions the right way to check it is to remove this bottom plastic right here but i’m not

Gonna i’m just gonna compensate with my ruler right here and about the ballpark so right now it’s slacking a run inch and a quarter right here which is where i want it to be all right it’s no longer touching the top right there but it’s got a nice slack to it and that thing that’s perfect all right so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna tighten up double check one

More time make sure we have the right back here you want the lines to be exactly where it is on both sides you want this line to be exactly correct on both sides because that is the way that your back tire is square all right so i’m looking at it exactly the same length so now time to put it all back together again 32 inch socket we’re gonna use our torque wrench

And set it at a three foot pounds okay give it a rotate make sure that she’s not too tight in there let’s put her in neutral couple of rounds and there you go we are good to go look squared looks way too right again check check oh squared away alright thank you very much for watching it’s not that hard so you can do it yourself learn how to do and work on your

Own motorcycle because by doing that you’re learning how it works and also keeping yourself safe safe and putting your safety on your own hands and for me that’s important so learn how to work on your motorcycles hey thank you very much for watching if you have any comments or additions to what i’ve already covered please comment on the comment section below also

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