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How to cold start the custom chopper / motorbike easy and safe.

Just my easy way of starting up a large motorbike engine – 96CC S&S engine.

And every start of that will be as easy as this hello guys welcome back to my channel as i have already mentioned electrical skateboards and shooting is not my only hobby i also love my custom motorbike and i do a lot of work on it myself so i have decided to start a new channel within my channel which going to be all about custom motorbikes and some good tips

So today we’re going to cover a very simple subject that a lot of bikers out there can come across don’t get me wrong having a big motor on the bike is quite nice it’s very talky but the negative part is on a all the style cover a little more ease you will experience really high compression so there are neural compression release buttons installed your alternator

And your battery will struggle to turn the motor over when cold especially if you have upgraded the battery i haven’t grade the battery for ar leon battery it’s light it’s really really nice and high quality but doesn’t have the same amperage as the original heavy led battery from harley davidson so my way of connecting me our secondary battery in parallel just

To get it going for the first time when it’s cold what’s fine for me after that throughout the day you will have no issue whatsoever so the test subject today and for every single video i’m going to make about because the motorbikes will be my custom chopper with 1.6 litre twin s&s motor so what if you are about to go somewhere and you want to start them all

Up but you hear something like this so guys this is the sound of a very flat battery or it’s a sound of a good battery but a power of the compression on the larger engine such as 96 cc a 1.6 liter motor will not allow the mordor to do a full rotation and startup so what do we need to do providing half your battery which is in good condition youtube it help to

Give the motor a bit of a spin get all that oil warmed up and after that you’ll have no issue starting up the motor even with the high compression just to mention you can’t get a compression release kit where you drill the holes into your cylinders and before you start the motor you release the compression created by the pistons coming up and that’s will ease off

The starting process but a simpler way is the way i do it so what we’re doing is guys we’re connecting the secondary 12 volt battery in parallel to the battery in your bike please make sure you mark the cables up and your battery so you don’t mix up positive negative otherwise you’ll be a little bang we’ll connect it and we’re good to go sure after the initial

Start using the secondary battery and running the motor for about two to three minutes you will have no way to start it up again so did you like the video hit the like button would you like to see more subscribe and why don’t you hit that little bell bottom right at the top on the right hand corner underneath the video this way you’ll get notification every

Time i upload another cool video ride your bike safely and stay cool

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How to cold start the custom chopper / motorbike easy and safe. By Pavel Garmas